Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reading The Forsaken at Work

I was very surprised at the reaction of some of my coworkers to the subject matter in the book the Forsaken. Many of us find it difficult to imagine a time when more people
emigrated from the United States than immigrated. In the depression people were lured by promises and lies told to them by Communist hacks. In the current economic climate
this history is ironic as Trotskyite clowns extol the virtues of Hugo's mess but are not stupid enough to move there.

The parts about communist stealing passports in the 1930's and altering them via photo substitution to admit spies is also interesting. This is still a problem today as passport theft and abuse still operates similarly. Perhaps the inclusion of biometrics will reduce this somewhat in the future, but criminals constantly find new ways to get around fool proof techniques all the time.

The question of what happens to a person who takes or is given foreign citizenship is somewhat relevant today.

I will do a full review of the book in the next few days. I did not really think of these points when I purchased the book.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bound to Happen

A group of racists planned to assassinate Obama. This is scary as it would result in the election of the idiot Joe Biden. Biden would be the stupidest person in the Senate if not for the incoherent Col Bernie Sanders.

Political violence against elected officials is always clearly wrong an unAmerican. It is generally the product of far left dementia like Lee Harvey Oswald a commie, Cozgloz an anarchist dimwit or one of the freaks from the manson family who tried to kill President Ford. Mental illness and political violence are not mutually exclusive except for Hinckley who was almost entirely insane without politics.

Syria is actually stupid enough to threaten retaliation. The idiot Assad regime may get its wish and then some. It has plenty of army bases that can be leveled. Obviously Assad is dumber than he looks and that is an achievement.
The statement about Obama's birth certificate from the state of Hawaii is how government works. Information regarding records is supposed to be private unless there is a compelling need to know. The question is who invaded the privacy of Joe the Plumber who is clearly a private citizen. This is far more serious crime than Plamegate who was never protected by the law and deserves punishment. A government employee who gives this type of information to the press should be terminated, lose their pension and be looking at serious jail time.

Some of you are wondering what Obama's crazy Socialist spending spree is going to cost. Expect huge tax raises and populist attacks on drug and insurance companies.
The cost of higher ed is also through the roof but do not expect Obama to say a peep
about Bolshevik featherbedding in higher ed.

I am seriously wondering if Front Page Magazine should do a story about outsourcing higher ed to India. What would ever happen if American parents learned their children could get a higher quality education in India without Marx and at a lower cost? American Universities would be forced to lower prices and change their hiring practices. A friend of mine is already sending his daughter to a University in Ireland and is saving thousands. Higher ed is already absurdly over priced and reading Chomsky and Marx does prepare you for life as a societal parasite. Every student should be required to take a business base, so they can get JOBS.

I am wondering about my own department. It is true that the pace of deportations in the Clinton years was higher than that of the Bush years. I did ask a few older officers why this happened and the pointed to a series of laws that were enacted late
in the Clinton years. Some had pointed to a less numbers oriented approach allowing officers to do their jobs without a bean counter talking about production.

I also want to address the previous Immigration Bill. Some of you ignored to good parts of the proposal to end Anchor babies and Brides and do a greater focus on vocational immigration. It may not be as easy to pass an immigration bill as commonly assumed. Congress will be listening to talk radio and in a recession this will be a very tough sell when jobs are scarce.

A word about Vermont. I lived in Staten Island not far from the land fill and can honestly say the smells from dairy farms are worse. Vermonters tell you that you get used to that horrible odor, but it is a lie. The mosquitoes are all over the place in much of the summer and a simple evening of reading the paper outdoor will result in
a series of nasty bites all over the place. Give me cockroaches and rats any day before those dreaded mosquitoes. As far as scenic beauty the best part of Vermont are the sections you are least likely to see with the exception of the amazing stretch of road on 108 in Smugglers Notch. The Northeast Kingdom is an amazing place especially
the rode along the very North. However, for some amazing scenery keep going to New Hampshire past Dixville Notch and into Maine. That stretch of road is impressive. If you are going up to Montreal take I-87 and enjoy the best scenery in the North East.
The series of cliffs, Mountains and lakes is far better than anything I saw in Vermont. A friend of mine in Kansas who is an old timer swears by a stretch of road along the source of the Hudson to Oneida. I will try this in the summer but not without a GPS.

