Friday, August 13, 2010

The 911 Attack Ground Zero Mosque, Pearl Harbor

I want to talk about 9-11 and the Ground Zero Mosque and you.

9-11 was the worst atrocity ever committed against the American people. The Japanese attacked a military base and even the crimes of the Bataan Death March were committed in the context of a war. The perpetrators and those who died were military personnel with rare exceptions. 9-11 was an attack against office buildings in NYC. The use of civilian airliners to target office buildings was by design an attack against civilians. Unlike an attack by a nation, this attack was done in the name of Islam by war criminals.

The far left has spent decades rationalizing attacks against civilians with BS about oppression. Tossing Senior citizens in wheel chairs off of cruise ships and shooting school kids in the back at Beslan and in Israel are war crimes. There is no rationalization or spin for targeting civilians, despite the rationalizations of commies like poultry.

The crimes of 9-11 were committed in the name of Islam. That being said I do not hold all Muslims accountable for the actions done on that day by lunatics. It is a tribute to the American people that with the exception of a few unfortunate actions no large scale hate crimes took place.
For an example of the basest actions of how others deal with the similar situations one can see the brutal lynching of two Israeli soldiers in Ramallah in 2000. It is to Israel's credit that rather than level the area like in Chechnya or Sri Lanka it tried the perpetrators. Yet the far left in its blind hatred and bigotries hold certain nations to different standards.

The Muslim community with rare exception has done a miserable job in stating without word games that violence aimed and directed against civilians is always wrong. The rare outstanding voices in this area are Stephen Schwartz and individuals like the congenial Abu Farris of Progressive Islam. Most of the time we get spin and rationalizations about terrorism being justified in certain places like Israel.

The American people are fed up and annoyed with being lied to. Islam does not and never has meant peace. The term means submission to the will of God. Unlike the questioning of authority
in Judaism or in most Christianity, Islam is direct about adhering to power. Such a religion by nature of this difference would be much more vulnerable to power mad tyrants than a religion where people instinctively ask Why and by whose authority.

Jihad really has not meant inner struggle. Zhakhat is really not charity as it is done via coercion
but so is taxation. Islam in many cases was spread via the sword. The conquered people were subject to Jim Crow rules that were eased and tightened by whim of rulers. While those like the Duck shake their fist at European colonization of Muslims they ignore Muslim colonization. Usually the Duck will try to point the fingers and claim the abuse of Jews in Europe was worse.
One would deservedly get ridiculed by a person saying slavery in Haiti was worse than in the South. One does not rationalize one abuse claiming another was worse elsewhere.

9-11 to me is a personal story as I was there as well as for the previous attack. The media appointed the Jersey girls as the heirs to 9-11 because they attacked the GOP. Coulter's rebuke
of them echoed with many of us. Coulter was at the home of the great author Richard Poe on 9-11. Poe watched the events from Queens. The Jersey girls were not even present and no closer to the events than myself or Richard Poe. They have been well compensated and speak only for themselves like I do.

9-11 doesn't just belong to people like myself who were there. It belongs to all of us who watched in horror from Queens like Poe or NJ. It belongs to Americans who watched in horror at home.
It belongs to those who watched abroad with their hearts in the right places. Even our good friend and Feline Aficionado Jams ODonnel wrote a moving tribute to a victim.

I return back to the mosque near ground zero. This is no attempt to build bridges as the persons
responsible could have acceded to the wishes of those for whom Ground Zero is a special place and moved the project a few blocks North. The crimes were committed in the name of Islam and a mosque with very dubious funding is not building bridges in any definition. They are creating an insult to many on ground we consider to be special. 2900 of my fellow NYC residents were incinerated by crazed religious fanatics acting in the name of Islam. While I do not hold all Muslims responsible they should show more respect to the site.

I will turn to discussing some of the Mosque supporters.

1) Michael Bloomberg believes in his heart that the USA does not have the right to tell people where to build a house of worship. Had he remained on this point we could respect him as a man
of integrity we disagree with. He lost most of that integrity when he said flipantly that he is not interested in the funding.

The rest of the opposition will be dealt with accordingly

2) A Muslim from the UK that fails to grasp what is so special about Ground Zero and points out
it is just expensive real estate.

This is a person who doesn't grasp the seriousness of 9-11. This is not a person to be loathed or hated. We should convey what 9-11 means to us and leave it there.

3) Lefties like the Duck and Obnoxious EU types

The Duck fully grasps what 9-11 means to us. He is merely intent on sticking his middle finger up at patriots while trying to be a hero to his fellow Commies and EU arrogant condescending windbag counterparts. He deserves a cyber wedgie and whatever abuse Mr. B or Elmer decide is warranted.

Note some opposition from Europe falls closely into the acceptable disagreement type of Bloomberg. When one talks of values and liberty this is a quite different discussion than talking about GOP redneck values or Pam Geller is a jerk.


Ducky's here said...

If you're a Likud stooge you just cream yourself thinking how superior you are because you wipe out civilians with jet aircraft.

Do it from a distance like a coward.

Tie a can on it you sour little paper pusher.

Z said...

this whole thing, in my opinion, boils down to sensitivity. Imagine if the muslims said "You know, this has had so much opposition, and the last thing we want to do is hurt people, that we're moving our plans elsewhere........we believe we can live in America peacefully and we won't push our faith on anyone in the form of Sharia Law or anything else, and the mosque was probably a bad idea. End of story."\
ya, I can dream

The_Editrix said...

"Islam in many cases was spread via the sword."

Tell me ONE case in history where that did not apply.

beakerkin said...


You have a point there.


This last post says more about you and your frothing antisemitism than anything else. All of us grasp that hijacking airliners and purposely smacking them into office buildings in a country is different than collateral damage caused by terrorist vermin hiding amongst civilians.