Saturday, April 20, 2013

Amen Stephen Schwartz

The problem is not Islam. The problem is that there aren't enough people listening to Stephen Schwartz and Beavis and Butthead terrorists  making a mockery of the faith.

We were promised by the left that if we elect Obama that the world would magically stop hating us and that terrorism would stop. Obama nor can anyone else stop terror, but we need to speak bluntly and forcefully about terror and the Wahabi criminal cult. You hear rationalization of terrorism from the left and it needs to stop.

Shooting kids in the back at Beslan and smacking planes into office buildings are crimes against humanity. All Muslims are not guilty of these crimes. However, there is no excuse or rationalizations for these crimes. Stephen Schwartz, Tarek Fatah and others are speak loudly and eloquently about the stupid violence making  a mockery of their faith.


Ducky's here said...

I notice the both of your supposed models preach a surrender to Israel by Palestinians which is all you're really interested in.

When are you moving to Israel?

Always On Watch said...

Are Islamic making a mockery of the faith? They couldn't make any such mockery if the Koran and the Haditha didn't contain words that can be used in that manner.

People like Stephen Schwartz are modern Muslims. Fundamentalist Muslims are not -- and therein lies one serious problem.

Furthermore, when the ummah see that terrorists are getting more and more powerful, then the issue of the will of Allah comes into the issue. If it looks to the ummah as if the will of Allah is being somehow fulfilled by terrorism, then the ummah support jihad one way or the other. According to one reformist Muslim with whom I met face to face a few years ago, the West ignores the matter of the ummah's constant search for the will of Allah at the West's peril.

All Muslims are not guilty of these crimes.

Absolutely true. No doubt about it.

But the problem is that one cannot tell which Muslims are called to action (jihad).

We do see in the news right now -- if one looks on the web, at least -- that one uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers washed his hands of the older brother because of the youth's ideas about what Islam entails. Now, where did that young man get those ideas? I think that the answer to that question matters very much.

The uncle's words were "They couldn't settle themselves." He went further in his analysis yesterday, but few media outlets carried the interview because he flat out said that the actions of the Tsarnaev brothers were motivated by their interpretation as to what Islam called them to do.

Always On Watch said...




Are you saying that one cannot be a real Muslim unless one calls for the destruction of Israel?

Does your Muslim niece call for the annihilation of Israel?

Ducky's here said...

No, I'm saying that Beak brings up two examples as "perfect Muslims" because they advocate a subservience to Israel.

A modern Muslim i Beak's eyes must have NO differences with the West.
Utter nonsense of course.

beakerkin said...

You want to live in the West respect others. Muslims have an abundance of colonized lands and need to stop this obsession with Jews.