Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama quits his Church but still doesn't get it

Barak Obama has severed his ties with a wacky racist, Marxist, anti American church that is more of a cult than a Church. Obama suffers from Old Bolshevik dementia. Communists tend to seek their fellow cultists to reinforce their flat earth vulgar ideas. Obama does not understand that many of us see Bill Ayers as a pariah who should be pushing up daisies for Marxist terrorist bombings.

We see shades of this dementia when communists like Ren and Graeme Striecher are clueless as to why Americans view them with disdain. Normal Americans do not sit up in a frothing self hating rage directed against their own country. A typical illustration of this dementia is anarchist Larry Gambone lecturing an African American CB about the evils of American History as if he owned markers for every mistake. The fact that CB is an African American and has nothing but love for America is just lost on this crowd.

There is an almost disconnect in the African American community. Rev Wright's Marxism stands at odds with the African Americans who serve in our armed forces and in agencies like my own.
These fellow Americans feel the same love of America and serve out of the same love I do.

Obama needs to seriously talk about how he feels about this country its history and break with

Friday, May 30, 2008

Anti Communists of the World Unite

Anti Communists need to have their own fashion response to the tacky Che shirts and moronic kefiyahs that are symbols of Joo killing. What better symbol of anti communism is there than the ever stylish Panama hat accompanied by the classic Mr Beamish gasmask.

You can be the bane of all those whimpy commies not named Che Sponge Bob by showing up at a so called Peace protest in a Panama Hat. Commies are not known for their bravery and one or two folks dressed up like Cubans or Mr B should send them running of to the local Starbucks and then back to a high paying non job in some university gulag.

In actual tests Commies in Union Square do flee at the sign of a Panama hat. Perhaps the correct attitude when dealing with commies is to say "We are all Cuban Americans".

The Finkelstein Publicity Machine

Norman Finkelstein has an addiction to media attention. He is constantly pushing the envelope to gain media attention. Now that he has been denied tenure every few weeks he needs to pull a stunt or two to remain in the news and keep his speaking fees high.

Finkelstein almost certainly knew after his highly publicized meetings with Hezbollah he would be questioned by Israeli security. Moreover, Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that has carried out a series of terrorist acts in Israel.

Finky, Chomsky and Kovel are just part of the communist anti-semitism industry. These dedicated communists have made a career out of catering to Populist anti-semitism and have reaped lucrative financial rewards for careers of mediocrity. Thus if you are a communist and your record on Jews is akin to the Brownshirts of the 1930's have no fear Finky will make your bigotry socially acceptable.

I am surprised the publicity hungry Finky did not claim the Israelis waterboarded him. Such a claim would boost book sales and get him in the news. Finky is not above knowingly making false claims to get media attention such as writers not writing their own books or making false claims about books availabilities in Yiddish.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Renegade Eye's Anti Semitism The Smoking Gun

There are many of you who seem to question my view that Renegade Eye is in fact a rabid anti-semite. They point to some obscure biological tie and say that Ren is Jewish. Communism makes all ties to citizenship and ethnicity irrelevant. In this comment Ren pisses on any Jewish relatives in the name of so called Communist authenticity.

Communists are not Jews, Indians, Americans or English. They are a death worshiping cult that should have been treated as a form of mental illness. All statements by communists should be treated as sewage.

"Beakerkin: While your comrades were volunteering to march in the Nazi Army, Jews were dying in the gas chambers. Zionists hate Jews. They are willing to sacrafice them for Zionist utopia. They never fight anti-semitism."

1)I do not have comrades. I have friends and people who agree with me some of the time like Mr B, AOW and so forth. Communists need to stop describing me in their terms. They do not apply to normal people.

I am not part of any movement. I am an individual and an American. These are concepts Commies are clueless about as they are domestic animals by nature.

2) Am I a Zionist. According to Jaded Zionist and his band of insane Kahanists no. If one defines Zionism as support for a Jewish State on its historic home than I proudly call myself a Zionist. Moreover, if support for Israel as a Jewish state in the historic home of the Jewish people makes one a Zionist than people as diverse as AOW, CB, Sonia, Jason Pappas, Warren and Dr Yeagley all of whom are not Jewish are Zionists.

3) The standard Jews helped Zionism canard is cliche left wing anti-semitism. This is amazing considering the actual overwhelming record of Communists working with Nazis. One would have to ignore pacts to divide Poland as well as Commie support in the USA for the Nazi - Soviet pact
until the Nazis double crossed their allies.

I consider Nazism and Communism to be equally morally evil.

4) My relatives proudly fought Poland despite being treated poorly as Jews. Among my relatives
my Grandfather and several Uncles served in the Polish Army. At the local level Jews who practiced the religion or were disinterested often viewed Communists as traitors even in the 1920's. Communists paint a fiction of liberating peasants, but in actuality they were viewed as a greater menace than the usual menaces that accompanied Jewish life.

5) Zionists do not have Utopian visions. They are a national liberation movement seeking a jewish homeland in its historic location. Zionism from its inception was viewed as a competitor by Communists. At one point it certainly did have a leftist labor element. Sadly this leftist labor element was unable to sever itself from Communists at times to its detriment. Communists have
always had a collective paranoia about Zionism. Ren's attitude is in line with historic communist practices such as show trials where Jews were put to death on Communist paranoid delusions about Jews.

6) Zionists hate Jews. This must be amusing to Jaded Zionist and all his nutty Kahanist friends.
There are many things one can say about them but hating Jews in general is not one of them. the only Jew hated by that crowd is me, because I ridicule Kahanism.

