Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random shot of Life

Recently, there was news that yet another meat packing plant was caught using illegal labor. This
has been a serious problem within this particular industry. However, this time it was a kosher facility and some local anti-semites are once again playing up the Joooo angle.

I want to point out that I am 100% for penalizing the owners of this company or any other that knowingly hire illegal labor. Are the rest of us ready to demand companies hire legal labor?

Interestingly, that kosher plant for better or worse is the largest employer in that section of Northern Iowa. I will not be buying anything from that company any time soon.

On a personal matter I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of an Israeli supermarket.I went out of my way to buy Israeli products and some of them are interesting. New York pickles made in the lower East side are the best. However, the Israelis have an interesting type that is good for a change of pace. I purchased around $100 of assorted items from Israel. I paid a premium for the items but fresh bakery products are a different animal. Oddly, the storekeeper knew who I was because my parents shop there. I never did find the odd Israeli mammoth bagels that my father enjoys.

I took the day off as the work load was light and I have an abundance of vacation time. I went to
the local kosher butcher and got some chicken to toss on the barbecue. I did kick back catch some rest and enjoy parts of a book. Life is too short not to enjoy a day or two here and there.

I will be traveling to the Bronx Zoo next month to see the two exhibits I missed while I was away in VT. Tiger Mountain opened while I was away. I also want to see the new Madagascar exhibit.

One of the joys of being me is that I am clueless. Being clueless about social matters does help one stay out of trouble. I was asked to accompany a coworker to a charity event. Being that I am clueless I paid for the tickets, not thinking I had to show up..... You may fill in whatever blanks you wish. I am not a dinner/dancing type and I prefer to eat by myself. A friend of mine got in very serious trouble for dating a coworker. He was fortunate just to get a reprimand. I will not tempt fate. For whatever reason I am subjected to the strictest interpretation of whatever rules
are in place. It would be nice if the rules were applied to everyone, but it goes with being me.


The Merry Widow said...

It's your name, I am convinced of that! A boy I know, with the same name, has the same problems!
All he has to do is show up and he's in trouble!
Poor guy almost got expelled for an innocent comment...even the school board was outraged that it got that far!
It's all about your name...
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

Smart move on the tickets!

Jungle Mom said...

Glad you had an opportunity to kick back, you deserve it!

Always On Watch said...

I am 100% for penalizing the owners of this company or any other that knowingly hire illegal labor.

Hear, hear!

As far as I can tell, such a step is imperative to controlling illegal invaders.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, the kosher plants in Iowa have been in the news as employers of illegals for years. This isn't even news.

Areas of Iowa have larger kosher populations than parts of the Bronx.