Monday, April 29, 2013

Jets are a low life organization

Rex Ryan and the jerk of a GM who refused to give Tim Tebow a chance deserve to get fired. There is something wrong in the NFL where a hard working team player with a proven history is treated like dirt. When the Jets season was in the toilet the Jets could have given Tebow his chance to fail.

Rex Ryan is a low life and Mark Sanchez is a circus clown whimp.

Fire Rex Ryan and cut Sanchez.

The Obama spin machine

The Obama spin machine has avoided any scrutiny of the broken Asylum and Refugee program in the Boston bombing.

1) All asylees who fail to prove their cases need to get a ticket out of the USA and be permanently barred from returning.

2) Family planning and FGM are not what the program was created for.

3) Serious attempts should be made to resettle people locally and not in the USA.

4) People who return to the country where they fled alleged abuse need to have their status revoked and be returned permanently.

The asylum and refugee program has been a joke for too long and Obama needs to stop avoiding the issue. As the laws governing refugees are separate let Obama tackle this part of immigration reform first.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Still around

I watched the remaining shows from season 5 of Kojak. It was an amazing series not nearly appreciated enough. 

The economy still stinks and Obama does bait and switch.

Shame on us.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Doesn't pass the smell test

Most of us in large cities are familiar with the types of killings associated with drug gangs. Three Jews are found in MA with their throats slit does not sound like drugs. This does not infer that it is not drug related, but is sounds odd.

According to the Jewish Daily Forward the older brother did know at least one of the victims.

The investigation is just starting so wild theories and rumors are part of the news cycle.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Stephen Schwartz gets it and Ducky doesn't

Stephen Schwartz is a Muslim who cares deeply about his faith and country. He does not mince words about terrorism and grasps the damage  these pointless attacks cause the faith. The attacks in Boston made the faith look bad. It made Muslims look bad and accomplished zero.

There is no excuse for these war crimes. There is no evidence that these Beavis abd Butthead pot smokers
experienced anything more then the fat kid type of abuse in gym class.  These were spoiled upper middle class loser types who were more or less emulating Bill Ayers.

Ducky as a Marxist feels a need to stand up for any enemy of the country including Beavis and Butthead bombers. Sorry, but terrorism is pointless and makes the faith look bad. The damage of Beavis and Butthead bombers in Boston is far worse then Pam Geller.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Damned Rueters

They got me all happy with the headlines George Soros dead. The notorious financial criminal and proponent
of stupid ideas will not be missed.

Soros is a asshole and a jerk.

Rueters ruined my weekend by publishing this prematurely.

Easier Denaturalization

As package  part of the Immigration reform we need to expedite and cut the paperwork with denaturalization and revoking green cards.  Anyone convicted of any acts related to terrorism or felony level crimes can have their citizenship revoked  and the sole recourse would be a single appeal to an Immigration Judge. If the appeal fails they could only seek redress abroad. The goal is to eliminate cases that take decades of endless appeals.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Amen Stephen Schwartz

The problem is not Islam. The problem is that there aren't enough people listening to Stephen Schwartz and Beavis and Butthead terrorists  making a mockery of the faith.

We were promised by the left that if we elect Obama that the world would magically stop hating us and that terrorism would stop. Obama nor can anyone else stop terror, but we need to speak bluntly and forcefully about terror and the Wahabi criminal cult. You hear rationalization of terrorism from the left and it needs to stop.

Shooting kids in the back at Beslan and smacking planes into office buildings are crimes against humanity. All Muslims are not guilty of these crimes. However, there is no excuse or rationalizations for these crimes. Stephen Schwartz, Tarek Fatah and others are speak loudly and eloquently about the stupid violence making  a mockery of their faith.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Once again the laws of math are proven correct

Unless the bombs are in an abortion clinic you can lay odds you are dealing with a lefty of a jihadist. All the crap about patriots day was bullshit. Actually, I am disappointed the terrorists are not commies or linked to OWS. Contrary to the opinions expressed by poultry I have no problems with Muslims who practice the faith peacefully. One can find decent Muslims with no real effort, but all Marxists are pariahs.

It would be nice if our entire asylum program were reviewed.

Once again media types proven wrong

Despite really dumb comments from the usual suspects math proved correct. The bombing suspects are from the Bill Ayers school of education. No doubt our friend Duncy will swear that the bombers are Limbaugh fans despite the photo of them wearing a Che shirt.

Hopefully, this will place our Universities under scrutiny.

University leftists this seems very familiar. Guess those screaming about mythical right wing plots are off again.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RIP Pat Summeral

The NFL lost a true legendary announcer with the passing of Pat Summeral. Unlike most jocks Summeral did play by play which is unheard of today. His gentle style meshed very well with John Madden. Madden was a star but he was at his best with Summeral in the booth. He really never got enough credit for his own contributions.

