Monday, May 26, 2008

When homosexuality hits home

One of the problems with todays sex education is the messages that it sends our young people. Thus rather than teaching respect the message is try it and see if its your thing.

Imagine my surprise when a relative announced they were bisexual. I still have the same feelings
for this relative. This relative knows the crap I put up with as your average heterosexual guy and gets why we are crabby. On a practical level the love and acceptance we previously had remains the same.

My life has not been changed by this disclosure. It would have been better if it were unspoken, but that is passe in a hypersexualized society that we live in.

On a scale of one to ten this barely rates a one.


Z said...

YOu are SO right with that part about respect and 'trying it' instead. Man, Beaker, you just so 'get it'.....
I wonder if we can ever escape the hypersexualized society we're in...I'm tired of country stars singing about Viagra to me.

Elmers Brother said...

it's when the singing stops Z that you should be concerned

Z said...

WHY??? You think viagara commercials are free speech?