This comment comes from someone who terms Hezbollah and Hamas as "reformist". This person also freely associates with actual Nazis (LWB/John Brown) who has called all American Jews who support Israel "traitors" and claims Israel had prior warning of 9-11". This commenter
is also called anti semitic by CB, Jams and Sonia who almost never use those terms at all. Moreover, Ren has been on record supporting the planets foremost anti semite Maoist Prof Norman Finkelstein.

7) They never fight anti semitism

I fight anti semitism where I see it. A Jewish American should view communists in the same manner that a Black man views the KKK. Communists have lynched Jews and continue to stoke populist anti semitism.

One can find the Protocols of the Elders of Zion 3.0 on Ren's blog with the words Neocon and Zionist neatly substituted for Jew. Ren will hold up some relatives while collectively pissing on them to demonstrate revolutionary authenticity. Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein and many others have made lucrative careers with almost no work in a similar scam. One could borrow a phrase from Maoist Finky and call it "The Communist Anti Semitic Populist Hustle Industry.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More media hypocrisy

The Catholic Church was held accountable for the actions of its employees sexual abuse of children.
The media was all over the story and necessary reform were made.

Where is the outrage when UN employees have been found guilty of sexual abuse of children? Have the people who claim the UN is the moral authority of the planet lifted a finger? Similarly, where was the outrage when story after story of teacher misconduct including inappropriate relationships with students are reported.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beavis and Barak Obama with Daria

Beavis Heh heh heh
Barak Hope duhhh change hope duuu
Beavis: Hey dickwad this change hope thing is lame
Barak: My uncle liberated Auschwitz heh heh hope change duhhh
Daria: Was your Uncle in the Soviet Army
Barak: No my duhh Uncle liberated Art Buchwald Concentration camp. Duh hope change
Beavis: I am cornholio there is no TP for my bunghole
Barak: Hope there is change for your TP and your bunghole
Daria: Art Buchwald was a writer
Barak: Duhhh well why did he have a concentration camp named after him duhhh
Daria: The camp was Buchenwald. Hope the special ed students change these answers before going
to history class with Mr Beamish.
Barak: Duhhh I am just dyslexic are you sure this Art Buchwald guy had nothing to do with concentration camps.
Beavis: The Great Cornholio will change my bunghole
Daria: I think Cornholio is the smart one.

The Purpose of This Blog

This blog exists for the fun and entertainment of my extended blog family including the Duck. A an earlier time we operated in the infotainment model and were quite good at it. When we were in that mode it attracted a series of cyber criminals who were jealous of a winning formula.

We were spammed by Ren's ally John Brown/ LWB daily. We also had a mentally deranged Israeli psycho also attempt criminal blackmail with a gender confused Dane from Tredington. The blog changed format to a less interactive site that caters to a group of friends. We do not seek mass readership.Moreover, commies who cry about tough responses need to look at the criminal behavior in their own ranks.

Ren has made some absurd claims. He can not claim that his children were threatened. He can not claim a parody site was set up calling him a pedophile. He has never seen actual spam. These are all actions done by his allies.

There is his claim that this blog takes no positions. In fact it speaks eloquently to its readers in a very clear manner. Communists may not like the message but we could care less what communists think, if they think at all. This blog does not exist for commies to feel good. They may express themselves before having their collective asses kicked. We do not indulge their rationalizations of genocide or treason. In fact even the Duck has never attempted such foolishness, but then he is reality based unlike Ren who will say anything no matter how far fetched.

An American Jewish patriot should look at communists the same way a Black man looks at the KKK. The rhetoric of communists towards Jews is indistinguishable from that of Nazis and one can lift comments from the comment section of Renegade Eye and Stormfront and notice no difference except the MFL and Gambone are incoherent.

Sorry, but if the commies think I will not fight back they are dead wrong.

Beamish in 08

Monday, May 26, 2008

Paranoid Antisemites Split on Obama

It must be hard to be Barak Obama. The latest bit is from Neonazi LWB speculates that the Israelis will assassinate Barak . LWB/ John Brown forget who knocked off RFK? Poor Obama must have a bad life. He is too pro Jew for Graeme Striecher and Retrograde Eye and too pro Palestinian for LWB that those pesky Israelis have to bump him off.

Bigots used to wait for an act to happen before they don the tin foil hat. However, in the new media
age these fantasies now turn up before the event.

Will the anti-semites please get their talking points together.

From Toronto the Secret World of Polygamy

The reality is that this crime does occur in the USA Canada and elsewhere. This practice is confined to small communities and government will not go near it for obvious reasons.

The Bolsheviks in the MSM will present this as a Mormon problem. Mormons are White Christian
conservatives and their women are photogenic.

The media can find stories of Muslim polygamy in the USA with ease. The problem is they do not want to and it is easier for the government to ignore the law. On a practical level this would be breaking up homes and relationships. This is not what any government agent wishes to do.

On a practical level even the most personable officer will go after people with fake divorce certificates. The entire second relationship is predicated on fraud, so even if there are children in the second relationship the marriage is fraudulent.

Part of the problem in Canada or New York is a social workers paralysis. We want people in need of medical care to get it. We want children to go to school. We want crime victims to report the crimes. All of the above will see and ignore polygamy in view of the larger goals.

The question is what would you do if you find it. Is breaking up families really optimal? Are we prepared to pay additional welfare costs? Are we prepared for the costs of denaturalization and deportation? Most of these cases involve a man creating a lie that causes adverse impact on the wives and children left behind. We are often penalizing wives and children for behaviors they may not be willing participants in.

