Saturday, April 13, 2013

RIP Jams of the Poor Mouth

I want to say the blogosphere has lost a true gentleman in Jams O'Donnel. No matter how exasperated I got with the political scene I could turn to the story of Jams and his band of cats.

We live in a harsh world especially now for those who find themselves unemployed in their late 40's. Jams was let go in a budget cutting move and though he hid it well suffered from episodes of depression.

We seldom agreed politically. The truth is I am just the last of a dying breed the patriotic liberal who loathes Marx. Jams was to my left but exuded decency and from time to time we both got exasperated
with politics as usual.

If anyone stumbles across this we have a wonderful interview from a point in time when he was at his best.


Always On Watch said...

Sad news.

I loved his photography. All those cats!

beakerkin said...

Each of those cats had a personality.
His favorite seemed to be the clueless
Mimi. I liked the evil but lazy Ted
forever watching TV.

May he meet up with his feline friends
in the afterlife.