Sunday, April 14, 2013

Watching Kojak

Oddly as a youngster I wasn't a fan of the series. As I grew older I enjoyed the local scenery around
the city. I know many of the locations in passing. The guest stars range from Danny Thomas, Eli Wallach, Sylvester Stallone, Tina Louise, James Woods and many more.

Roughly 3/4 is available on Hulu.

There is one episode that probably means more to those that practice law. The episode Mouse sums up the defect of law. An accountant is harassed over a medical debt by a doctor whose malpractice kills his mother. The doctor is inn debt to a bookie who sends over a goon to intimidate the accountant. In a twist of fate the accountant beats up the the goon. The goon doesn't want to admit he was beaten up by an accountant.

I probably would not enjoy the show if there were any other ending. In many respects my work personality is fairly similar to Kojak. However, the only part of me that is Greek is the meals at the dinner. 

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