Friday, May 02, 2008

Beakerkin's May Day Salute to Communist Insanity

The Mayday award for Communist insanity goes to self proclaimed Trotskyite Renegade Eye. Ren
speculates that this author get sexual stimulation by placing plungers in rectums. Ren seems quite familiar with this activity and this is a case of TMI.

The lame brained apologist for a war criminal with a record on a par with Saddam is making a Louima reference. Louima was sodomized by a rouge cop who was very severely punished. Louima was compensated in spite of his perjury. It seems the oft quoted "Guliani time" was a total fabrication.

The victims of Trotsky suffered a far worse fates than a plunger in the rectum and they frequently died. Leave it for a commie to miss the obvious blatant comparison.

I am fairly certain Rob Bayn and Justin will lampoon me being called a sexual deviant. My alleged deviancy goes way beyond any homophobic nonsense they endure. Lets see an advocate of class genocide, treason and property theft calls me a sexual deviant...... I must have some skewed priorities because this is inane.

"Scratch a terrorist and you will get a reformer" Ren
"Scratch a Communist and you smell moral and mental rot" Beakerkin


Ducky's here said...

That's right, Beak. Only a bunch of fascist cops stand between you and your "fear of the dark".

Ducky's here said...

Beak, bad news at the Harvard Film Archive.

May looks like Commie month. First they start off with some obscure Godard (can't wait) and they are also screening Chris Marker's "Grin without a Cat".
Jane Fonda in Godard's "Tout Va Bien" (actually a rather weak film but totally Commie).
Several of Louis Garel's Commie films including his version of the '68 Paris riots.

They follow that monstrosity with a series of little known noir. Stuff by John Berry, Jacques Tourneur, Cy Endfield and other BLACKLISTED COMMIES.
They look great. One stars Aldo Ray and Anne Bancroft. Can't miss that. Couple with John Garfield, Peter Lorre, Claire Trevor ... those COMMIES knew how to make a good picture.

Warren said...

Actually Dumpy, only a bunch of fascist cops stand between you and your fear of being forced to take your meds.

Beamish said...

those COMMIES knew how to make a good picture.

Which is why the majority of the minority of people who will actually watch these dusted off "classics" won't remember jack shit about them the next day.