Just for fun

My coworkers found out about my hatred of folk music. No thanks guys but I will stick
with Patriotic Country Western and ditch the Bolshevism. Sorry, but if you want to hear Peter Paul and Mary go to another spot. My office is Barbara Striesand free and we are quite proud of that. I made a concession and allowed the Lady across the Hall
to play GASP The Carpenters but it was a moment of weakness.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Paranoid Leftists Raid In Syria October Surprise

The paranoid left seem to think that the raid into Syria is some sort of an October surprise. The apartheid Syrian regime, run by a corrupt Baathist/Marxist regime has been living on borrowed time for years. The only thing saving it has been the US and Israel are reluctant to take direct action due to the salonista EU faction.

Syria is a rouge regime that has supported terrorism. It is amazing that this type of action was rather limited and came so late in the war.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beakerkin at Work

At work I make a point never to discus politics. The sole exception is for how proposed
legislation may impact our job.

Not surprisingly I get heat from some of my closest friends about Obama. There is the absurd claim that if you do not vote for Obama you are a racist. I point out that I do
not state my political opinions at work.

I understand the ethnic pride many of my African American coworkers fell for Obama. Yet, it is a leap too far to assume that particular person would vote for McCain on the basis of race. The notion that I am a Rudy Republican eludes my coworkers because I am so silent about my political views. One might infer it from the books I read.

For better or worse this silence is about survival. The rules of work are strictly enforced on my case alone. There are those who can skate through life without a care but I am not one of them.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Forbidden Pleasure Snicker Alert

Do you ever dream of sending American Communists to live in the pest holes they advocate for others? How does one agitate for Bolshevism for others but remain in the decadent United States? This is part of my Chicken Communist response to apologists for Chavez.

Americans were dumb and desperate enough to believe the empty words of Communists aided by the corrupt NYT reports of Duranty to emigrate to Russia in the 30s. The story does not end well for most. Unlike lab rats, communists do not learn from their errors they merely repeat it again and again.

One should only read the book the Forsaken with a sicker alert. The USA would be a better place if Communists like Renegade Spleen, Graemeful Dead and Troutsky departed.They could live a full life under Chavez. The Duck is not as stupid as the previously mentioned examples and he already lives in the Peoples Republic of MA.

The book describes the desperation of the Great Depression. In such times people do
tend to latch onto false hopes. Not all were innocent idealists as the book implies, but being out of work really does cause many to make poor judgements.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still not 100%

I am still not 100%, but duty calls. My friend the princess is taking off. They were going to move her to another section, but she likes her current real estate.

We have some cases, but I moved very quickly.

Monday, October 20, 2008

All things in moderation

Long term readers of this blog know I love the Beloved Rav Roov. His visits are very difficult as I am not called "Grouchy" without basis.

Rav Roov is Orthodox and I respect his beliefs which unfortunately are pushed upon me every time he visits. A Shabos is not a big deal as it is one or two days but a religious holiday gets on my nerves as it extends for days.

On top of having to accommodate his religious dictates the kids are noisy. The Rav's wife forgets everything and with TKO any electrical appliance or computer in her use.
One such recent visit had her leave a cordless phone in the dryer. I do not speak on cordless phones so it was not me.

They take forever to go home and a funny episode illustrates my point. I came from VT
on a rare holiday not knowing he would be there. Had I known I would have seriously remained in VT. After days of my rare vacation being cramped I decided to return to Vermont early. At the time I left at 10 PM on a Sunday Evening Rav Roov was packing.
I drove through the night and had a car breakdown in an unlikely spot at 4AM. I walked 5 miles in pitch black to a repair shop and had my car fixed. The shop did not
open until 9:00 and my car was not the first project.

Luckily I was only 40 miles away in VT from where the car broke. My car was fixed and I had lunch in St Albans and Rav Roov still did not make it home. He left at dinner
on Monday much to the disbelief of everyone.

I do love Rav Roov but these holiday visits drive me up a wall. I am not religious in nature and I am not very sociable. My coworkers do not seem to grasp this. I can endure a party for an hour or two tops but that is about it.