Notice after the Bush doctrine nobody is taking credit for the bombing. It may well be a lone wolf but the era of bragging about attacks on the US are over until someone figures out we have Obama.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stupid Speculation

Once again stupid media types and politicians have speculated the Boston Bomber is someone on the right.
According to the laws of sheer mathematical probability this is very unlikely. Add to the fact that the style of multiple IEDS seems similar to known patterns strongly hint otherwise.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Watching Kojak

Oddly as a youngster I wasn't a fan of the series. As I grew older I enjoyed the local scenery around
the city. I know many of the locations in passing. The guest stars range from Danny Thomas, Eli Wallach, Sylvester Stallone, Tina Louise, James Woods and many more.

Roughly 3/4 is available on Hulu.

There is one episode that probably means more to those that practice law. The episode Mouse sums up the defect of law. An accountant is harassed over a medical debt by a doctor whose malpractice kills his mother. The doctor is inn debt to a bookie who sends over a goon to intimidate the accountant. In a twist of fate the accountant beats up the the goon. The goon doesn't want to admit he was beaten up by an accountant.

I probably would not enjoy the show if there were any other ending. In many respects my work personality is fairly similar to Kojak. However, the only part of me that is Greek is the meals at the dinner. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

RIP Jams of the Poor Mouth

I want to say the blogosphere has lost a true gentleman in Jams O'Donnel. No matter how exasperated I got with the political scene I could turn to the story of Jams and his band of cats.

We live in a harsh world especially now for those who find themselves unemployed in their late 40's. Jams was let go in a budget cutting move and though he hid it well suffered from episodes of depression.

We seldom agreed politically. The truth is I am just the last of a dying breed the patriotic liberal who loathes Marx. Jams was to my left but exuded decency and from time to time we both got exasperated
with politics as usual.

If anyone stumbles across this we have a wonderful interview from a point in time when he was at his best.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wiener for Mayor

The media was relentless in its attacks on Anthony Wiener. Part of the fun was the hysterical headlines
like Obama beats Wiener.

In sum many have done far worse then Wiener and the media feigns ignorance. The Wiener stuff was stupid but far less odious then the antics of Bill Clintoon. The ethically challenged Charlie Rangel never got a fraction of the media attention of Wiener. President Obama's past filled with Chapters out of a Cheech and Chong film, having a Communist mentor, membership in a racist church and hanging out with trustfundista clown Bill Ayers never got this much media scrutiny.

Wiener is preferable to the tired political hacks.

Vote Wiener two twenty ounces in every fridge and a side of competence.

Countdown till Hillary turns on Obama.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Cult of Obama

All things Obama are looking bleak right now. The economy is sinking and jobs are about as real as bigfoot. The pattern of blaming Bush for gross stupidity and incompetence is wearing thin on the American people.

Obama Cultists are in denial that their savior has failed. They cry racist at the merest suggestion that Barry O is clueless. The Chinese hackers could demonstrate how clueless Obama is by hacking the teleprompter, but apparently they are just too busy laughing at the Obama to be bothered.

As Obama's failures become more obvious the supporters of the cult are denying that they were members. One such person is Gene of Harry's Place who is now swearing he has never been to a cocktail party in his life. Obviously, this is an attempt at subterfuge as it is becoming obvious that despite the medias spin Obama was unqualified for the job and has surrounded himself with the planets largest collection of imbeciles. The valedictorian of this special ed class was Hillary who had the sense to jump ship before it sank.

Rule number One of the Obama Cult

Anyone Standing Next to Joe Biden looks smart.

Rule number Two

Blame all problems on Bush and the MSM will give you a pass

Rule number Three

When your failures become obvious hurl racism at your critics

Rule number Four

If you want to look competent stand next to John Kerry.

Rule number Five

If Rule Four Fails

Stand next to Chuck Hagel.

Rule number Six

Blame Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for your failures

In our continuing series on the Obama Cult we will provide information of how to remain under cover
if you should find yourself surrounded by Cult of Obama Zombies.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

The UCU and the Old South

I am a member of a union and took part in a recent election to highlight the issues of work place bullying and age discrimination in our local. While running for office, I did notice how through manipulation of rules all of the candidates in a preapproved clique won. Now all of the people I voted for except one won. The point is not to highlight injustice, but describe how small bands of local activists manipulate the rules and use resources to its advantage.

A small band of Marxist thugs have been abusing an institution created to collectively bargain and protect workers rights. They are not content with abusing their positions to promote these extreme political agendas, they need to subvert the union as well as the classroom.

The union picks a Kangaroo court tribunal to hear complaints. By now we should be familiar with the workings of these Communist committees handling of rape complaints. In a similar shocking development  that reeks of jury nullification in the old South the Marxists hacks whitewash complaints about antisemitism and complain the complainant is a "political activist".

