Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rethinking Nixon

Contrary to the far left stereotype the most self centered types are lefties. It is time for the Clintons to exit and write books. As with impeachment they survived but at a great cost to our nation. The example of the Clintons makes me ponder the life of Nixon.

Nixon's crimes were trivial in any comparison to that of Clinton. The Clinton crimes were both far more numerous and financial in nature. Nixon cared about his country and sought to spare it from the divisive battle that ensued.

Nixon knew he had made a drastic error. However, he spent the remainder of his life trying to atone for his error. He worked with each administration that followed as an ambassador. When Bill Clinton needed advice he reached out to Nixon, not Carter.

Carter's antics remind us of how great Nixon was out of office. Carter has been even worse as an ex-President than he was as President. He remains bitter over his dismal failure and has worked
at promoting himself even against the advice of the State Department.

Nixon's spirit reminds all of us that a mistake, albeit a bad one wasn't the end of the road. Nixon reached into his heart and spent the remainder of his life trying to help the country and to remove the legacy of his error. All of us fall down at times, but the strong among us get up off the floor and find ways to make up for our errors.


Anonymous said...

The hero Carter most reminds me of is "Achilles". He's a "bringer of grief", both to his enemies (as a Destroyer of Men) and his friends (as a rebellious self-absorbed legacy clown). It's a shame Carter didn't earn his legacy on the plains of Ilium.

Nixon was Odysseus! The gods loved him, and even after his fall from grace he still gave everything he had to ridding Ithaca of her false suitors.

Ducky's here said...

Formal relations with China, advances in women's rights, EPA ... Nixon was a moderate in many areas and wouldn't be welcomed by the knuckledraggers in today's Republican party.

Too bad he was such a paranoid.

kevin said...

Nixon was a moderate, but so is McCain, the guy who won the GOP nomination. Remember?