Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ted Kennedy Betrays The USA

In a development reported here earlier Ted Kennedy did actively seek to undermine the Reagan
admincistrations efforts in the Cold War. Copies of his correspondence to Andropov have been published. Many of you think that my talk of communist subversion and infiltration in the Democratic party is poetic license.

The actions of Ted "National Disgrace" Kennedy are hardly unique. Gomer Kerry and Tom "Fake Vietnam Vet" Harkin also were caught making similar type of efforts with the Sandinazis. The Sandinazis were butchering Indians with Helicopters and foreign mercenaries. Even to this day Commies still ignore the butchery of genuine indigenous people by the Sandinazis.

The crimes were so blatant even Mental Ward Churchill and Russel Means dropped their manifestos to fight. Commies like to talk about genuine American crimes against Indians over 100 years ago. However, when the crimes happen in the present they were agitating for the butchers. Oddly, Jeremiah Wright got this blatantly wrong in one of his rants. The Indian resistance was commonly known as Southern Contras.

The current Democratic party needs to be punished for its perfidity. A great start was the deserved heat that Barak Obama got for willingly associating with Bill Ayers. The only way for Americans to reclaim the Democratic party is to keep demanding the party distance itself from the Code Pinkos, Michael Moore and UPJ crowd. Oddly each time the party goes down to defeat
it never understands for every Code Pinko nut there are five people opposed to its idiocy.

Why is Ted Kennedy still sitting in the Senate after man slaughter, treason and decades of mediocrity. He is the ultimate example of the nepotism of the limo communist perfidity.


Z said...

SO?????? Will ANYTHING come of this? Byrd was a KKKer, Kennedy is a murderer and treasonous....anybody hear what happened to Wm Jeffers, finally? ANYBODY THERE?

Another "get out of jail free" card for ol' Teddy? Or will something be made of this? And if something IS made of Kennedy's consorting with the enemy, can we get Jimmuh Cart-duh then, too? ya think?

Beamish said...

The thing that surprises me most, given that the Democratic Party was formed 170+ years ago for the express purpose of destroying the United States of America, is that we don't hear about things like this more often.

Z said...'s a crime that this Kennedy case is OVER. See anything in the media? of course not. Imagine if he'd been a republican?