Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Product of the Present Malaise

As I look around the globe there seems to be a discontent with the present. There seems to be anger at the powers that be for the present uncertainty. This malaise has hit the far left Livingstone, Zimbabwe, Chavez and the more moderate Bush.

We yearn for a past that is gone. A HS degree means nothing and the manufacturing jobs of yesteryear are like the dodo bird. Even the brave new world of IT gives us no hope. Companies hire for a project it is done and you had best upgrade your skills for the next one.

Gas prices are rising for now, but they will go down at some point. The greens created more havoc with biofuel mandates. Now the poor have to struggle to make ends meet.

The worst part of the election is that the spirit of Reagan is not there. We need to reclaim the can do attitude of Reagan. Reagan also took the fight to the enemy. Would Iran and Syria behave if we gave them a dose of their own medicine with Contras? Contras can also be used on Chavez, especially now that his fingerprints are on FARC.

Obama said the right words even if his policies were retread. However it takes more than mere words to move a nation. Maybe the next President can move past the Clitonista self importance
and the medias all consuming Bush hatred. In fairness some of the Bush wounds are self inflicted.
He does best when he is not scripted and talks directly to the American people. Why did he sit on
the intelligence showing North Korean treachery in the Syrian nuclear plant? The greatest failure of this administration is its secrecy. Let the American people know who is arming the trouble makers in Iraq.

We need to get back to the Yes we can days.


Ducky's here said...

Good idea. Start a few civil wars in petroleum producing countries. That should get gas prices down.

Yeah, bring back Ronnie Raygun so we can all get high sniffing his rotting brain tissue while we remember his gesture of taking the solar panels off the White House and just letting "burn more gas" be our energy policy.

We can also take a page from Ronnie the Pansy doing a cut and run at Beirut ofter Fat Boy Sharon started something the IDF punks couldn't finish. Sure did show those terrorists.

Beak, stop being a moron.

Z said...

Man, Beak...this post and the conversation going on at my blog under the "You aint't gonna like losing" piece by 'author unknown' will put you and me over the edge into depression! WARNING: DO NOT GO TO GEEEZ! Things are bad, yes...but we were slightly less optimistic there!

As for Bush? I'm 100% in agreement with you. When Ari Fleischer went, things started sliding. Heck, all these years and he's not really convinced people for our need to be in Iraq. And, he's pandered. I know he has a Dem congress, but he's caved on so many things and not really described his motivations for much of it.

Imagine if we get HIllary and Obama with a Dem congress? Say Goodbye, America. Say hello socialism. And that is my cheery little thought of the day!

Ducky's here said...

"Now the poor have to struggle to make ends meet."

Beaks gonna bring us back to the good old days when the poor had it made.

The Pagan Temple said...

We'll never get back to the "can do" days as long as we spend all our days and nights playing "got'cha" politics. We need to get back to discussing issues and the differences in the varying political philosophies, instead of bitching about who puts whose hand over his heart the most during the antional anthem and who does or does not wear a flag pin in their lapel, and other ridiculous crap like that.

Who gives a damn about education, the state of medical care, the crumbling infrastructure, the housing market, tax breaks, food prices, and the war?

Who gives a shit about that irrelevant crap, look at Obama, he AIN'T WEARING A FLAG PIN!

Z said...

pagan, that might seem like 'crap' to you (and mostly, I think you're right), but it tells us something about the person. I'm not a "gotta wear a flag pin" type, but I AM someone who thinks the next pres of the US might want to hold his hand over his heart and pledge the symbol of the country?? As it stands now, Obama's response when asked why he hasn't, was "I DO in the Senate" aha. good insight.

As for the rest of your post. You are SO right. GOTCHA POLITICS instead of substance. While islamists are licking their chops at our disarray. "when are they going to take their eyes off the ball JUST enough that..."

Warren said...

"We'll never get back to the "can do" days as long as we spend all our days and nights playing "got'cha" politics."

Bull shit!

There's never been any other kind of politics. You're a naif if you think there has.

Why is it that people think that problems can be solved by government which created the problems to start with?

Beamish said...


Again, please stop with the mock expectation that discussions of substance and merit will emerge from candidates in the Democratic Party. It's hysterical. I'm damn near pissing on myself.