Many questions have easy answers but this is not one of them.

What does one do if anything to the participants in a polygamous union? Whose interests are we
serving societies, the child's or someone else's? It is one thing to talk about theory but the real world is more complex.

When homosexuality hits home

One of the problems with todays sex education is the messages that it sends our young people. Thus rather than teaching respect the message is try it and see if its your thing.

Imagine my surprise when a relative announced they were bisexual. I still have the same feelings
for this relative. This relative knows the crap I put up with as your average heterosexual guy and gets why we are crabby. On a practical level the love and acceptance we previously had remains the same.

My life has not been changed by this disclosure. It would have been better if it were unspoken, but that is passe in a hypersexualized society that we live in.

On a scale of one to ten this barely rates a one.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am an American

I say these words with love and pride. These are my thoughts as I carry out my duties each and every day. Unlike many I have the honor of serving that which I love each and every day.

My brothers and sisters are United by a common idea embodied in our founding documents. I swore an oath of allegiance to ave moved uphold those laws with pride. This is my joy and a great honor that those who fill a desk or merely exist can not understand.

I want to point out that Rob who is to the left is also an American. We may disagree about how we get to the best policy but we share common goals. The idea that we are a people United by the Constitution is common to genuine Americans. Real Americans say the term American with pride.

My brothers and sisters are from all races, religions and ethnic groups. Unlike the so called "internationalists" , we have moved past the petty race and ethnicities across the pond and formed a unique concept. Its origins are in the UK and our concepts are similar to that of Oz and Canada.

Our critics proudly proclaim themselves "internationalists". They save us the trouble of branding themselves Unamerican. They align with every enemy against America and rail "Don't you question my patriotism" or McCarthyism.

There are those of you out there who think that all our enemies are bug eyed suicide bombers.
Many of you have failed to see the destructive attempts by Commies who proudly call themselves "internationalists" to align with our enemies. The goal of commies is global hegemony as they seek to erase borders. They have a similar vision to their Islamic brothers who dream of the califate.

Americans do not need lectures from Eurosalonistas about internationalism as we live it each and every day. The US should disband NATO and let the Salonistas defend themselves from whatever imaginary threats they face. Any defense treaties should be bilateral and only granted if both parties agree to it. Why the Euros need the American taxpayer to subsidize their defense
remains a mystery. Just who are we defending it from? NATO is a big government relic that allows the Euros to pay a few nickels and try and dictate US foreign policy.

Those who rail against the US are utopian types seeking to rule over the unwashed masses as heirs to whatever utopian scam they push.

Americans do not need or want Utopian madness.

Let the commies go abroad to a US Consulate and declare themselves citizens of the world and depart for good.

Just When You Thought Israel Couldn't Get It Right

Israel of has denied the world's foremost anti-semite and supporter of Hezbollah entry. Finkelstein
will no doubt get a communist lawyer and make a spectacle of himself. However as an open advocate of Hezbollah he does not belong in Israel. The equivalent case would be the United States
granting a visa to a person that is a well known supporter of Al Queda.

Let Finkelstein make his crossings from Jordan or Egypt. Send the Moaist to Nepal and let him go
about his business from there.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Hagee non issue

The folks on the left have been looking for a Pastor Wright bit in McCain's camp. The charges are absurd and there is no comparison. Wright was Obama's personal clergyman and Hagee has no similar personal connections.

Moreover, his comments were at worst boneheaded. Some of the very same crtics of Hagee defend Norman Finkelstein who is the world's foremost anti-semite. Hagee does not work with Holocausts deniers and visit Hezbollah regularly like Finkelstein. Finkelstein seem to be the only communist Pariah in Chicago with no Obama connection.

The media has an absurd standard on Jews. People like Hagee or Coulter get every utterance placed under intense scrutiny. The media placed Cindy Sheehan's anti semitic remarks under no scrutiny. After 9-11 Fallwell made goofy remarks blaming gays for 9-11 and was castigated for days. A few thousand commies held a Nuremberg style rally while the buildings were still smoldering and blamed the Joooos and there was no coverage. The media will rarely point out
the communist leadership of so called Peace activists.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leftist Moonbatery

Just who is a Redneck anyway? According to commies the " working class " are the good working class rural types who are America's version of peasants. If you read the comments at Troutsky one will quickly notice the arrogance Commies have towards actual peasants.

How a poster deduces and talk radio hosts are rednecks is a true feat. Perh aps they are acknowledging that Limbaugh in their own words is more a man of the people than they ever will be. Why commies first say Limbaugh when the subject of their own bigotry is discussed is a mystery.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Snobs vs Slobs Round Two

The Duck presumes that I did not see the Democratic themes in Born Yesterday. On the contrary
I noticed them, just the film was dated. The caricature of the tycoon was almost a Marxist version of a corporate Gorilla except that real gorillas do not behave that badly.

The Duck has the right to pick next weeks film. We do have a idea from Pagan Temple to review the Crying Game. If it is on the cable schedule over the weekend I am not opposed. However, that
film is not exactly what I intended the feature to be about. The idea was more intended to look at classic films off the beaten path as viewed by a film head and a regular person.

The Duck can look at next weeks schedule and make a few selections. We will come up with something interesting.

Normal bigotry and calculated ones

I want to point out that 90% of bigotry is ignorance. Most of the garbage spread about Jews, Gays, Blacks is spread by people who have no contact with those groups. It is hard to be a bigot in NYC as it is neither acceptable or practical.

