Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Guyana and a walk to the mosque.

I spent a wonderful evening in the Guyanese Community at a local party for a friend who insisted I visit. Much of the community is from a very small section called Berbice. Guyana is the one place where Christian, Hindu and Muslim get along in harmony and are married into each others family.In fact the MC stated that now they have to add the Jew to the list. It was a wonderful evening of great food, music and dance. As a bachelor I was not allowed to rest much when the dancing started.

I explained I love my Guyana Woman. Her beauty stirs my heart and her fire keeps me in line. In my culture if you mistreat a woman she sues you and leaves you no quarter. The Guyana woman merely kills you and leaves you in a box. Life is much simpler in the beloved Guyanese community.Love your wife and kids, work hard and enjoy life. Instead of going to a mental health provider life is summed up in one loving phrase "Get your shit together mon".

I wasn't there long when a very beautiful woman with Emerald Green Eyes asked me how the Tranquil Sea was doing. Astonished I was to learn that this was the niece of the Tranquil Sea.
One of the Tranquil Seas grandfathers was an Englishman with green eyes. You would not notice it as the Tranquil Sea is the classic Indian Beauty. The niece pointed to my Green Eyes and laughed and said it runs in the family. Alas her eyes were Emerald which is a far more exotic and breath taking color than my Blue/ Green cross color.

I love my adopted community and I very much am at home amongst the wonderful people from
Guyana. Guyana is the best that we can be if our hearts are pure and we toss all that old world crap out the window. My Guyana the beauty of the land is exceeded only by the beauty of its people. If the world could only be as wise and loving as my Guyana.

With Guyana in my heart I walked to the Ground Zero Mosque to separate fact from fiction. I breathe Americanism in my soul as I walk past the familiar where I had been on that day. Memories of the day came to my head as I remembered things best forgotten but they are stuck
with me for the remainder of my days. The truth is that the Mosque is a horrid idea as it is two blocks North. Yet it is in a tucked away in a place in a block far from a corner. One would have to look for it even if it were to be 13 stories it would still not stand out. On that side block my memories were not of 9-11, as the site is next to an imitation "Red Neck bar that fellow officers hold parties in.

Maybe if Michael Bloomberg ditched the disdain about the funding he would have been a bit more right than some of us give him credit for. Maybe if the folks who sponsored this and wanted to claim it as an interfaith place called it Guyana House instead of a place they colonized and invaded. This is not likely the great monster conceived by many as you will have to look for it. As far as desecrating Ground Zero Commie Conspiracy Kooks do it all the time by spreading their mostly antisemitic lies on the site where so many died. Long ago I grasped that freedom of speech is my birthright as an American Citizen. As part of my birthright I must accept that some are evil and have no respect for the sacred ground where my country and city were attacked. Their right of free speech does not prevent me from heckling them as mental health defectives, political criminals, traitors and life's biggest losers. Of course the Duck will swear that he has nothing to do with the commies that spread their poison and make a mockery where so many died horribly and bravely.

Maybe we need to be reminded that Ground Zero belongs to all of us. Muslims should have built this mosque a few blocks North, but it could be far worse. There is an enclave about six blocks North where this would be more appropriate but it could be worse. It would be better if Commie
( Yes Ducky these are your comrades) wouldn't spread their poisonous bigoted traitorous lies and disrespect all that died on that day. Yet it reminds us of exactly who they are and why all of us should despise them and verbally smite them whenever they crawl out from under the rock.
Remember, that roaches and Commies run from the light.

The world would be a much better place if it were like my Guyana. The world would be a better
place if it emulated my beloved NYC. The world would be a better place if all of us lived with the spirit of founders in our souls. Who needs the EU where the Muslims can't find jobs get a welfare check and socialists indulge them with cries of "bad Jooo, Evil America". Unemployed people with too much free time are vulnerable to radical preachers of doom and frequently riot.

My beloved America your founding wisdom is the light of my day. My beloved NYC you are a model of how the world should be at its best. My Guyana your heart and ways of your wonderful
people are an example of what we can be if we toss Old World garbage aside and create new world wisdom.

The best argument the supporters of the mosque can ever make is the one they will never utter.
We need to be near the site of the greatest crime against America committed in our name to learn from the wisdom of America and the harmonious way NYC residents live each and every day. We need to learn from a people who cherish individual freedoms, live love and work together in harmony and have a professionally run city with a stellar work ethic. We can only dream of the freedom that allows us to build a Mosque so close to the site of a crime committed in our name while we create societies that refuse to allow other houses of worship to be built, prevent indigenous Christians from building new Churches and execute those who seek another path to God.

We will have to live with a mosque placed in a poor place yet the insult may not be to us as to the fools who acted in poor taste. Maybe if the fake redneck bar next door could turn it up a notch
ala Hogs & Heifers it would be priceless. Those who want to go to Cordoba House can do so but
I'll be next door listening to AC DC music, eating non Halal Kielbasa with a Budweiser in my hand
and American freedom in my soul, NYC wisdom in my soul and part of my heart to my adopted Guyana people.


Ducky's here said...

That's right, t insults you and the rest of Yeagley's white supremacist bum kissers.

beakerkin said...

Is that the best you can say Ducky when your comrades mock the dead and knowingly lie to aid and abet terrorists by spreading conspiracy theories.

Obviously you forget that my adopted community has many Blacks. The Duck proves he is bird brained every day.

What's up Duck? Your IQ seems halved lately.

The days of Wilson when commies were tarred and feathered must have been fun. Perhaps when the Cubans liberate themselves they will hold a mass tar and feathering of commies. I might even
fly there to watch.