Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Freedom of Speech and this Blog

I am glad the Trotskyite vermin Retrograde Eye notices that we allow freedom of speech on this site. It is very hard to get banned on this site. One has to spam the site or engage in criminal behavior to get banned here.

The official banned list

1) John Brown/LWB we do not find spam or threats to children amusing. Spam is printing the same comment hundreds of times so we do not consider contrary views spam.
2) Greg/Eitan Criminal behavior
3) Gert Snaglepuss Criminal behavior.
4) Uptown Steve If you make a bet and promise to leave we hold you to it.
5) Socrates We do not put up with multiple aliases.

Do note that the Duck is welcome here despite his odious views, especially on the artistic value of caligraphy. The Duck is also not a one trick pony who dreams of being a Lunchroom Lenin. The Duck and I could discuss plenty of non political crap that would be very interesting. One of these days we will have to pick an obscure film on TBS and hold a thread on it afterwards.

The point is that although the Duck has some odious political views he is clearly a well rounded person and not a souless political hack. The difference between the Duck and yourself is the difference between a human and a cartoon. The Duck has some dreadful ideas, but has never lost his humanity.

Moreover, commies seem to cry about being on topic only when they are getting their asses kicked.


Jungle Mom said...

Anyone who can go by "Ducky" can't be all bad!

Z said...

Ducky and I have sparred since FPM, but I'd never say he's mean or stupid, that's for sure.

I like the film idea. Let us know. take care, Beak.

Beamish said...


If I may offer some criticism, I think you spend too much time defending yourself from critics.


Rob said...

TBS has some good films from time to time. Last weekend they had "Castaway" and "Forrest Gump", two of my all time favorites from Tom Hanks.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

That is a valid critique. However, in this it is amusing as commies themselves point to their own inferiority.

We have no need to censor the Duck or anyone else. We even allow remarks that are 100% attacks.

The paranoid Renegade Eye frequently goes off the deep. Recently, he tossed a dangerous psycho under the bus to get back at me. I make a typo in a comment and he is off into grassy knoll tin foil hat lunacy. He is lucky that Greg is too dumb to figure out that
Ren sold him out. In the middle of
his delusions Ren states " I wonder
what the Duck thinks???" This must be some sort of Duck envy on the part of a Trotskyite goon who has never had a rational thought in his life.

Along the madness Ren has speculated that yours truly has killed. A lunatic who worships a war criminal (Trotsky) as a cheap version of a demented Communist Christ figure speculates someone else is a killer. In the demented mind of Ren Trotsky died for the sins of Communism. In actuality his
death was more akin to a mafia hit
carried out by a more powerful family.

The deranged Ren even delves into some odd and disgusting psychosexual idiocy that my sexual
proclivity is shoving plungers in rectums. This is not unusual as commie 167 also made some strange remarks about his critics being pedophiles. Commies are not reality
based in any description.


I did like Forrest Gump. The part where Gump kicks commie ass is a classic. After Gump kicks commie ass the line said by the communist is a classic. "I did it because of the war and all..." Commies frequently blame their crimes that
had nothing to do with Vietnam on the war. In this case a flee bitten
commie turd beats his girlfriend and then blames it on Vietnam.

Rob said...

My favorite Moment in that movie was when Forrest tells the President "I gotta Pee".