The exception to the above are the political cults of bigotry. As a commie one does get to say the most absurd nonsense with regularity. The comments of Troutsky are quite illistrative. Troutsky,writes an entire post on a newspaper he has not bothered to read, the NY Sun. His comments are a standard commie rehash that Jews own the media. His argument is that since the paper loses money and is pro Israel it has no right to exist.

This is quite amusing material comming from commies whose publications have always lost money.Frequently these publications were subsidized by hostile foreign governments. Moreover, the scorn of commies for any point of view that does not march to Marx is quite apparent. We regularly see temper tantrums about Fox News, Talk Radio and now the NY Sun.
The far left does not want the consumer to have choice. This is also amusing as these same civil liberterians defend Chavez's theft of TV stations that oppose his meglomania.

Communist bigotry is elitist and calculated and quite different from normal bigotry. Take the comments of Graeme who has decided that Venezuelan Indians are not clean. This was quite amusing to Junglemom who has spent years of her life serving that very community. Has Graeme spent the time and met the people he describes in elitist tones, er no... His description is part of the overall communist naritive about Indians.

Even the most pro America types freely admit the historic wrongs done to native Americans and Blacks. To do any less would place us in the realm of Holocaust deniers. Thus when we discuss it was as world wide norm from the dawn of man that was wrong. The ending of a world wide evil
largely as a Christian movement is the great triumph of Western Civ. On another blog Ren rationalizes the butchery of Indians by the Sandanistas in recent history as a misunderstanding.
A similar description of American history would be trashed by the same commies. We would never tolerate such idiocy about Jews, Armenians and other victims of genocide.

The antisemitism is quite calculated in the commnist cult. Antisemitism and anti Americanism are the common grounds that link commies in the grand alliance with jihadis and Nazis. The recent comments about pipe dream class revolutions are quite humorous reading. Oddly a communist state replacing Israel would bring peace to the region. The peace would be caused by
the flood of people wishing to flee moronic Marxists. Create a workers paradise and the workers flee with regularity.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

The Supreme Court in California flipped the citizens of California a collective middle finger. There is absolutely no reason or logic for the court ruling. This is an example of Black Robed Freaks deciding to create law rather than enforcing law.

My position has been marriage is a religious term and I want the government as far away from thepulpit as possible. There is no such conflict with Civil Unions. It is important for society to respect gays right to dignity, but it is equally important for Gays to respect the religious views of others.

Ted Kennedy has been a national disgrace and should have retired years ago. That being said we take no joy from his health woes. Maybe this will prompt him to retire so that we are spared Senator in a casket. There should be a mandatory retirement age of 80 so that we are spared death watches.

Slobs vs Snobs on Film Born Yesterday

This movie must be some sort of warped revenge of the Duck. There are many movies that are period movies. This is one that should be forgotten in time.

The worst curse a man can ever have is to fall in love with a woman with a squeaky voice. No matter how beautiful the woman that voice drives one insane. If daily conversation is a drag than imagine the horrible noises in the bedroom. Fortunately, this movie spares us that horror. Two hours of squeaky whiny idiocy brings bad every bad heterosexual guys relationship from hell.

We have seen the familiar premise of trying to culture a bumpkin, Ala My Fair Lady. The idea of the uncouth millionaire being lectured by a pseudo intellectual is quite passe. In reality most of the millionaires I know have far better social skills than the bookworm scholars. Those few miserable millionaires have almost always been members of the lucky sperm club.

In general crass ignorance of the airhead type is not funny. If you like that type of humor it is done with more aptitude in the Legally Blond series. Sadly, Pothead humor Ala Bill and Ted
is funny has replay value. Laughing at ignorance is almost like watching a train wreck.

The film is entirely predictable with the woman hits books sees millionaire is classless and self centered. Domestic abuse is also not funny to an officer who hears these stories daily. e man of action for the book worm. The only place this happens is in fiction created by book worms.

Also left unsaid is how or why an skilled ruthless businessman would be so stupid as to leave a large chunk of his assets in the hands of a ditz. Moreover, the idea of a noble journalist is also fiction.

This film is billed as a comedy but is not funny. The acting is dreadful and I am at a loss to see what is so charming about Judy Holiday. If she were next to me in a bar I would move in about 30 seconds to get away from that nightmare combination of a squeaky voice combined with stupidity.

This film was an abomination.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moonbat Leftist Comments

From the Daily Communist er Kos Hat tip Front Page Magazine

According to a Kos diarist with a low IQ Israel asassinated JFK. In actuality JFK was killed by a commie and RFK was killed by a Palestinian. Obviously some idiots at the KOS will be claiming
that John Wilkes Booth was a crypto zionist neocon next. Do these people ever open books between bong hits. This person is obviously trying to get a job in the linguistics department at MIT where professors wax about phantom US-Nazi alliances while ignoring genuine Soviet- Nazi

Renegade Eye has declared that " Farc is not a terrorist group. ". Ren claims that a group that hold territory and has rank is not terrorist. His definition would include Al Queda as it also has rank and has territory. What part of random kidnappings, murder and drug pushing in the name of communism does the clueless one miss. The far leftists noobs in the State Department prominently list Farc as a terrorist group.

Graeme Striecher lectures Junglemom about the sanitary habits of people she lived with. How does a pot head in Fargo know more about Venezuelan Indians than a person who invested many years to serving that community. Obviously, Graeme Striecher who denigrates an entire community alaJulius Striecher learned all he needed to know about life from reading High Times and watching Bill and Ted films.

