Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Post is only for long term readers and friends of this blog

I am going to write a post on the Ground Zero Mosque. Long term readers know I was on hand for both blasts at the WTC. If you are part of the group of people who regularly comment here including Poultry, Ray, the Editrix your opinions are welcomed. I ask that Mark Winters use his own name for this post as I consider this to be a serious subject. No Foghorn Leghorns or Captain Spaulding please just Mark Winters.

Ground Zero is sacred ground to me for obvious reasons. I was there when people who were acting in their interpretation of Islam blew and incinerated 2900 of my fellow NYC residents. I do not hold all Muslims responsible for 9-11. I have zero doubt that Stephen Schwartz of the Center of Islamic Pluralism and decent folks like Abu Farris of Harry's Place would have done anything and everything in their power including risk their own lives to prevent senseless slaughter.

We live in a society where freedom of speech and worship are our birth rights. Building a mosque there is legal, but not all things that are legal are advisable or wise. No doubt some of the arrogant far left supporters of the Mosque ignore that even in very liberal NYC the public is overwhelmingly against the building of an over sized Mosque with very dubious funding in the proximity to what we consider sacred ground.

One can walk ten blocks North and see businesses that I sometimes frequent such as the Pakistani Tea House. Let the local community build its own Mosque away from sacred ground
and proportional to the other houses of worship in the area.

Certain projects are not appropriate for certain locations. I would not seek to create a room to honor Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Thomas Payne inside Buckingham Palace with a Taco Bell. I do not think any of us should support a Disney theme Park in Mecca, the Vatican or on the Gettysburgh battlefield. Nor would a monument to Stalin on the site of the Katyn massacre or anywhere else be appropriate.

The truth is I am exasperated by far left types desecrating Ground Zero and handing out conspiracy theory literature on the sight of Ground Zero. Unfortunately, the First Amendment protects commies who mock the site and the dead daily for political purposes.

Of course the Editrix may not be familiar with my annoyance at the far left for stabbing America in the back and making a mockery of the brave firemen whose haunting looks I will never forget
as they passed me and joined history as I raced away on that day with visions I will carry forever. The Duck is too polite and grounded in reality to make a mockery of the dead, but he knows where the populist bigotry comes from and who it is directed against.

Building a mosque there is legal, but not all things that are legal are wise. If these people are truly interested in serving the community let them do so ten blocks North and away from sacred ground.


Don Diego de la Vega said...

Building a mosque at Ground Zero would be like building a mosque named the Cordoba House (The name proposed for the one in NY at Ground Zero.) next to the sites of the 3/11/06 Al-Qaeda Madrid train bombings.

The Spaniards wouldn't have it, but as demographics change, their will may very well wither away. The Umayyad Caliphate is being reestablished, slowly, insidiously. The Reconquista of Al-Andalus is proceeding. Next, Europe, then the United States. Finally, the World will be the Ummah. One nation, Islam, under Allah, with liberty and justice for none. Then a dreary and dark period of wars of perpetual Islamic infighting will ensue.

Spain's Muslims face dearth of mosques

So, since the Spaniards are figuratively slow in allowing the great mosque of Cordoba to be rebuilt in Madrid, America will have to do, for now. The Cordoba House at Ground Zero will suffice, in the interim.

Whenever once held Islamic lands are taken back by their original owners it is considered a Nakba, an Islamic tragedy that need righting. Those lands must, at all cost, and by any means, be brought back into the Ummah in the ever imperialist expansion of that pseudo religious quasi political enslaving belief system called Islam.

There is economic warfare, like the Chinese are engaged in against us, and there is the phenomenon of Islamic demographic warfare, as seen in Israel, Europe and elsewhere. The two, of course, can be, and are, interrelated.

In Islamic historical "zoning ordinances" a Church or Synagogue can not be built taller or more impressive than any surrounding mosque. No Churches or Synagogues on hills. That's not allowed within the Ummah. I say we allow the Cordoba House mosque to be built at Ground Zero when the Saudis and all of the other 44 sum odd Islamic countries allow churches and synagogues to be built within their countries and to the zoning standards allowed for mosques. Then, and only then, should we allow any more mosques to be built anywhere outside of Mooselem lands.

How was that for serious? How'd I do?

beakerkin said...

Would have been much better if you wrote it as Mark Winters. 9-11 is a topic I take seriously for very personal reasons.

The building of the mosque is legal but a very bad idea. It shows zero respect for NYC residents and could be located ten blocks away with no fan fare.

sonia said...

This was obviously a deliberate provocation by the Muslims trying to recruit for Al Qaeda. "Look, all Americans are anti-Muslim, so please join us in defeating them".

It's a brilliant strategy. The Americans have only two choices, both equally bad: play into their hands, or... surrender.

beakerkin said...


You may be correct.

Still I want to point you to an exchange between myself and a decent Muslim named Faisal at Harry's Place. If you go way down you will see the basic problem. Muslims do not grasp how people in the USA feel about Ground Zero. They merely see it as expensive real estate.

I am far angrier with Commies like the Duck who are well aware but want to annoy Americans because they can.

Cateran said...

Randy sez...How was that for serious? How'd I do?

Not very well, you blatantly ignored your host's wishes:

Quoting the Beak: "I ask that Mark Winters use his own name for this post as I consider this to be a serious subject. No Foghorn Leghorns or Captain Spaulding please just Mark Winters."