Seriously, Democrats appear as if they wouldn't have a clue if it jumped up their ass with a megaphone yelling Honey I'm Home.

I think they call it "appealing to the left-wing."

Z said...

Warren, don't you think it's far worst today? Ya, cartoons skewering Lincoln were far more cruel and insulting than we'd think from back then, but the personal lives stuff IS worse now.... Remember, JFK's dalliances weren't publicized because the White House press corp say now they didn't want to 'ruin his fun' kind of thing.
Now? OH, man, NOTHING is personal, NOTHING is's not good for anybody.
and't doesn't seem to be able to solve a thing.

The Pagan Temple said...

Yeah, Beamish, but you're going to be singing a different tune when McCain is on the receiving end of the media's obsession with bullshit issues.

You guys kill me. So, I am going to assume here that your point is that Democrats have nothing to say of any substance. Is this your position?

If it is, then fine. Let's assume you are correct. Why the hell don't the media cover that? Why don't they press them on the issues? Then, maybe-just maybe-the world will see the wisdom of your position. Maybe they will see plainly that "those DemoKKKrats just don't know jack shit."

Instead, they spend their time talking about preachers, nineteen sixties terrorists, and flag pins.

It would be one thing if all these things were discussed IN ADDITION to issues of substance, but that's the problem. These bullshit issues are ALMOST ALL YOU EVER HEAR ABOUT!

What little bit of substance you do hear about is quickly drowned out in the chatter.

It seems to me that if you really honestly believe the DemoKKKrats are that clueless, you would welcome a real discussion of the real issues in order that might be better pointed out.

I have this theory. You guys are scared to death the Democrats are going to be big winners of this next election, and you're desperate for anything to derail the Democrats. I have bad news for you. Whichever party wins the white house is going to be irrelevant in the face of an increased Democratic majority in the Congress.

Even my favorite Dem lady, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, is favored now to win re-election. She is the only one who has been considered to be in danger of losing her seat among Democrat Senators. If she does lose, she will probably be the only one, and the Dems will more than make up for her loss.

Instead of doing stupid shit to try to limit the damage, you guys spend your time engaging in bullshit irrelevant crap on behalf of a RINO candidate that will stab you in the back the first chance he gets and make sure he twists the blade real good as he drags it out.

Do you really think the media is going to take it as easy on McCain as they have been once the general election starts up? They are going to skewer that guy so bad I would almost feel sorry for him if he didn't deserve every single bit of it.

Ducky's here said...

Oh please tell me that douchebag Mary Landrieu is getting tossed.

Warren said...

Z, no I don't think so.

I remember reading somewhere that a Roman politician, in the time of Constantine, paid a Nubian boy to pretend that he was his rivals child. Through the years, owners of Newspapers have endorsed politicians and spread rumors about their opponents. Lies and whispering campaigns are nothing new.

The only thing new is that they are easier to expose for what they are.

In the age of the Internet, we are truly "all" fact checkers.

Warren said...

"These bullshit issues are ALMOST ALL YOU EVER HEAR ABOUT!"

Perhaps if you tried listening instead ranting you could hear something.

Obama is just another lying politician that has a predilection for racists and terrorists. Hilary is a Clinton. Its all about wealth and power.

Either will say or do whatever is necessary to win. There are no problems they will solve. They will take credit for anything favorable and blame someone else for everything that goes wrong.

All the rest is window dressing.

I have a theory, you "guys" need to grow up.

Someone needs to be the adult and that's "our" job.

The government cannot "give" you anything it didn't take from someone else, (the government produces nothing). A poor man will never give you a job but your employer will lay you off if he can't afford to pay you because his taxes went up.

Enjoy your Democrat congress and wonder how they all retire so wealthy while the country goes down the tubes.

Beamish said...


Your assessment is incorrect.

"Hope" and "Change" aren't substance. "Yes we can!" is hardly an intellectual tour de force.

And the guy that types up speeches for Obama's teleprompter has already distanced himself from the speech on race that was supposed to one day be regarded as a watershed moment in American politics.

Took less than a month.

If Democrats wanted the White House, they wouldn't be running Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

The Pagan Temple said...