More on Indians

On Troutsky's site Ren attempts to use philosophical rhetoric to rationalize the crimes of the Sandinazis against the Indians. I want to point out a profound difference between the Duck and Ren and company. The Duck has not ever denied rationalized these crimes. Moreover, to do so is on a par with Holocaust denial.

Commies like to play a game that US history is to be placed under a microscope. Thus the real crimes in our history against Indians are part of the overall history of America. I do not deny these crimes, nor do I rationalize them. I also do not claim that Indians lived lives similar to Mazzola commercials. They lived hard lives and had their own cultural maladies, none of which excuse the subsequent crimes. However if Commies want to pass judgement on the USA circa 1880 than their own record 1980 is open to similar inspection. Moreover, we can add the abuse of entire indigenous ethnic groups such as the Hmong and Soviet examples as well.

Ren states look Ortega is popular. Hitler was very popular but commited crimes against humanity. Stalin and Mao had their fans and also were genocidal. The question of what did the left do while this butchery was taking place. Commies held tea parties for the Sandinazis while the Indians died. Even Ward Churchill and Russel Means did not stand by and took up arms against the Sandinazis.

The whole episode shows how Commies piss on genuine indigenous people such as these Indians
and various other groups such as Hmong while venerating contrived ethnic groups. We could also reprint the hateful anti Tibetian comments from those familiar blogs. The episode indicates Holocaust denial of another sort and the centrality of anti-semitism to communist machinations.

Surprise Rev Tutu supports Jeremiah Wright

The press has given a free pass to the insane Rev Tutu. Thus it is not surprising the Tutu would decide to voice support for a rabid Marxist American hating Pastor Wright. Tutu's comments are reflective of a man out of touch with reality.

As far as his statements about the equality of American Blacks being an illusion. Tutu needs to stop
smoking the Marxist weed and to visit Cuba if he wants to see racial injustice. There is a black political prisoner who has languished longer than Mandela.

Ted Kennedy Betrays The USA

In a development reported here earlier Ted Kennedy did actively seek to undermine the Reagan
admincistrations efforts in the Cold War. Copies of his correspondence to Andropov have been published. Many of you think that my talk of communist subversion and infiltration in the Democratic party is poetic license.

The actions of Ted "National Disgrace" Kennedy are hardly unique. Gomer Kerry and Tom "Fake Vietnam Vet" Harkin also were caught making similar type of efforts with the Sandinazis. The Sandinazis were butchering Indians with Helicopters and foreign mercenaries. Even to this day Commies still ignore the butchery of genuine indigenous people by the Sandinazis.

The crimes were so blatant even Mental Ward Churchill and Russel Means dropped their manifestos to fight. Commies like to talk about genuine American crimes against Indians over 100 years ago. However, when the crimes happen in the present they were agitating for the butchers. Oddly, Jeremiah Wright got this blatantly wrong in one of his rants. The Indian resistance was commonly known as Southern Contras.

The current Democratic party needs to be punished for its perfidity. A great start was the deserved heat that Barak Obama got for willingly associating with Bill Ayers. The only way for Americans to reclaim the Democratic party is to keep demanding the party distance itself from the Code Pinkos, Michael Moore and UPJ crowd. Oddly each time the party goes down to defeat
it never understands for every Code Pinko nut there are five people opposed to its idiocy.

Why is Ted Kennedy still sitting in the Senate after man slaughter, treason and decades of mediocrity. He is the ultimate example of the nepotism of the limo communist perfidity.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seems like a popular idea

There does seem to be considerable interest in having the Duck and I talk about a film. Lets have the Duck pick out a film on Turner Classics and battle it out. Fortunately there does not seem to be
any Robeson films on schedule and Mission to Moscow hasn't been shown in a while.

If we are lucky we may get some input from Sonia as well.

The rules for selection are

1 The film has to be at least five years old.
2 The film has to be showing on Turner Classic or Fox Movies over the weekend
3 We would prefer the more obscure titles
4 We have to have the film on Friday so that everyone has a chance to participate.

Now even film heads do get things wrong at times. I am not a film head and represent myself as the mass consumer. Some of the more devoted film types have a disdain for the public. Then again there are just some films that these types like that baffle me. I have yet to find what Sonia
sees in the dreadful Johny Guitar. This may have been intended as its generation's Rocky Horror
Show and its charm may be over my head.

We encourage all non banned posters to watch and let it rip. Duke it out with the Duck and the Beak on Film. We may have to change that title if Sonia participates.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random shot of Life

Recently, there was news that yet another meat packing plant was caught using illegal labor. This
has been a serious problem within this particular industry. However, this time it was a kosher facility and some local anti-semites are once again playing up the Joooo angle.

I want to point out that I am 100% for penalizing the owners of this company or any other that knowingly hire illegal labor. Are the rest of us ready to demand companies hire legal labor?

Interestingly, that kosher plant for better or worse is the largest employer in that section of Northern Iowa. I will not be buying anything from that company any time soon.

On a personal matter I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of an Israeli supermarket.I went out of my way to buy Israeli products and some of them are interesting. New York pickles made in the lower East side are the best. However, the Israelis have an interesting type that is good for a change of pace. I purchased around $100 of assorted items from Israel. I paid a premium for the items but fresh bakery products are a different animal. Oddly, the storekeeper knew who I was because my parents shop there. I never did find the odd Israeli mammoth bagels that my father enjoys.