Unfortunately, the Rav is back. I will likely work very late and take the scenic route home via some Greek Diner. At least there I can see family disagreements, with great food and usually breath taking waitresses who serve with a smile and curse some relative invariable named Nikos.

I must be losing some of my edge as I am somehow considered good natured. I seldom eat by myself as someone invariably bothers me to go to lunch or the gym. The princess still orders me around. I fell off my chair when she hinted she wanted a child. I told her good luck and she looked at me. I reminded her I no longer perform manual labor. I had to deal with a pissed off princess for the rest of the day.

Life has got to get better than this.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

In sick bay

I am resting from a nasty bout with the flu. I made the important and expensive training mandated by the government. It was excellent training and well worth attending
but I will be in bed for the remainder of the day.

The beloved Rav Roov is visiting and I will try to spend some time with him. My coworkers enjoyed his visit as he often trains in the building I work in. Visits from relatives are discouraged and I explained he was in the building anyway on business.

The cold medications have not worked thus far. I am having my latest certificate framed. I will only display this latest one on select ocasions.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The media is getting absurd with its treatment of Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumbers entire life is under absurd scrutiny for daring to challenge Obama's fiction on taxes. It was something like this that cost Obama the vote of Justin Morris
who was alway against socialism via the state.

This is amazing as the media has done a negligent job in explaining Obama's life. Obama
portrays his mothers family as your average main stream Kansas folk. This is blatantly
dishonest and Obama had an elitist childhood including Prepschools.

The far left media is out of control an is having an Obamasm. Obama as the messiah is getting to be absurd. However, the selection of the second greatest bozo in the senate
as VP makes Obama look brilliant in comparison. Biden is an ignorant hack from a small state who gives mediocrity a bad name.

Jesse Jackson's Paranoid Antisemitism

Jesse Jackson's comments about Barak Obama ending Zionist control of Washington is
generic Communist antisemitism. His previous comments about cutting Obama's balls off was a clue about how a bitter man has been made irrelevant. Obama is every bit the Communist Jackson is and twice as arrogant. Time has past Jackson by and he is bitter
and even more bigoted than usual.

As far as some of you relax. This country survived Carter and it survived eight years of Clintonian egomania. Obama will have a honeymoon period, but will find having to do something over his ability level. Ultimately his arrogance and elitism will be his downfall.

We need to return to the optimism of Reagan. We can fix things and envision a better future.

The only good thing about an Obama presidency is that a Biden administration would ultimately be worse. Biden is a world class dunce whose stupidity and uselessness is exceeded only by Col Bernie Sanders who adds incoherence to the mix. Obama is going to over reach and unlike Clinton be unable to moderate his impulses. Clinton also had
more skilled advisers than the Obama crew. Hillary will be waiting in the wings and leap on a popular backlash against Obama elitist arrogance and undermine him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beakerkin and Poultry

Many of you sometimes misconstrue my relationship with the Duck. I have no need to censor the Duck as he is a cut above your generic Communist Hack like Renegade Eye, Troutsky, Graemeful Dead and so forth. Part of the reason is due to the profound stupidity of the previously mentioned communist idiots. The Duck never cries and understands the difference between a good verbal swat and threatening children or directing a henchman to do your dirty work.

The Duck and I have been going at it for about five years. Much of the hostility is just my typical dismissive tone to Marxist idiocy and generic antisemitism. The other point is the Duck is well rounded and we can have entirely non political talk that would be very entertaining as on the rare occasions I discuss art, film or Literature.I contrast this with the amateur frauds who pretend an S&M film is a high art form, the guilty party knows whom I am pointing at.

The Duck may have some disgusting and idiotic ideas, but always remember that I never
take our interactions personally.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Geting Carried Away

Some of the speculation about Obama borders on the absurd. In fairness Obama has brought this on himself by failure to simply release his birth certificate and be truthful about his past. It is very doubtful that Obama was adopted as adoption by Muslims in Indonesia is rare and requires parents be of the same religion. The relationship was almost certainly step. Thus far there is no hard evidence to suggest
Obama was born in Kenya. The words President Biden the second stupidest man in the Senate after Col. Bernie Sanders moron from Vermont should stop that talk immediately.