Mary Landrieu is the only Democratic Senator who is considered in danger of losing her seat, and here lately, even she is favored, though only slightly, to retain her seat.

I wish she would have run for President instead of Hillary. Hillary's only qualification is she is the wife of a former President. Big whoop. I like Landrieu because she is genuinely what Hillary is trying to pretend to be-a moderate.


"Perhaps if you tried listening instead ranting you could hear something."

So now I'm the one doing the ranting? All I hear is ranting and bullshit, about bullshit issues.

"I have a theory, you "guys" need to grow up."

"Someone needs to be the adult and that's "our" job"

You might want to think about taking a refresher course in Maturity 101.

"Enjoy your Democrat congress and wonder how they all retire so wealthy while the country goes down the tubes."

I don't want a Democratic Congress. I don't want a Democratic President either, at least not the options that are on the table now. But either one of them even are better than McCain.

Get it through your head. There is going to be a greater Democratic majority after the 2008 elections. You can take that to the bank.

Here's another thing you can take to the bank. If McCain wins in 2008-which I concede is entirely possible-then the off-year 2010 congressional elections are going to see an even BIGGER Democratic congressional majority.

If Obama or Hillary wins, by contrast, there will be Republican gains in 2010-possibly even a Republican takeover of one or both houses of Congress.

If McCain wins, you can kiss that prospect bye bye.

But hey, never mind all that, keep promoting all these bullshit issues and see where it gets you. Yeah, people are pissed off about the war, people are pissed off about the price of oil and gas, people are pissed off about all kinds of things they mostly blame the Republican Administration for, but they are going to vote for McCain because Obama won't wear a flag pin.

Do you realize how stupid that sounds?


No my assessment is not incorrect. The problem here is, if you would just be big enough to admit it, is the Republican Party doesn't have anything to run on, so they are bringing out the old tried and true bullshit recycled issues that have nothing to do with the price of eggs in China that we'll probably be importing someday soon.

Warren said...

"So now I'm the one doing the ranting? All I hear is ranting and bullshit, about bullshit issues."

Yes, you're doing the ranting. I don't hear anyone else carrying on about a flag pin but you, although it makes you wonder given his "friend and spiritual adviser" screams "God Damn America" from the pulpit and speaks of "the US of KKK" and his buddy William Ayers is a self-admitted terrorist that escaped prosecution on a technicality and wishes he had did more bombings etc. Lets not forget that both Obama and his wife are millionaires and educated at schools that would never accept you no matter what your qualifications are, and still somehow, they consider themselves "oppressed".

Its called an attitude of entitlement.

Something else you don't seem to know is that Obama plans to raise the capital gains tax, self-admittedly, realizing that it will mean a net drop in tax revenues and stagnate economic growth. Why? Because, to paraphrase, "its only fair to tax the wealthy more."

National Journal Magazine calls Obama's voting record in 2007 the most Liberal in the Senate.

Obama avoids tough questions like the plague. At a Texas news conference where he had come under tough questioning about influence peddler Tony Rezko he ducked out with a "Guys, I mean come on. I just answered like eight questions.""

WOW! Eight whole questions, I wonder where he found the time.

All that is out there, you just don't choose to hear it. Instead you choose to blast people that are paying attention.

"You might want to think about taking a refresher course in Maturity 101."

Are you going to cry now?

"Get it through your head. There is going to be a greater Democratic majority after the 2008 elections. You can take that to the bank."

Yea, that's exactly what I need to do, listen to someone who states the obvious like its some kind of fucking revelation.

I'm not a Republican I'm a libertarian conservative. Merely being a Republican won't get my approval.

You're speaking to people that have been talking about this abortion of an election cycle since way before the 2006 elections and I remember very few favorable words about McCain during that whole period of time.

The Republican party quit listening to its base and now it will pay.

Unfortunately, we will all pay.

Obama will have the nomination. The Democrats can't afford to piss off their black base.

He will lose, (see George McGovern)

The Pagan Temple said...


My bitch is with the media. They are the ones that promote these bullshit issues. The pundit class promotes them and political spin doctors take them and run with them.

I'm not exactly an Obama supporter. I don't plan on voting in this next election. I might not ever vote again.