I took the day off as the work load was light and I have an abundance of vacation time. I went to
the local kosher butcher and got some chicken to toss on the barbecue. I did kick back catch some rest and enjoy parts of a book. Life is too short not to enjoy a day or two here and there.

I will be traveling to the Bronx Zoo next month to see the two exhibits I missed while I was away in VT. Tiger Mountain opened while I was away. I also want to see the new Madagascar exhibit.

One of the joys of being me is that I am clueless. Being clueless about social matters does help one stay out of trouble. I was asked to accompany a coworker to a charity event. Being that I am clueless I paid for the tickets, not thinking I had to show up..... You may fill in whatever blanks you wish. I am not a dinner/dancing type and I prefer to eat by myself. A friend of mine got in very serious trouble for dating a coworker. He was fortunate just to get a reprimand. I will not tempt fate. For whatever reason I am subjected to the strictest interpretation of whatever rules
are in place. It would be nice if the rules were applied to everyone, but it goes with being me.

Freedom of Speech and this Blog

I am glad the Trotskyite vermin Retrograde Eye notices that we allow freedom of speech on this site. It is very hard to get banned on this site. One has to spam the site or engage in criminal behavior to get banned here.

The official banned list

1) John Brown/LWB we do not find spam or threats to children amusing. Spam is printing the same comment hundreds of times so we do not consider contrary views spam.
2) Greg/Eitan Criminal behavior
3) Gert Snaglepuss Criminal behavior.
4) Uptown Steve If you make a bet and promise to leave we hold you to it.
5) Socrates We do not put up with multiple aliases.

Do note that the Duck is welcome here despite his odious views, especially on the artistic value of caligraphy. The Duck is also not a one trick pony who dreams of being a Lunchroom Lenin. The Duck and I could discuss plenty of non political crap that would be very interesting. One of these days we will have to pick an obscure film on TBS and hold a thread on it afterwards.

The point is that although the Duck has some odious political views he is clearly a well rounded person and not a souless political hack. The difference between the Duck and yourself is the difference between a human and a cartoon. The Duck has some dreadful ideas, but has never lost his humanity.

Moreover, commies seem to cry about being on topic only when they are getting their asses kicked.

The Looney Left and Hezbollah

The far left's embrace of the narconazi terrorists of Hezbollah shows how bankrupt they are. The goal of the left has been to co-opt the Muslim anti-semitism. The far left Trotskyites are weak and numerically insignificant thus they use the tactic of entryism to multiply their ranks.

Hezbollah since its inception has been heavily involved in the drug trade. This is also practiced by FARC who are supported Chavez. Commies pretend to care about the inner city while rationalizing
the narcotics trade of groups they support.

Once again commies have turned a blind eye to the creation of a state within a state in Lebanon.
Commies feigned ignorance at the butchery of Arafat in Lebanon and now do the same toward a Hezbollah defacto state.

Hezbollah is a foreign creation that employs foreign advisers and is a Iranian creation. Has the far left said a word about Iranian colonialism? No. The patron saints of far left anti semitism Norman Finkola and Noam Chimpanzee have endorsed Hezbollah many times.

The moral of the story is commies have no morals. Every utterance of communists should be viewed as opportunism.

Monday, May 12, 2008

You might be an anti semite if

1 You start quoting or defending the planet's foremost anti-semite Norman Finkelstein? Finkelstein's followers feign ignorance about his Maoist past and package him as an outraged Joooo.
2 You use the term ZOG or USREAL
3 Call people Likudniks, Kahanists frequently?
4 Frequently use the terms Neocon or talk of Neocon cabals?
5 Play wordgames with Neocon, Zionist and Jew?
6 Question the patriotism of Jews who support Israel?
7 Hold Israel up to impossible standards while holding up the rest of the planet to none?
8 Call eliminationalist Hammas and Hezbollah reformers?
9 Talk and of the Israeli or Jewish lobby without recognizing Jews have first Amendment rights are not the only ethnicity engaged in such lobbying.
10 Talk of Zionist/ Corporate media

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Animal House Commies, Anarchists and other Freaks

Most of us go through lives in an ordinary fashion. Our lives are defined by those we love and are loved by. We build communities and help our friends and those next door.

When I think of the stupid power mad utopian freaks I am reminded of the words in Animal House
said by the Dean to Flounder. "It is a waste going through life fat lazy and stupid".

Anarchists are imbeciles who have accomplished zero. Thus when you see an older anarchist or Communist they are bitter because all their scams and FUNDAMENTALIST crap blows up in their wasted lives. Utopia is not meant for this world and one is bound for failure the second one delves into such idiocy. There is no perfection of man nor silver bullet to solve all of life's problems.

In reality Commies are a cross between a retrograde religion and a warped monarchy. The Marxist Theocracy thinks it must lord over the unwashed masses. They will decide who lives where and when allegedly in the name of the people while serving themselves. They appoint themselves as Gods and as such decide who will live and die. They depend on the other to explain why their failures lurk at every turn. Thus Hugo needed his speculators in the same way his forebearers needed Kulaks. The Baathist (communist) apartheid regime in Syria needs the zionist other to survive. The Islamonarconazis at Hezbollah need the Zionist menace to justify their treason against the state of Lebanon.

In reality I look at the many Christians and religious Jews and who are part of my life and see the contrast. There is no bitterness and a lifetime of good work left behind. I see the example of a Justin, TMW, Junglemom or even Rav Roov and understand that we never do change the world just a small corner of it at best.

