Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am an American

I say these words with love and pride. These are my thoughts as I carry out my duties each and every day. Unlike many I have the honor of serving that which I love each and every day.

My brothers and sisters are United by a common idea embodied in our founding documents. I swore an oath of allegiance to ave moved uphold those laws with pride. This is my joy and a great honor that those who fill a desk or merely exist can not understand.

I want to point out that Rob who is to the left is also an American. We may disagree about how we get to the best policy but we share common goals. The idea that we are a people United by the Constitution is common to genuine Americans. Real Americans say the term American with pride.

My brothers and sisters are from all races, religions and ethnic groups. Unlike the so called "internationalists" , we have moved past the petty race and ethnicities across the pond and formed a unique concept. Its origins are in the UK and our concepts are similar to that of Oz and Canada.

Our critics proudly proclaim themselves "internationalists". They save us the trouble of branding themselves Unamerican. They align with every enemy against America and rail "Don't you question my patriotism" or McCarthyism.

There are those of you out there who think that all our enemies are bug eyed suicide bombers.
Many of you have failed to see the destructive attempts by Commies who proudly call themselves "internationalists" to align with our enemies. The goal of commies is global hegemony as they seek to erase borders. They have a similar vision to their Islamic brothers who dream of the califate.

Americans do not need lectures from Eurosalonistas about internationalism as we live it each and every day. The US should disband NATO and let the Salonistas defend themselves from whatever imaginary threats they face. Any defense treaties should be bilateral and only granted if both parties agree to it. Why the Euros need the American taxpayer to subsidize their defense
remains a mystery. Just who are we defending it from? NATO is a big government relic that allows the Euros to pay a few nickels and try and dictate US foreign policy.

Those who rail against the US are utopian types seeking to rule over the unwashed masses as heirs to whatever utopian scam they push.

Americans do not need or want Utopian madness.

Let the commies go abroad to a US Consulate and declare themselves citizens of the world and depart for good.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Wasn't Ayn Rand a Utopian? Over the past few years I have observed a lot of bloggers admire her. Personally, I think she was a wackjob and I saw nothing interesting from her at all.

What's your say on Ayn Rand, Beak?

Z said...

I once saw a cartoon of the Statue of Liberty...the caption was "I said 'give me your huddled masses...NOT your befuddled asses!'"

beakerkin said...

Rand herself had some unusual quirks.
Her followers are mostly harmless and they are the true bane of Marxists everywhere.

I am a fan of balance of powers. No one segment of society should be too
powerful. I have always been for government regulation so long as it is neither ponderous nor breeds dependency.

Z you have that right

The Merry Widow said...

Z-Someone stuttered?
Steve-I tried to read "Atlas Shrugged", and quit before the first chapter...
Beaker-If anyone questions your patriotism, they need to be questioned!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

Good post! And the perfect tone for Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, beakerkin. You truly "get it".

Z said...

if they question Beak's patriotism, they need to be institutionalized.

Jungle Mom said...

From a true Patriot!!!