The Marxist Clown Academics are not just content to do the jobs they were hired to do. They bring their political rants into the classroom in subjects where they don't belong. They hold scores of little Stalinite type of show trial rants, under the false guise of academic freedom, and need to subvert an organization that was created to protect workers rights into a tool for Marxist political hacks.

The answer to this is fairly simple. Shift gears and drain the swamp start public campaigns to cut the budget in higher ed to the bone. If political activists want to voice their opinions let them do so on their dime not in Unions or in the classroom.

The hiring practices that permit a exponentially disproportionate number of Marxists, Anarchists must also be scrutinized. If Marxists insist that numerical absence is evidence of discrimination in racial cases, then the exponential over representation of Marxists in University hires must also be addressed on the same grounds.

Lets also not pretend that the research outside of the hard sciences adds anything. Elimination of the research excuse for 90% of the humanities and increasing classroom time is in order. Any University that accepts taxpayer money should be forced to open its syllabus and course outlines to the public.

Anyone familiar with Communist show trials could have predicted this finding. It is similar to the findings of imaginary conspiracies in the Stalin era or jury nullification in the old South. Members of the
union should be greeted with a Nazi Salute and addressed as Cumwad. You would be shocked at how many academics sing different tunes when they leave their Academic Gulags. Suddenly they shift tunes
and feign outrage.

The days of wine and roses in the gulags of academia are winding down. High salaries for worthless degrees taught by hackivists is going to yield to internet alternatives. The Marxist hack tribunals are akin to the last gathering of lemmings before they run off a cliff.  

Monday, April 01, 2013

Obama and Affirmative Action

There are those who continue to believe that Obama is brilliant. We have zero evidence of this brilliance 
as Obama's grades and history as a Professor is kept under greater security then the Secret of Coca Cola. We can't evaluate Obama's peer reviewed articles because he did not write a single one in twelve years but somehow maintained his job.

Obama shows the stupidity of the affirmative action scams. The program was intended to right the historic wrongs created by slavery and discrimination against blacks. Obama's sole tie to slavery in America was his mothers family owned them. Even General Powell whose family was West Indian at least had some family history with relationship to slavery in the Americas. Powell's family lived in Harlem and the South Bronx. At the time Powell's family lived in the South Bronx it was lower middle class. Condi Rice lived in the deep South and experienced actual discrimination although her family moved to Denver when she was a teen. Her family was upper middle class, but racial bigotry was a fact of life in Birmingham Al.

Barak Obama was the son of a flaky hippie chick. There is no evidence that Barak Obama Sr ever married Stanley Dunham. Professional investigators have looked for the marriage certificate, witnesses to the event, photos or even people who knew Barak Obama Sr and Dunham were a couple. There are some that suggest he might not even be the father of Barak Obama. It is abundantly clear from Obama
Sr's A File ( Immigration Record) available on the web that Dunham was claiming to be married to Obama Sr and that the child in question was called Barak Obama II not Jr. ( This is not endorsement of 
birtherism). One would expect Dunham to file a Petition for Alien relative for her husband. However, the government was well aware of Obama Sr's wife in Kenya and would have promptly enforced the laws and tossed him out of the USA. According to Obama mythology Dunham divorced Obama Sr when she found out about the other wife. Actually, it was more likely the entire marriage was a cover for an illegitimate birth and a paint by number divorce ended the union.

Obama was raised by Upper Middle class far left grandparents in Hawaii. He attended more prep schools and smoked more pot then Al Gore. His experiences with real discrimination were likely less then what your average fat kid or zit face endured. He spent his time solving imaginary crimes in the mystery van with the Choom Gang. He goes to one college admittedly did badly and mysteriously gets into more elite Universities. This is explained via a combination of nepotism and affirmative action.

Obama basically parrots the angry Black man mantra. What he is angry about is unknown as unlike Condi Rice or Powell he has not experienced actual bigotry and lived comfortably. However, he merely
acts the part the far left University hacks imagine and is rewarded. He then reinvents himself as a post racial healer and runs for President while attending a racist church. No real examination of his life is ever taken by the media who spread the myth.

The left points to Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas as beneficiaries of Affirmative action. Any look at 
their bios shows that they were precisely the type of people the programs were intended to benefit. They were descended from actual slaves and experienced actual discrimination unlike Obama. Thomas
has pointed to the difficulties he experienced in people assuming his Law School degree and grades were the results of Affirmative Action.

It is time this program ends and if Universities want to give students from poorer families a slight advantage this is acceptable. There is no reason the children of Barak Obama should get an advantage over the children of a resturant worker whose family was in China at the time of slavery. There is also  
zero need for gender norming set asides to be continued. The benefits awarded to veterans are earned and should be extended to first responders. Law schools would greatly benefit from the presence of older students who enforced laws.