My life has taken me many unexpected places. Each and every day that I serve is a blessing and I do not do this work for the money. My ultimate love is for the American people and the people who struggle to join my family. Joining the family is predicated by playing by a set of rules. The system often does not make sense but each and every day I work with the hope that things will be made correct.

I remember before 9-11 feeling that there was no greater thrill than leading a crew against an impossible deadline. In the days that followed I began to question my priorities. What had I done with my life other than place numbers on a ledger sheet. It was exciting work that I would never regret but ultimately the next day would bring a set of similar impossible tasks and so forth. There was always much sadness as the poorly paid workers lives would take bad twists. One got
his first job in his 50's worked for a while and died around a year or so later of AIDS. Another went into a trance and I never found out how that story ended.

I look at my badge and think of the many lives I have touched. The work is not always easy and often it is hair raising. I do not know how the story will end, but of the many lives I have lived none gave me greater joy than being Officer Beakerkin. How many of us get to serve or play a role in their greatest love of their lives? There is no bitterness in my world for I willingly serve that which I love the most, the American people.

I marvel at the joy and energy of the religious types and see my own joy reflected in their work.
For Justin, Junglemom and TMW building lives and communities is their lives work. There is always the next task or life to fix. It is a great way to go about life.

I contrast this with the self loathing of commies. Every effort wasted and every effort is a failure
because their obnoxious cult starts off with insane notions of the ends justify the means and man is God and Utopia is possible in this world.

Rethinking Nixon

Contrary to the far left stereotype the most self centered types are lefties. It is time for the Clintons to exit and write books. As with impeachment they survived but at a great cost to our nation. The example of the Clintons makes me ponder the life of Nixon.

Nixon's crimes were trivial in any comparison to that of Clinton. The Clinton crimes were both far more numerous and financial in nature. Nixon cared about his country and sought to spare it from the divisive battle that ensued.

Nixon knew he had made a drastic error. However, he spent the remainder of his life trying to atone for his error. He worked with each administration that followed as an ambassador. When Bill Clinton needed advice he reached out to Nixon, not Carter.

Carter's antics remind us of how great Nixon was out of office. Carter has been even worse as an ex-President than he was as President. He remains bitter over his dismal failure and has worked
at promoting himself even against the advice of the State Department.

Nixon's spirit reminds all of us that a mistake, albeit a bad one wasn't the end of the road. Nixon reached into his heart and spent the remainder of his life trying to help the country and to remove the legacy of his error. All of us fall down at times, but the strong among us get up off the floor and find ways to make up for our errors.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Good Luck to a Friend

One of my coworkers who went to training with me will be departing to work abroad. I wish her luck but in this line of work people move all over the place. Our paths may or may not cross again.
The onlyr people have constant is the movement. At the end of this month four people have departed my area for other sections.

At the end of June I should be eligible for the two week Dallas tour. I am trying to get out of this as
the course is all public speaking. Most people use this time to network but the rest use it as a vacation.

Hezbollah and Iran's Colonial Subversion

Hezbollah is a tool of Iranian foreign policy. It is financed via Iran and the narcotics trade. The far left has rationalized the Neonazi colonialist narcomercenaries on the rational anyone who is anti Jooo must be good even if they are drug dealing terorists with genocidal ambitions.

Hezbollah as an instrument of Iranian foreign policy, armed by Iran, advised by Iran, financed bave Iran unilaterally provoked a war with Israel. The Lebanese people have correctly viewed
Hezbollah as a foreign creation.

The USA should provide the Lebanese army with whatever weaponry it needs to itself.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Turn out the lights Hillary

The American people have spoken and it is time to exit. Hillary will never be President and she needs to end the Senate charade. Let her leave with grace and Gov Patterson can appoint her replacement.

The scapegoats are

1 The media elites- Hillary is in serious trouble when loyalists like Eleanor Clift turn on her
2 The Black Community- The Clinton's depend on overwhelming support of the Black community
3 Gov Spitzer Hillary's tailspin started with her gaffe on driver's licenses for illegal aliens
4 Media handlers Hillary like George Bush is at her best when she leaves them at home.
5 Bill Clinton- He was useless at best.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Making False Claims

There are some Obamination types in the media who try to compare McCain and Hagee/Falwell and Robertson with the Obama Wright mess.

This was a personal choice as Obama was an active member of a cult like Church for two decades.
There is no basis for any comparison with a similar claim about McCain's relationship that is standard election visiting at most.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Product of the Present Malaise

As I look around the globe there seems to be a discontent with the present. There seems to be anger at the powers that be for the present uncertainty. This malaise has hit the far left Livingstone, Zimbabwe, Chavez and the more moderate Bush.

We yearn for a past that is gone. A HS degree means nothing and the manufacturing jobs of yesteryear are like the dodo bird. Even the brave new world of IT gives us no hope. Companies hire for a project it is done and you had best upgrade your skills for the next one.

Gas prices are rising for now, but they will go down at some point. The greens created more havoc with biofuel mandates. Now the poor have to struggle to make ends meet.

The worst part of the election is that the spirit of Reagan is not there. We need to reclaim the can do attitude of Reagan. Reagan also took the fight to the enemy. Would Iran and Syria behave if we gave them a dose of their own medicine with Contras? Contras can also be used on Chavez, especially now that his fingerprints are on FARC.

Obama said the right words even if his policies were retread. However it takes more than mere words to move a nation. Maybe the next President can move past the Clitonista self importance
and the medias all consuming Bush hatred. In fairness some of the Bush wounds are self inflicted.
He does best when he is not scripted and talks directly to the American people. Why did he sit on
the intelligence showing North Korean treachery in the Syrian nuclear plant? The greatest failure of this administration is its secrecy. Let the American people know who is arming the trouble makers in Iraq.

