Friday, August 06, 2010

More Stupidity from Sean Penn

In general the best way to decide if something is a good idea is to see if Sean Penn is against it. Penn has decided that he should interject his opinions on Haitian politics based upon his brief time on the Island. Haiti would be better served by placing Penn on a raft and pointing him in the direction of Cuba.

The Haitian people should decide their own elections without stupid commies offering their opinion.Perhaps Penn thinks he is in a Tarzan movie, because I can not think of another one where an uneducated uncouth white person lords over Black people.

Much has been made over the celebrity status of Mr. Jean. However, maybe what is really needed is for the Haitian diaspora to head home and help place their country on the right path. There are plenty of Haitian professionals in NYC, NJ, Boston and Miami and they are needed at home. Mr. Jean can also use his celebrity as an ambassador for his country. Given the abysmal prior leaders it would probably take great effort or mental ( Chavez) illness to make the current situation worse.

The USA perhaps should rethink its aid and Haitian policies. Perhaps our aid should be focused on infrastructure. We should immediately take some of the garment quota from China and increase Haiti's quota.

Onto stupidity

While Americans are suffering Michelle Obama has decided to take a luxury European vacation
to an unreliable ally. Now in fairness there will always be some Americans out of work, but these lavish expenses at a time where Obama is lecturing Wall Street about salaries and federal agencies are talking about staffing reductions are in bad taste. The vacations show that the Obamas are very far removed from the American people. The God, Guns and Gays comment reveal the contempt that Obama has for the American people.

I enjoyed listening to two internet versions of CBS's famed Mystery Theatre. I used to listen to those shows as a kid with EG Marshall and the predictable music. It is great fun if you get a chance and they did do many Edgar Allan Poe tales.

I will be seeing my beloved and the other woman in my life the beloved Sprite. She is cooking a nice meal tomorrow but I am leery about curried Duck. In reality I can cook very well and it amazes people who have watched me do it effortlessly. Many a girlfriend learned that I am quite talented in that area and a few got their egos crushed. I do not know why but I will resist the urge to do anything less I hurt oversized female egos. I find it funny but if someone does something better I enjoy the talent.

Having a daughter has matured me in ways I can't explain. Her smile and hugs mean everything
to me. I walk through the door and am greeted with hugs and a crazy Maltese pulling at my ankle. I make sure I spend time every week separate from my time with the Tranquil Sea. Being a father is not a role I anticipated. But I did not anticipate being a mentor either and seem quite natural in those roles. When I first met the Sprite she was nervous and shy and spilled her drink on me twice. Over time and with patience my charm and gentle ways turned the relationship around. She never knew her biological father who passed away when she was two. In many ways it is easier because she has not inherited my family's traits. She is just a sweet kid who is a true
pleasure to a curmudgeon. I think Drummaster will be the first family member to meet the Sprite.


Brooke said...

Beak, as a woman I can say that I LOVE it when my husband cooks, and I do not fear to say that he is just as good as I am.

"In general the best way to decide if something is a good idea is to see if Sean Penn is against it."

Or Michael Moore, or Jane Fonda, or Madonna, ect...


Universal Realist said...

Sean Penn is an A—hole.

Why shouldn’t Wyclef Jean run for the President of Haiti if he qualifies to do so? He can’t be any worst than those before him. Perhaps because of is semi celebrity notary he might help Haiti as President. Of course I don’t think he knows what he is in for.

Penn would prefer an anti-American leftist candidate like a Castro or a Chavez to be President of Haiti.

Besides it sucks for him, that out of all the movies he as done over his career he still best know for his part as a stoner in 1982 which was only the second movie was in.

Ducky's here said...

Sean Penn has done more to help in Haiti than Wyclef Jean. All Jean has accomplished is mounting a phony charity that he used to pocket contributions.

Of course that would make him a perfect Haitian president but kudos to Penn for speaking out against this shyster.

Beak, what ever happened to Sunshine, was it?

beakerkin said...


The best thing Penn can do for Haiti is leave. They do not need Communist
agitators trying to exploit tragedy for political gain.

The Haitian people can pick their own leaders without Commies pretending they are Tarzan leading unwashed savages.Jean has the ability to attract foreign investors and raise foreign aid.
Penn is a toady of Chavez and what we are hearing is a communist complaint against a Haitian patriot.

Ducky's here said...

Penn has been in Haiti operating a refugee camp and doing useful work. Other than setting up a phony charity what has Jean done? He's a cheap opportunist.

He'll generate investment? In what? The country has no infrastructure, limited clean water,no sources of energy, no trained work force. How are you going to generate investment in that environment?

Where did you study economics, Yeagley U?

Warren said...

Yea, I remember Sean, (Einstein), Penn cruising the Katrina flood-waters in a sinking John boat and fondling a shotgun.

I don't believe that anyone knows if the high school dropout, Penn, blew the hole in the boat or not.