Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leftist Moonbatery

Just who is a Redneck anyway? According to commies the " working class " are the good working class rural types who are America's version of peasants. If you read the comments at Troutsky one will quickly notice the arrogance Commies have towards actual peasants.

How a poster deduces and talk radio hosts are rednecks is a true feat. Perh aps they are acknowledging that Limbaugh in their own words is more a man of the people than they ever will be. Why commies first say Limbaugh when the subject of their own bigotry is discussed is a mystery.

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Anonymous said...

Actually...I think the term redneck may have been derived from the concept that one who only "occassionally" comes out into the sunlight to labor, get's a sun-burn or red-neck.

It's kinda like saying that they're a neophyte.