Friday, May 23, 2008

The Hagee non issue

The folks on the left have been looking for a Pastor Wright bit in McCain's camp. The charges are absurd and there is no comparison. Wright was Obama's personal clergyman and Hagee has no similar personal connections.

Moreover, his comments were at worst boneheaded. Some of the very same crtics of Hagee defend Norman Finkelstein who is the world's foremost anti-semite. Hagee does not work with Holocausts deniers and visit Hezbollah regularly like Finkelstein. Finkelstein seem to be the only communist Pariah in Chicago with no Obama connection.

The media has an absurd standard on Jews. People like Hagee or Coulter get every utterance placed under intense scrutiny. The media placed Cindy Sheehan's anti semitic remarks under no scrutiny. After 9-11 Fallwell made goofy remarks blaming gays for 9-11 and was castigated for days. A few thousand commies held a Nuremberg style rally while the buildings were still smoldering and blamed the Joooos and there was no coverage. The media will rarely point out
the communist leadership of so called Peace activists.


Always On Watch said...

From McCain, I've seen no indication that he has even an elementary understanding of Christian spriritual matters. Maybe I missed any such statement.

Anyway, McCain's "relationship" with Hagee seems to me to have been pandering for a certain voting block.

Is Obama's relationship with Wright pandering for votes? To a certain extent, yes. Nevertheless, as I see it, Obama's longterm relationship with Wright indicates that the relationship has been based on ideological commonality. Surely, surely, over all those years as a member of Trinity UCC, Obama knew full well Wright's position on several matters.

I've read that Michelle Obama's thesis paper in college supported black separationism. Her anger toward America surely is a topic discussed in the Obama home. Nobody could possibly be as angry as Michelle Obama and not discuss her feelings at home.

Ducky's here said...

"Moreover, his comments were at worst boneheaded."

No Beaker, his comments on the Roman Catholic Church represent bigotry of a type that is thoroughly permissible on the right wing.

Look no further than Beamish who has been strangely absent. He reaches a level of bigotry you can only dream of.

I do notice that in true fashion you only mention Hagee's comments about Jews as if that is the only standard of bigotry. Hagee's demented eschatology your cup of tea?

Beamish said...


I'm not bigoted against Catholics. Worship all the Mary-shaped stains on your bathroom floor you want.

Just don't confuse Catholicism with Christianity.

Warren said...

Why the hell would you care about Anti-Catholic comments anyway. Idiots like you are the main cause of them. You seem to think the RCC is just a social club for commies and other retards. You routinely disparage its teachings and the Pope.

I doubt sincerely that you have ever read the catechism, or if you attempted to, you have nil understanding of what is written there.

Beamish said...


The editors of the Vatican's newspaper blamed the Israeli-Psuedostinian conflict for the Beslan massacre in Russia. Ducky's probably not too far off the mark thinking "the RCC is just a social club for commies and other retards."

I have trouble not thinking that myself.