Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Purpose of This Blog

This blog exists for the fun and entertainment of my extended blog family including the Duck. A an earlier time we operated in the infotainment model and were quite good at it. When we were in that mode it attracted a series of cyber criminals who were jealous of a winning formula.

We were spammed by Ren's ally John Brown/ LWB daily. We also had a mentally deranged Israeli psycho also attempt criminal blackmail with a gender confused Dane from Tredington. The blog changed format to a less interactive site that caters to a group of friends. We do not seek mass readership.Moreover, commies who cry about tough responses need to look at the criminal behavior in their own ranks.

Ren has made some absurd claims. He can not claim that his children were threatened. He can not claim a parody site was set up calling him a pedophile. He has never seen actual spam. These are all actions done by his allies.

There is his claim that this blog takes no positions. In fact it speaks eloquently to its readers in a very clear manner. Communists may not like the message but we could care less what communists think, if they think at all. This blog does not exist for commies to feel good. They may express themselves before having their collective asses kicked. We do not indulge their rationalizations of genocide or treason. In fact even the Duck has never attempted such foolishness, but then he is reality based unlike Ren who will say anything no matter how far fetched.

An American Jewish patriot should look at communists the same way a Black man looks at the KKK. The rhetoric of communists towards Jews is indistinguishable from that of Nazis and one can lift comments from the comment section of Renegade Eye and Stormfront and notice no difference except the MFL and Gambone are incoherent.

Sorry, but if the commies think I will not fight back they are dead wrong.

Beamish in 08

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