Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Looney Left and Hezbollah

The far left's embrace of the narconazi terrorists of Hezbollah shows how bankrupt they are. The goal of the left has been to co-opt the Muslim anti-semitism. The far left Trotskyites are weak and numerically insignificant thus they use the tactic of entryism to multiply their ranks.

Hezbollah since its inception has been heavily involved in the drug trade. This is also practiced by FARC who are supported Chavez. Commies pretend to care about the inner city while rationalizing
the narcotics trade of groups they support.

Once again commies have turned a blind eye to the creation of a state within a state in Lebanon.
Commies feigned ignorance at the butchery of Arafat in Lebanon and now do the same toward a Hezbollah defacto state.

Hezbollah is a foreign creation that employs foreign advisers and is a Iranian creation. Has the far left said a word about Iranian colonialism? No. The patron saints of far left anti semitism Norman Finkola and Noam Chimpanzee have endorsed Hezbollah many times.

The moral of the story is commies have no morals. Every utterance of communists should be viewed as opportunism.

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