Monday, May 26, 2008

From Toronto the Secret World of Polygamy

The reality is that this crime does occur in the USA Canada and elsewhere. This practice is confined to small communities and government will not go near it for obvious reasons.

The Bolsheviks in the MSM will present this as a Mormon problem. Mormons are White Christian
conservatives and their women are photogenic.

The media can find stories of Muslim polygamy in the USA with ease. The problem is they do not want to and it is easier for the government to ignore the law. On a practical level this would be breaking up homes and relationships. This is not what any government agent wishes to do.

On a practical level even the most personable officer will go after people with fake divorce certificates. The entire second relationship is predicated on fraud, so even if there are children in the second relationship the marriage is fraudulent.

Part of the problem in Canada or New York is a social workers paralysis. We want people in need of medical care to get it. We want children to go to school. We want crime victims to report the crimes. All of the above will see and ignore polygamy in view of the larger goals.

The question is what would you do if you find it. Is breaking up families really optimal? Are we prepared to pay additional welfare costs? Are we prepared for the costs of denaturalization and deportation? Most of these cases involve a man creating a lie that causes adverse impact on the wives and children left behind. We are often penalizing wives and children for behaviors they may not be willing participants in.

Many questions have easy answers but this is not one of them.

What does one do if anything to the participants in a polygamous union? Whose interests are we
serving societies, the child's or someone else's? It is one thing to talk about theory but the real world is more complex.


The Pagan Temple said...

"White Christian
conservatives and their women are photogenic."

Photogenic? Compared to what. When, Halloween? The only Mormon polygamist women I've ever seen are homely, and this is on purpose. They dress unattractively in order to not encourage lust in men, ironically enough. Have you seen the way they dress, and the way they wear their hair?

Marie Osmond would not fit in with this crowd.

beakerkin said...

The ones selected for TV are usually attractive.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-They aren't flashy enough to catch the eye of our "modern" society's men. They prefer artificial.
Now, when they grow up(if they do), they may appreciate real.
There is one problem with the people of this flds group though, there IS inbreeding, and that shows!
As for families, :sigh:, too true. You are d%^&ed if you do and d%^&ed if you don't.
But the law is clear, bigamy is illegal in this country, and so is polygamy. Therefore the burden and responsibility for the illegality, heartbreak and dissolution of the families rests entirely on the perpetrators(sic, I haven't had my coffee yet).
To discourage such ILLEGAL activity will require the will to follow the law and the throwing the book at those who perpetuate the crime.
The best enforcement is deterence, and deterence is enhanced by coming down hard on those who do such things!
If you won't obey the law because you want to, a little encouragement through fear works.
There was surprisingly little crime in the old west, why? Because the consequences were carried out swiftly and completely! We have gotten away from the concept of crime not paying.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

Those who have left the FLDS sect have referred to it as a cult and as a cover-up for criminal activity: article about Kathy Nicholson

Our civil laws clearly state the position of monogamy. Those laws should not be eroded, IMO.

The Pagan Temple said...


These women are not "real". These women are throwbacks to a bygone age. Not only do they dress and act like old time pioneer women, they seem backwards. They aren't just unattractive, they are downright homely, but this is their intent.

It is meant to discourage lust or even common, innocent natural physical attraction. To them, sex outside marriage is a sin, and the only purpose for sex, even within the confines of a marriage, is for the bearing of children-evidently as many as they can possibly bear.

It is not phony for a man to be attracted to a good looking or beautiful woman, and one of the things that are the most attractive about a woman, or can be, is their hair. These women dress in such a way as to hide their natural shape, and to make their hair unattractive, they don't wear make-up, etc. Any way that can be thought of to enhance a women's personal appearance, they can be counted on to not only not pursue it, but to go in the completely opposite direction.

Their intent in doing so is to repel potential womanizers who might pursue them, both within and without the cult.

Nor are the men prizes. I feel sorry chiefly for the kids, but if there is no evidence of sex abuse on a widespread scale, they had no business taking them. I feel sorry for the children of a lot of bizzaro cults, but people should have the right to raise their children as they see fit, within certain clearly defined limits.

The polygamy charge is not as clear or as cut-and-dried as it might seem at first glance. Men of many if not most of these polygamist communities have just one wife. Their other wives are not their legitimate wives outside the cult. It is purely a religious marriage with no state sanction or recognition.

Yet, they live together as married, and are recognized as such by their communities, and are bound by those communities with the same ethical code as any other society would view a traditional marriage arrangement.

The Merry Widow said...

PT-Intent is there, it is in their writings and beliefs. I know concubinage isn't illegal in this country, but that still makes the children illegitimate. I know that no longer holds shame like it used to, but it doesn't change the fact.
Like I said, you can see the inbreeding when a group of the women is together, the mental capacity of the entire movement may have dropped a few points compared to outsiders. So they don't have total ability to change.
And don't you think that dumping those boys between 12 and 18 on the outside society(incapable of functioning due to ignorance, so they need to be taught) and asking them to handle living where they have been taught to fear...isn't that abusive of not only the rejected boys BUT ALSO OF THE OUTSIDE SOCIETY?
If they have families, they should be raising them, not strangers.
BUT then, the older men are eliminating competition from the younger! More fresh virgin 12-14 yr. olds for the grandfathers!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

Let's call this cult what it is, EVIL in it's beliefs and practices...