Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Normal bigotry and calculated ones

I want to point out that 90% of bigotry is ignorance. Most of the garbage spread about Jews, Gays, Blacks is spread by people who have no contact with those groups. It is hard to be a bigot in NYC as it is neither acceptable or practical.

The exception to the above are the political cults of bigotry. As a commie one does get to say the most absurd nonsense with regularity. The comments of Troutsky are quite illistrative. Troutsky,writes an entire post on a newspaper he has not bothered to read, the NY Sun. His comments are a standard commie rehash that Jews own the media. His argument is that since the paper loses money and is pro Israel it has no right to exist.

This is quite amusing material comming from commies whose publications have always lost money.Frequently these publications were subsidized by hostile foreign governments. Moreover, the scorn of commies for any point of view that does not march to Marx is quite apparent. We regularly see temper tantrums about Fox News, Talk Radio and now the NY Sun.
The far left does not want the consumer to have choice. This is also amusing as these same civil liberterians defend Chavez's theft of TV stations that oppose his meglomania.

Communist bigotry is elitist and calculated and quite different from normal bigotry. Take the comments of Graeme who has decided that Venezuelan Indians are not clean. This was quite amusing to Junglemom who has spent years of her life serving that very community. Has Graeme spent the time and met the people he describes in elitist tones, er no... His description is part of the overall communist naritive about Indians.

Even the most pro America types freely admit the historic wrongs done to native Americans and Blacks. To do any less would place us in the realm of Holocaust deniers. Thus when we discuss it was as world wide norm from the dawn of man that was wrong. The ending of a world wide evil
largely as a Christian movement is the great triumph of Western Civ. On another blog Ren rationalizes the butchery of Indians by the Sandanistas in recent history as a misunderstanding.
A similar description of American history would be trashed by the same commies. We would never tolerate such idiocy about Jews, Armenians and other victims of genocide.

The antisemitism is quite calculated in the commnist cult. Antisemitism and anti Americanism are the common grounds that link commies in the grand alliance with jihadis and Nazis. The recent comments about pipe dream class revolutions are quite humorous reading. Oddly a communist state replacing Israel would bring peace to the region. The peace would be caused by
the flood of people wishing to flee moronic Marxists. Create a workers paradise and the workers flee with regularity.

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Ducky's here said...

"The far left does not want the consumer to have choice."

Please stop, Beak. What most on the left want is a left voice in the popular media.

Now I'm not sure why someone like Soros doesn't just go and by a paper to compete with Rupert Murdoch or the Reverend Moon's "Washington Times" or Likud's "New York Sun" but it hasn't happened.

If you want a leftist view these days you have to go to periodicals like New York Review of Books