Obama passes off a myth that he is from the heartland of America. This myth is that he is a son of Kansas. The truth is that he is the child of a naive far left radical and a man that almost certainly attempted some form of immigration fraud. Obama's father was married before and after his marriage to Obama's mother. His practice of bigamy in the US was a crime. By most accounts he was a rather nasty man who became an embittered alcoholic and had almost no contact with his son.

Barak was the son of privilege raised in private schools much like a poor man's version of Al "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Gore. Unlike Al Gore he just happened to have a communist mentor in Hawaii. We probably should not ask if Obama benefited from racial preferences in University admissions. One may read whatever one wishes into his refusal t release his transcripts. Obama was certainly not what the proponents of
affirmative action had in mind when they designed the program as his sole relation to
slavery in America was his mothers family owned some. Much has been played up that as
a biracial child he felt prejudice. All kids growing up feel prejudice and if that were the yardstick than a fat poor kid with acne likely faced more adversity than Obama ever did. Obama for his part likely parroted the angry black narrative of the far left that his professors expected.

This brings us to his twenty year membership in a racist crackpot church and association with a communist terrorist. Obama was raised by a naive far left mother
and was every bit a midwestern red diaper doper baby. He likely saw nothing wrong with Ayers then as his mothers family was on the fringes of the far left. His association with a hateful far left racist church is amusing considering Obama is every bit as privileged as Al Gore. What has he experienced in Prep schools surrounded by Biffs and Missys that justifies the narrative? His school may have lost a debate or two and his grandparents may have exposed him to Lawrence Welk but most far lefties are privileged sorts like Ayers himself. This may sound funny but one sees more authenticity in the more humble origins of a David Horowitz, Ronald Radosh or Prof Genovesse than in an Ayers or Obama. I do not think Horowitz ever went to a private school and Radosh went to the disgraceful Little Red School house but was the child of working class folk.

Obama has never held a real job and has skated through a life of privilege blessed with good timing and an over sized ego that will be his downfall. He is a weak candidate who benefited from a financial crisis and Clinton fatigue. He has gone through life as a community organizer running between cocktail parties at the homes of terrorists and a poverty pimp groups like ACORN.

We may say what we like about McCain who certainly held a real job and served his country. We know he was tortured by the same folks Ayers supported. McCain is too modest to point this out. Palin has held a real job and probably lived a life that resembled the person next door. What did Obama really do as a community organizer? What has he done as a senator? What has he said other than hope or change?

The economy will elect the next president. Those of you who think Obama will be an
American Chavez need to get a grip. He will have to move to the center to govern and blunt those on his left if he hopes to get re-elected. Saying hope and change ad nauseum does not work in the Whitehouse and I expect terrorists will test Obama early. The funny thing is those terrorists who mistake Obama for Gomer Kerry might be in for a rude surprise. Obama is more of a man of action and his ego will likely provide a very swift response. If we are lucky he will grow into the job unlike the pertptual child Bill Clinton or the fool Jimmy Bug Eyed Carter.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Strange Case of Simon Mol Elites vs Common Sense

There is a story in Poland that highlights the insanity of the abuse of the political asylum and refugee system. The story is not about Mol or Poland it could happen in any country where far left activists have declared jihad on public safety and common sense.

Mol was an economic refugee with a bogus case. He was a sociopath carrying a deadly communicable disease that he knowingly transmitted on purpose. He cried racism at his critics and there certainly was some racist sentiment expressed in opposition.

This story plays itself out in any Western country where far left political hacks have abused a system designed for those in genuine need. Mol was never in any danger in Cameroon and should have never been considered for asylum. This is quite common as economic refugees and identical asylum applications are mass produced and the over burdened system makes denial of frivolous claims stretch out for decades. I have seen plenty of genuine claims, but most are total fiction.

Mol was carying AIDS and should never have been admitted. Instead the system allowed
the sociopathic Mol free access and he knowingly infected several woman with AIDS. The true number of Mol's victims may never be known.

Many of us pretend AIDS is a gay issue or an IV drug issue. Certainly, unprotected sex and IV drug abuse are factors but personal responsibility is also an issue. The problem is not going to go away with education or commercials.