My point is the media should concentrate on real issues. If they want to toss in some of this other stuff from time to time, that's fine. Obama's associations are a legitimate topic.

So is Hillary's "mistake" about sniper fire.

Still, this kind of stuff, while valid, should at least share space with revelations of the candidates actual stands on the issues.

I bet most people that vote couldn't tell you squat about where they stand on most issues. All they know is Obama and Hillary are Democrats, and "liberals", but for the most part all they know about Obama is Wright, and to a lesser extent Ayers.

The reason the flag pin pisses me off so much is because this was an actual question in the nationally televised ABC debates. Something like that doesn't deserve that much air time.

In the meantime, like I said, if McCain wins, more than likely he is going to cause the Democrats to gain not only a veto-proof majority in 2010, but very likely a filibuster proof majority as well.

I might be wrong, but it's very rarely that the party of the President fails to lose seats in an off-year election, even during the best of times. It is very rare that the party fo the President gains seats, though it has happened.

Historically, though, the reverse is the case. Since the Democrats are undoubtedly going to have a substantial majority in both houses after the 2008 elections to begin with, you do the math.

I'm trying to look at the big, long-term picture here.

Z said...

Warren, you hearing now Obama's a reparations fan?
I'm starting to think that, should he get elected (and I don't think he will anymore...I could think that, but I can't risk going insane right now, I'm real busy!)...should he get elected, with a Dem congress, and all Obama and his wife would like to do, America might NEVER dig herself out of debt and ignominy......

uhoh..the insanity's coming on me again..I have to go. geeeZ

The Pagan Temple said...

From what I've been hearing lately, McCain might well be a "reparations fan" as well. That is going by the looks of his recent reversal on "comprehensivwe immigration reform", and his recent outreach via Juan Hernandez to folks like "LaRaza" (The Race) who are proponents of Aztlan.

If his immigration reform, so-called, is what I think it amounts to, that would result in a kind of reparations to Mexican citizens for the way we "stole" the American Southwest from those poor Mexicans. You know, the descendants of whom are here to do all the drug smuggling, murdering, and raping Americans won't do.

I don't believe in any kind of reparations, but at least the ones Obama favors are for actual American citizens. That of course is even assuming that it's true to begin with. What with some of the other crap I've heard about Obama lately, I have serious doubts.

Until I hear it with my own two ears, I think I'll put it on the same level as the rumors that he's a "secret Muslim" and similar bullshit.

Even if it's true he's still heads and shoulders better than McShamnesty, even if he believes the same things about comprehensive immigration reform. At least he's got enough integrity to be in the appropriate party for holding such beliefs.

Warren said...

First let me apologize for taking a harsh tone with you, I misunderstood what you were saying and I have a very low tolerance for leftist trolls.

Z and PT
The only think I can find that Obama said about reparations is "I oppose just signing checks over to African-Americans.”

That's a statement that just screams for parsing.

I would assume that he would be for setting up government agencies, projects and benefit solely for the benefit of "African-Americans."

We do know that Wright and several other of Obama's fellow travelers are considered at the forefront of the reparations movement. We also know that these people support him as though they believe that he does.

The Pagan Temple said...


No harm done, I was kind of strident myself.

I have a theory about the reparations movement. It's a way to bring welfare back to early mid-1990's level, under a different name. It was right after the welfare reform in the mid-nineties that reparations started to become much of an issue.

As for Wright, I doubt that he really supports Obama any more. I think they've had a serious falling out.

I don't think people like Wright care for the idea of a black president. They want blacks in leadership positions to agitate on behalf of them, but they know that a black president can't afford to advocate solely on their behalf like a liberal white politician does at times. It would amount to political suicide.

Guys like Wright, Sharpton, etc., would be diminished under a black presidency.

They can threaten and cajole a white politician by threatening to withhold their support. With a black president it would not be so easy to follow through on such threats because the majority of blacks might not be so willing to listen to them.

Besides, if Obama wins, how can they legitimately say America is a racist nation? I'm sure they would try to find a way, but it's pretty obvious such a scenario doesn't fit into their basic game plan.

Warren said...

Repratations represent many things to different groups, (ie the race hustlers, leftist politicians, blacks in general.)

None of them are good.