He was testing your resolve, Beak, in exactly the same manner that Islam is testing America's resolve. It's all about tolerance, and seeing how much will be tolerated.

And you've failed, in exactly the same manner that America has failed to stand firmly against the Ground Zero Mosque.

So, is anyone surprised that the mosque will be built.

beakerkin said...


At least it was not Foghorn Leghorn.
I wonder why he just can't follow instructions. He must have gone to public school or something.

Cateran said...

But it wasn't Mark Winters, was it, Beak?

I've already told you why he didn't follow your request - he wanted to see what you'd do if he ignored what you asked of him.

He was testing your resolve, you failed the test.

Ducky's here said...

If you pay attention, which I'm sure you do not, there are protests throughout America concerning the building of mosques.

This bullshit of yours is just a cheap hypocritical ploy to keep one from being built. Your record of bigotry is extensive. So long as a Muslim is submissive and bows to your Kahanist freak arse then they're a "good Muslim".

You're much less odious when you let your bigotry show honestly.

beakerkin said...

As a person who is a frothing antisemite, treats Black conservatives in the same manner that Yeagley treats Obama and hurls unsubstantiated gay slurs at people you are quite the expert on bigotry.

So I hate commies and consider them pariahs, mental defectives and political criminals. 100,000,000 dead via Marx is no accident.

Mark Winters said...

I hear someone calling my name.

Foghorn J., I say, Foghorn J. Leghorn

beakerkin said...


9-11 is a special topic to me. I have to live in its shadow and pass by every day.

I probably am as whole as I will get. Maybe someday I will give AOW the Beakerkin reality tour I used to give for sailors on fleet week. They wanted to see it as I saw it.

I should not be confused with John Wayne or real heroes like Warren, Justin, Junglemom and so forth. I am merely an ordinary man in the shadow of something larger.

Ducky's here said...

Geller falsely claims Imam Rauf made comment blaming "the Jews" for 9-11

August 11, 2010 1:12 pm ET by Jeremy Holden

Pam Geller falsely claimed that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is heading an initiative to build an Islamic community center in Manhattan, once blamed "the Jews" for 9-11 and said, "If Americans only know it was the Jews' fault, they would have done to the Jews what Hitler did." But those comments have been widely attributed to Sheik Muhammed Gemeaha, a one-time imam at the Islamic Cultural Center in New York City who reportedly made those inflammatory comments after resigning and returning to Egypt in 2001. Center officials roundly condemned the comments.


That's from Media Matters. It does explain why letting lunatics like Geller into the mainstream has helped make the right wing so pathetically dumb, however.

Not ignorant, there is no shame there but dumb. You've just turned of your abilities to reason and take whatever is put on your plate.

You're a good German, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Are you making a veiled Nazi crack at a Jew. It isn't original Duck and is quite typical. Then again as a cheerleader for the most rabid antisemitic lunatic crack addict terrorist you are neither witty nor original.

The opposition is larger than Geller.It is about NYC residents and those who consider Ground Zero sacred.

Remind me about respect when I go to the UK and take a leak on Marx's grave or feed Lenin's corpse to the woodpeckers.

beamish said...

Try building ANYTHING in NYC without employing unionized contractors. It's not going to happen.

Now, given that whoever builds this atrocity will be union workers, we can already presume it won't be built on time, won't be built within budget, and most distinctly won't be built with any caliber resembling quality.

When the thing is finally built, after months of objecting union members taking out sick leave, claiming emotional distress and filing worker's compensation claims from working on this atrocity, and when the thing finally has a roof to cap off the mildew and mold encrusted wall interiors from the project being rained upon, and the electrical systems having been exposed to the elements for a few seasons as union racket building delays continue, the damned thing will finally have to pass building and fire safety code inspections who very well may be suddenly become sticklers for quality when it comes to union work and condemn the monstrousity before it's ever opened for business.

I'm wondering how many union carpenters and ironworkers and bricklayers and electricians and plumbers will actually show up for work to build this eyesore (and earsore, if / when they're finally blaring the sound of a goat being sodomized over loudspeakers five times a day in downtown Manhattan)and how shoddy the workmanship will be at its completion.

The damned thing may just fall down all on its own the first Friday someone turns on the wrong sequence of light switches.

I'm not real worried that it will stand very long if it ever stands at all.

In this instance, unions will be good for something.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

You have a point there. This will be over budget and over priced with shoddy worksmanship.

Mark Winters said...

Speaking of Feisal Abdul Rauf?

Let's try to find some wholes in this expose'.

The Grand Zorro Masque said...

When was the last time Saudi money worried about budgets?

beamish said...

Who needs Islam. We got the AFL-CIO.

The_Editrix said...

"Of course the Editrix may not be familiar with my annoyance at the far left for stabbing America in the back and making a mockery of the brave firemen whose haunting looks I will never forget"

No, I am not familiar with your personal annoyance, but I am a bit familiar with how New Yorker felt and feel about 9/11. For example, I know somebody who saw 9/11 happen from his apartment and couldn't get over the thought that the first (how many hundred?) firefighters who went there never came back. He needed therapy. I know, too, that this is not an isolated case.

Always On Watch said...

My apologies that I missed this post when you put it up, Beak.

I was busy helping Mr. AOW with his walking skills.