Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More media hypocrisy

The Catholic Church was held accountable for the actions of its employees sexual abuse of children.
The media was all over the story and necessary reform were made.

Where is the outrage when UN employees have been found guilty of sexual abuse of children? Have the people who claim the UN is the moral authority of the planet lifted a finger? Similarly, where was the outrage when story after story of teacher misconduct including inappropriate relationships with students are reported.


Wile E. Quixote said...

The outrage is out there. The problem is that most people don't report the abuses for fear of any repercussions that may occur afterwards. But at least in the circle of friends I'm in, there is plenty of outrage. Whether it be the current scandal involving the so-called "aid workers", the Catholic church, or teachers who take advantage of their students. There is no excuse for these "human beings" and they must be held accountable for their actions. I guess I'm missing your point about the lack of outrage, as I see it everywhere and with everyone I'm associated with.

Anonymous said...

AWOL... along with every sense of liberal morality and decency.

Ducky's here said...

Completely off topic: the new Indiana Jones really stinks. I really wanted to enjoy it and there were some elements that could have worked very nicely, the 50's shtick, the reunion with Karen Allen, Kate Blanchett doing a turn as "Stalin's fair haired girl" (very funny with her sword) but the script fails and they can't wait to get to the next special effect.

I smell Lucas in all this since story development generally bores him.

I'm getting tired of all these special effects with the back projection that looks like they mismatched the film stocks. Tougher to do when it's all digital. Looks like the mismatches in Rossellini's "Open City" but he had an excuse. He had to scavenge his film since the Nazis hadn't completely evacuated Rome. Ah, the days when people made real films.

"Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull"? Avoid, it becomes deadly boring and it's unfortunate since the elements of a fun adventure were there.

roman said...

Transnational organizations, like the UN, are somewhat out of the reach of established norms of behavior. They answer to no one.
Like the food for oil scandal, they claim to regulate themselves but all we get is endless babble about "internal investigations" that ultimately fizzle out and perpetrators of crime walk away.