Saturday, May 03, 2008

Red Ken tossed in London

Politics is a local concern especially in municipal elections. The bombastic Livingstone's defeat was most likely all about congestion pricing rather than his decades of idiocy. The moral of this story is you can act like a jerk for decades but when you mess with people's money it is over.


Z said...

The election results on local level yesterday were catastrophic for Browne and his party: Calculated up to national level, the Tories got 44%, the Liberal Democrats 24%, and Labour 24%....this is more than just Browne, I think.

This is a reaction to islam. (I hope)

Jungle Mom said...

Good riddance!

Beamish said...

More of that hatred of America and right-wing politicas that the left keeps warning us about.

London's new mayor is both conservative AND by birth, an American citizen.

Which begs the question:

Why does the left never talk about anything it knows?

Justin said...

The left does not talk about anything it knows because, that would require a reasoning thought process which they seem to be incapable of grasping.