We need to get back to the Yes we can days.

Obama's fade and Burn

Hillary Clinton's selfishness has made Obama almost unelectable. Even if Hillary wins every contest she can not win the nomination. Her support within the Black community is over. She hit her stride way too late.

The media allies for the most part abandoned her. Obama was the golden boy who said empty words with no substance.

The media attention given to the nutty Reverend was largely at the behest of the Clintonistas. Hillary's legacy will be an example of the self centered Clinton legacy. Bill Clinton should have resigned and spared the American people the division that ensued. Instead he left Al Gore a mess
and his antics with Elian Gonzales probably cost Gore the election.

Hillary imagines that in four years there will be a groundswell of people who see her a savior. However, she represents more of the same old tired message of the present.

Obama in reality was an empty suit. The more you look at him, the less there is to like. He talks of moving past the politics of the present and associates with some of the most divisive people on the planet Ayers, Wright and Rezko. One would have to seriously look far and wide to find someone more loathed than the communist terrorist Ayers. Wright's insanity has reminded many of the anti- American substance of Commie far left . Perhaps the only far left lunatic Obama did not encounter in Chicago was the Maoist anti-secmite Norman Finkelstein.

However, what Democratic hacks will remember is that the fade of Obama was the last gasp of the Clintonistas.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Life is the Ultimate Teacher

I want to point out the joy of being a NYer is the ability to adapt and move past yourself. I can be in Russian, Polish, Guyanes, Columbian enclave all in the same day. I'll never forget the days after 9-11 there were American flags in all the working class locales. When I returned to my Union Square locale they were gone. Here in the upper class locale patriotism is passe.

I love my country and sadly it is the idiots in my locale who get it wrong. They spend weeks in France but they have no clue about Kansas or even Uptown. I will never forget a Hillary supporter
lecturing me about the inner city. At the time I worked with people who lived there and her sole contact was a poorly paid cleaning woman.

Each and every day I see people going through great hardship to join our family that these elitists take for granted. The elites need to spend more time Uptown and in the heartland.

Red Ken tossed in London

Politics is a local concern especially in municipal elections. The bombastic Livingstone's defeat was most likely all about congestion pricing rather than his decades of idiocy. The moral of this story is you can act like a jerk for decades but when you mess with people's money it is over.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Beakerkin's May Day Salute to Communist Insanity

The Mayday award for Communist insanity goes to self proclaimed Trotskyite Renegade Eye. Ren
speculates that this author get sexual stimulation by placing plungers in rectums. Ren seems quite familiar with this activity and this is a case of TMI.

The lame brained apologist for a war criminal with a record on a par with Saddam is making a Louima reference. Louima was sodomized by a rouge cop who was very severely punished. Louima was compensated in spite of his perjury. It seems the oft quoted "Guliani time" was a total fabrication.

The victims of Trotsky suffered a far worse fates than a plunger in the rectum and they frequently died. Leave it for a commie to miss the obvious blatant comparison.

I am fairly certain Rob Bayn and Justin will lampoon me being called a sexual deviant. My alleged deviancy goes way beyond any homophobic nonsense they endure. Lets see an advocate of class genocide, treason and property theft calls me a sexual deviant...... I must have some skewed priorities because this is inane.

"Scratch a terrorist and you will get a reformer" Ren
"Scratch a Communist and you smell moral and mental rot" Beakerkin

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Response to the Duck Why Pastor Wright is Relevant

Thoe question of Pastor Wright is relevant on many levels.

1) It is part the question who is Barak Obama. If he is a healer why did he remain a member of a Church with a hateful racial arsonist as the pastor. One could forgive Obama if this were a youthful error but this is 20 years. The best explanation so far was the crazy relative bit said at the start.

2) Black Liberation theology deserves some scrutiny for its abuses. The Aids conspiracy is just one part of a hateful set of ideas.

3) The real Pastor Wright lives in a mansion in a very white enclave and has peddled self righteous hatred.

4) Pastor Wright's historical gaffes are comedy central. The Sandinistas employing mercenaries were the butchers of the Miskito Indians. The Indians took up arms and were called the Southern Contras. While we are at it some of those mercenaries were "Palestinian".

Pastor Wright wants an apology for Slavery. The Pastor forgets slavery was an excepted world wide norm. If he wants an apology he might look at the Africans themselves who often did the selling. He should also seek it from Muslims for their history and practice that continues into the present.

What is Wright thinking

Wright's egomania has now grown into grandiose proportions. He seriously now thinks that any attack on his crackpot politics is an attack on the "Black Church".

I want to state as a person who respects Christians that a notion of a "Black" Church is not Christian as I understand it. Christianity is not about race it is about a message that values life and serves the needy as its calling. There is nothing Christian in hateful populism and conspiracy lunacy. The garbage that Wright spews is Marx, not Jesus.

Sadly, Wright may be the rare radical that believes the idiocy he preaches.

Blog Talk Radio Spot

I will be appearing with Rob Bayn and Justin Morris on their radio show. Rob and I do not agree on many things, but friends sometimes disagree. There is no topic so this maybe comedic mayhem for those who enjoy that type of fare.

There may be some Tony Romo - Jesssica Simpson jokes on the agenda. It is a safe bet that Pastor Wright's mix of Communism and bigotry will be lampooned as well.