Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RIP Pat Summeral

The NFL lost a true legendary announcer with the passing of Pat Summeral. Unlike most jocks Summeral did play by play which is unheard of today. His gentle style meshed very well with John Madden. Madden was a star but he was at his best with Summeral in the booth. He really never got enough credit for his own contributions.

Notice after the Bush doctrine nobody is taking credit for the bombing. It may well be a lone wolf but the era of bragging about attacks on the US are over until someone figures out we have Obama.


uptownsteve said...

It's probably a rightwing domestic terrorist. And those cowards don't own up to anything. They just kill children.

Anonymous said...

You are such a clueless cretin, aren't you?.

The Oklahoma City bombing was in 1995 (on Patriots' Day) - six whole years before the Bush Doctrine - but did Timothy McVeigh brag about that before he was traced and caught? No!

beakerkin said...

Ah Homey the clown returns with his
usual bit. Imaginary right wing terrorists after 1970 consists of Oklahoma City and a few abortion clinic yahoos.

We have plenty of Muslim and left wing criminals to choose from.

As stated before you are incorrect
the bombing took place two days after Patriots day. Lefties mindlessly repeat falsehoods like lemmings.