Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stupid Speculation

Once again stupid media types and politicians have speculated the Boston Bomber is someone on the right.
According to the laws of sheer mathematical probability this is very unlikely. Add to the fact that the style of multiple IEDS seems similar to known patterns strongly hint otherwise.


Always On Watch said...

Apparently, the feds are actually strongly suspicious of Right wing terrorism. At least, that's what I read somewhere this morning.

That Obama didn't say "act of terrorism" in his speech yesterday frosts my buns.

David said...

That's why I'm only taking in the news in small doses for the next few days until everything settles a little. Let the speculation burn itself out and some facts eventually come to the surface.

Ducky's here said...

According to the laws of sheer mathematical probability this is very unlikely.

I'll guarantee you don't know a single law of probability.
Can you calculate a standard deviation?

You want it to be a Muslim so badly, don't you? Well the Saudi that douche nozzle Murdoch reported as "in custody" is in fact a witness and is fully cooperating. There was another Saudi at the race finish and she received serious leg wounds.

Time will tell but we know you will deny that you prefer the vermin not be caught if he isn't Muslim.

beakerkin said...


You are right, but for Obama it could have been worse.




You would lose big time.

Actually, if I had my choice it would be a former SDS clown. It wasn't high tech and was poorly crafted so it could be a stupid SDS

Anonymous said...

Still spewing your deluded uninformed twaddle after all these years, Beak?

Statistically, if you look at the history of terrorism in the United States, an attack on Patriots' Day that doesn't target a major symbolic site, is far more likely to be of the 'homegrown' right-wing variety (i.e0 the brand of rabid extremist whose hoops you and your fellow Kahanists are so fond of licking).

And as Ducky says: I'll guarantee you don't know a single law of probability, let alone having the first inkling about the pattern of use of improvised explosive devices (which by the way is abbreviated as IEDs, not IEDS).

beakerkin said...

Another idiotic comment repeating errors from left wing morons on the Web. Lets see the one act of terror credited to the right took place two days after the day in question.

The sun of terrorism is almost entirely Muslim or leftist. As stated improvised explosive devices by roadsides are a pattern that is well known.

Right wing terrorists are a longshot. More then likely it is a peer of Ducky's looking to get a faculty job.

Must I bring Mr. Beamish with the official list of subjects Ducky has
falsely claimed expertise on.

Anonymous said...

You really are a gormless fascist patsy; but please do bring on Beamish. He is just as clueless and decrepit of mind as you are, but infinitely more entertaining.

beakerkin said...

Mr B will stop by and has the official list of subjects that our friend poultry has been proven to have feigned expertise he did not posses.

Lefties are lemmings and are not capable of actual thought.

Ducky's here said...

Bring him on, Beak.

Bring on Beamish, the man who thinks a string quartet operates under a baton.

Anyway, why do you need Beamish?

beakerkin said...

Beamish has made the official list of subjects you are officially ignorant of. I am too lazy to compile this data.

Ducky's here said...

Oh, Beak, did you catch the photo of the to bombers?

Still have to wait but they sure don't look Middle Eastern.
Wonder if your friend the lousy bigot Geller is going to retract her latest batch of lies.

Maybe you can tell us which laws of probability this violates.

beamish said...

The list of subjects Ducky is ignorant of is basically the contents of the Library of Congress minus gay studies and Soviet propaganda techniques.

Now that we have established that the Boston Marathon bombing was an act of Islamic terrorism, the countdown has started for Ducky to insist upon having a mosque built at the finish line.

As far as mathematical probabilities determining who would be behind a particular terrorist act, when you have al-Qaeda publishing instructions on the construction of pressure cooker bombs and the Department of Homeland Security warning about it some 3 years ago, and the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas publicly cheering about the attacks, you can't exactly rule out Islamic terrorism in favor of some mythological right-wing terrorist wanting to blow up something because Donald Trump's taxes are to high.