Thursday, May 29, 2008

Renegade Eye's Anti Semitism The Smoking Gun

There are many of you who seem to question my view that Renegade Eye is in fact a rabid anti-semite. They point to some obscure biological tie and say that Ren is Jewish. Communism makes all ties to citizenship and ethnicity irrelevant. In this comment Ren pisses on any Jewish relatives in the name of so called Communist authenticity.

Communists are not Jews, Indians, Americans or English. They are a death worshiping cult that should have been treated as a form of mental illness. All statements by communists should be treated as sewage.

"Beakerkin: While your comrades were volunteering to march in the Nazi Army, Jews were dying in the gas chambers. Zionists hate Jews. They are willing to sacrafice them for Zionist utopia. They never fight anti-semitism."

1)I do not have comrades. I have friends and people who agree with me some of the time like Mr B, AOW and so forth. Communists need to stop describing me in their terms. They do not apply to normal people.

I am not part of any movement. I am an individual and an American. These are concepts Commies are clueless about as they are domestic animals by nature.

2) Am I a Zionist. According to Jaded Zionist and his band of insane Kahanists no. If one defines Zionism as support for a Jewish State on its historic home than I proudly call myself a Zionist. Moreover, if support for Israel as a Jewish state in the historic home of the Jewish people makes one a Zionist than people as diverse as AOW, CB, Sonia, Jason Pappas, Warren and Dr Yeagley all of whom are not Jewish are Zionists.

3) The standard Jews helped Zionism canard is cliche left wing anti-semitism. This is amazing considering the actual overwhelming record of Communists working with Nazis. One would have to ignore pacts to divide Poland as well as Commie support in the USA for the Nazi - Soviet pact
until the Nazis double crossed their allies.

I consider Nazism and Communism to be equally morally evil.

4) My relatives proudly fought Poland despite being treated poorly as Jews. Among my relatives
my Grandfather and several Uncles served in the Polish Army. At the local level Jews who practiced the religion or were disinterested often viewed Communists as traitors even in the 1920's. Communists paint a fiction of liberating peasants, but in actuality they were viewed as a greater menace than the usual menaces that accompanied Jewish life.

5) Zionists do not have Utopian visions. They are a national liberation movement seeking a jewish homeland in its historic location. Zionism from its inception was viewed as a competitor by Communists. At one point it certainly did have a leftist labor element. Sadly this leftist labor element was unable to sever itself from Communists at times to its detriment. Communists have
always had a collective paranoia about Zionism. Ren's attitude is in line with historic communist practices such as show trials where Jews were put to death on Communist paranoid delusions about Jews.

6) Zionists hate Jews. This must be amusing to Jaded Zionist and all his nutty Kahanist friends.
There are many things one can say about them but hating Jews in general is not one of them. the only Jew hated by that crowd is me, because I ridicule Kahanism.

This comment comes from someone who terms Hezbollah and Hamas as "reformist". This person also freely associates with actual Nazis (LWB/John Brown) who has called all American Jews who support Israel "traitors" and claims Israel had prior warning of 9-11". This commenter
is also called anti semitic by CB, Jams and Sonia who almost never use those terms at all. Moreover, Ren has been on record supporting the planets foremost anti semite Maoist Prof Norman Finkelstein.

7) They never fight anti semitism

I fight anti semitism where I see it. A Jewish American should view communists in the same manner that a Black man views the KKK. Communists have lynched Jews and continue to stoke populist anti semitism.

One can find the Protocols of the Elders of Zion 3.0 on Ren's blog with the words Neocon and Zionist neatly substituted for Jew. Ren will hold up some relatives while collectively pissing on them to demonstrate revolutionary authenticity. Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein and many others have made lucrative careers with almost no work in a similar scam. One could borrow a phrase from Maoist Finky and call it "The Communist Anti Semitic Populist Hustle Industry.


Ducky's here said...

This stuff is boring, Beak. Why not do an article on the pressing issues of our age like Rachel Ray wearing a keffiyah and getting thrown of TV because the American diaper pissers can't handle it?

My keffiyah is blue.

Beamish said...

It's quotes from Ren like that one that make it virtually impossible to argue against my hypothesis that leftists are in fact incapable of rational thought.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Off topic ~ sorry.

Duck, the Keffeyeh is symbolic with murder. Any non-Muslim who wears one is either ignorant of the symbolism or they support its ideals.

With that I am happy to report that Dunkin' Donuts, due to pressure from the public (i.e. patriotic Americans who are aware of the background of the Keffeyeh) they removed the ad with Rachel Ray sporting her terrorist scarf.

Always On Watch said...

Infidel blue?

The Merry Widow said...

AOW-He wouldn't DARE wear one in mohammadin/jihadi green!
And I wouldn't be caught dead in one, period.


Ducky's here said...

Well mw, mine isn't red (wahabist) but I do find the whole thing pretty humorous. It's a very efficient item of clothing.

It can act as a dust filter, and looks like a balaclava when I use it for that.

Yank, pull, flip, you're not as dusty as you would be otherwise.

That and sun protection is all those variant pieces of cloth are for, why make a big deal out of it? I've seen 1000's of troops and TCN's using all possible variants thereof, so I don't get it. She should have showed some pictures and claimed she was supporting the troops.

Ducky's here said...

Steve, check out Malkin and that's a red one, wahabist.

Then we have Candidate McCheese's daughter who wears them all the time.

I'm surprised that disgusting 85 I.Q. cooze, Michelle Malkin, didn't blow the whistle on Candidate McCheese.

Ducky's here said...

Steve --- Mention donuts to any American and the first thing they think of is fat cops, so if you suspect your target audience is the kind of lazy cop who arrests people for little more than being the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood, maybe you would want her to lose the scarf.

Kari said...

Rachel Ray should be arrested for making recipes for dogs that contain avacadoes, which are POISONOUS to dogs.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass, (living up to the name again), said:
"Yank, pull, flip, you're not as dusty as you would be otherwise."

And another, yank, pull and "flip" and you can wipe your ass with it then suck on the end to freshen 'your' breath.

Renegade Eye said...

Ten comments and nobody agreed with you.

beakerkin said...


Mr B commented on Sonia's site where your remarks were made.

The fact that we allowed you to comment is proof that we have nothing to hide. Even CB has noted you allow Jew Baiting on your site.

MZ has rescue fantasies and is soft
on your real record. I am not burdened by similar utopian delusions. Real Jews viewed your kind as traitors and if you ask survivors who the capos were you might not like the answer.

The comment stands on its own.