Friday, April 12, 2013

Wiener for Mayor

The media was relentless in its attacks on Anthony Wiener. Part of the fun was the hysterical headlines
like Obama beats Wiener.

In sum many have done far worse then Wiener and the media feigns ignorance. The Wiener stuff was stupid but far less odious then the antics of Bill Clintoon. The ethically challenged Charlie Rangel never got a fraction of the media attention of Wiener. President Obama's past filled with Chapters out of a Cheech and Chong film, having a Communist mentor, membership in a racist church and hanging out with trustfundista clown Bill Ayers never got this much media scrutiny.

Wiener is preferable to the tired political hacks.

Vote Wiener two twenty ounces in every fridge and a side of competence.

Countdown till Hillary turns on Obama.


Always On Watch said...

I dunno. It's hard to think seriously of the man as a viable political leader. Sometimes buffoonery, harmless or not, destroys credibility.

Always On Watch said...

Years ago, I had a student named Dick Hyman. Nobody ever took him seriously -- in junior high or in high school. He should have used the name "Richard." :^)