Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Cult of Obama

All things Obama are looking bleak right now. The economy is sinking and jobs are about as real as bigfoot. The pattern of blaming Bush for gross stupidity and incompetence is wearing thin on the American people.

Obama Cultists are in denial that their savior has failed. They cry racist at the merest suggestion that Barry O is clueless. The Chinese hackers could demonstrate how clueless Obama is by hacking the teleprompter, but apparently they are just too busy laughing at the Obama to be bothered.

As Obama's failures become more obvious the supporters of the cult are denying that they were members. One such person is Gene of Harry's Place who is now swearing he has never been to a cocktail party in his life. Obviously, this is an attempt at subterfuge as it is becoming obvious that despite the medias spin Obama was unqualified for the job and has surrounded himself with the planets largest collection of imbeciles. The valedictorian of this special ed class was Hillary who had the sense to jump ship before it sank.

Rule number One of the Obama Cult

Anyone Standing Next to Joe Biden looks smart.

Rule number Two

Blame all problems on Bush and the MSM will give you a pass

Rule number Three

When your failures become obvious hurl racism at your critics

Rule number Four

If you want to look competent stand next to John Kerry.

Rule number Five

If Rule Four Fails

Stand next to Chuck Hagel.

Rule number Six

Blame Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for your failures

In our continuing series on the Obama Cult we will provide information of how to remain under cover
if you should find yourself surrounded by Cult of Obama Zombies.

1 comment:

Always On Watch said...

I am sick and tired of Obama being exempt from criticism. Why should he be exempt therefrom?

Exemption from criticism is one hallmark of a cult, BTW.