Monday, August 23, 2010

Mike Lupica A Clown that Needs to Stick to Sports

There are certain writers who really need to stick to what they do best. Mike Lupica was a decent but highly overated sports writer. He has decided he wants to be a political commentator. He has published a hatched job on Newt Gingrich and the Mosque protesters to ingratiate himself with the big media cocktail party set.

Lupica as usual goes off the deep end on Gingrich, Giuliani and Palin and spends little time on the subject. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed and needs to return to asking athletes idiotic questions in the shower room. FYI he was never quite as good as Bill Madden,Myers and does not deserve to be mentioned with Dick Young.

Lupica does not bother to tell the readers why he supports the Mosque. He does not address the critics of the project. To do so would require a first rate mind that Lupica does not posses. While we disagree with Michael Bloomberg, he has provided an articulate impassioned rationale that one can respect. Bloomberg, unlike Obama, has demonstrated leadership, competence and courage.

Lupica does not bother to state that this is not the case of local Muslims getting together and building a Mosque in their community. This is a foreign financed venture
from the exact same place where the majority of the 9-11 hijackers came from.

Lupica could have walked the area and noticed that around Church Street and Chambers
there are indeed many Muslim businesses. The businesses have been there for some time
and a Mosque located where the actual community is located to the North would make far more sense and raise zero objections.

Lupica does not bother to discuss the symbolism of placing a foreign sponsored mega mosque near the site of three war crime attacks that incinerated 2900 office workers in the name of Islam. This does not infer that all Muslims are guilty of 9-11, but that the project is in very questionable taste. The project is legal, but fails to show respect for the site and the survivors of 9-11.

The analogy of Pearl Harbor falls short. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack on a military base. This is far different than slamming two planes into office buildings or blowing up a van in the basement parking lot. More people died at the WTC than died at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese are certainly classier and more considerate than to place a 13 story cultural center two blocks from the Arizona monument. The USA waited 65 years to participate in memorials for the atomic bomb
ceremonies in Japan.

Lupica demonstrates that he lacks the aptitude to do serious political analysis. He needs to return to the world of jock straps and shower rooms. Perhaps his publisher did not want to reduce the reputation of excellence in his sports section which is one of the reasons many people buy the NY Daily News.


Z said...

he's so hateful and ideological that it's hard to read or listen to him..throw in "not too bright" and it's a real loser.
And, he's on the morning show for MSNBC: that says a lot!
Good piece, Beak. I wish people would just THINK on this issue, it's almost embarrassing to hear the leftwingers harp on THEIR RIGHT TO BUILD as if any conservative's said otherwise. I guess decency just doesn't occur to them and, of course, this is a new America which never errs anymore on HER SIDE because we have to be friendly and politically correct! UGH.

Ducky's here said...

That's strange, Officer Beak doesn't seem to object to Lupica's previous column which opposed the siting of the mosque in deference to the families of those lost in the tower.
Nope, what our hateful, bigoted Kahanist objects to is criticizing human waste like Giuliani and Gingrich, surely also faves of his hero, white supremacist GayEagle. These are the people who, by virtue of the elevated, elegant tone of their rhetoric, Officer Paper Pusher believes should be leading the discussion.

You are so transparent, Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Juan Cole on Beak and Z loving some Jim Crow

beakerkin said...


You are forgetting than MLK was very against Cole's and your standard word
games with Joooo and Zionist. The turth is we do not know what he would have said given the incineration of his fellow Americans.

As far as Dr. Yeagley goes the man describes me as the leader of a group of "sexual liberals dedicated to silencing his views".

I will contrast this with your well documented antisemitism, racism and homophobia. Do you hear me calling people gay. Do you hear me calling Black people "Slappy".
Sorry bird brain but you are a fraud.

Ducky's here said...

Officer Beak, how did you mange to shift to your standard diatribe about Jews? That was never mentioned, nor is it relevant to this discussion.

Why should Yeagley object to being called gay unless he REALLY likes it in the closet.

I know a few sites that call Thomas, "Slappy". It comes about because he's a sour little man who thinks it's the result of affirmative action that he is considered mediocre rather than just accepting that he's in fact a distinct mediocrity.
Besides, I don't run a PC operation.

Yeah, you are so reprehensibly perfect, Beak. Not an opinion out of place and so lacking in self awareness that you don't really know what you stand for.

beakerkin said...


For someone who claims to be progressive you are bird brained.
In my world I really don't care who is gay or not. However, you seem to think it is some type of pejorative.Why would you describe Yeagley as gay? If you are soooo enlightened you should consider his alleged gayness as useless trivia.

Slappy is never acceptable and a Federal worker using that term would get a two week suspension.

beakerkin said...

You obviously do not read Yeagley. I have been described as the leader of the Beakerkin group of sexual liberals dedicated to marginalizing
Yeagley's views of race.

Readers of this blog know where I stand.

The_Editrix said...

I have never heard of Mike Lupica and I'm sure I ought to STFA, but I simply HAVE to say it or I'll spontaneously combust, so here it is: Nobody -- NOBODY -- who does a hatchet job on Newt Gingrich can be all bad.