Justice will have to wait for Mol in the next world as Mol died. People should not gloat at the death of an evil man. Every action of his life was seeped in deception and evil.

The first job of sound governance is public safety. There is no excuse for needlessly
endangering the public for any reason. Communist vermin pretend asylum is a right. Asylum is a privilege decided by the host country. No refugee should ever be admited
when their admission endangers the public.

Every now and then a shocking crime committed by illegal aliens makes the news. What
does not make the news is the red tape and the lax judges who have no regard for the
public. In the next administration there will be some type of immigration deal.

Lets remember Simon Mol as the debate over immigration will be fierce. Last time we got lucky but an imperial Obama presidency will not listen to your voices. Do note that Col. Bernie Sanders traitor from VT voted against the last bill. A broken clock
is correct twice a day.

The Beaker Survives a close encounter with a Dodge Dart

I went with my father to the old car show. My father enjoys looking at the old cars and
some of the cars were really rare. I do not ever recall seeing a Hupmobile but there it was. Many of the cars were turn of the century models. May father found a restored version of his first car a 1952 Nash.

I turned the corner and saw the horror of many a new driver the dreaded Dodge Dart. Alas there were two of these cars and those of us old enough to have driven in one might have nasty flashbacks.

There were some amazing electric trucks from the 30's and some gas hybrids from around the same time. Gas was cheap and the concept didn't go to far. I am not to keen on driving a truck with a joystick or standing up. The vehicles were not likely used for long trips.

I enjoyed getting out of the metropolitan area and seeing how people live in rural PA. Rural PA is better on the eye than Vermont, but Adirondack Park along I-87 is still the best especially in the spring. I also like Northern New Hampshire and the White Mountains of Maine.

I was stuck at a unit party on Friday. The younger officers are very gung ho and my laid back gentleness is foreign at times. When one has lived a full life one gets empathetic and it is a good thing. I was amazed at how hot it was near 80. I passed by a street fair and had amazing spinach pie, barbecued corn and some kebabs.

When I return to work tomorrow I am going to hear about leaving early. Many of my coworkers thought my gentle nature was an act. I had several come up to me during the party and say I did not realize you are so relaxed off duty. The truth is I am not a careerist. My career was doing something else and I am dedicated to service.

I think in the coming weeks I am going to be tasked with driving back to Hershey for a coworker. I am not a fan of scary rides as the A train at 3 AM is scarier than anything at an amusement park. Then again many of my life experiences were much scarier than those rides. Even more scary is being stuck with obnoxious far left in laws. Nobody in my family has ever been stupid enough to get that distinction.

I do enjoy eating in a rural restaurant and gassing up at a out of the way fuel station. In the Spring I am planning to drive across the USA. My plans may be altered by my paper that I have to deliver. I may just continue on from Dallas to San Diego
and return via a Northern route.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Peversion of History US Text books Jesus was a Palestinian

People wonder about the serious damage placing Communists anywhere near education poses
should be directed to the news stories about US textbooks citing Jesus was a "Palestinian". This blatant falsehood ranks up there with Holocaust denial and historians knowingly perpetuating the myths of the saintly Rosenbergs as innocents.

For those of you who are theologically impaired the correct he place to turn is to Josephus. Josephus does write plenty about the Jews in the time of Christ. He does mention Jesus very briefly. He does not mention Palestinians at all as an existent people. The area was not even called Palestine until long after the death of Jesus and even then this was by a decree of Rome.

Those of you familiar with the New Testament without Marxist corruption understand Jesus was Jewish. The originalist interpretation of Jesus was the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. He was not called King of the Phillistines, Hittites or Assyrians.

One need not wonder where the historical illiteracy comes from. It comes from our Universities that paint a Disney version of Islamic history to our students. Imagine
an American history with no mention of the crimes committed against Indians and happy
slaves. This version of history would be academic malfeasance. However, Muslim history of colonialism, Jim Crow abuses of indigenous people and rampant slavery is being purposely ignored.

It is time parents took these history textbooks back to the educators and demanded this blatant idiocy be removed.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Immigration Bubble

This may sound funny but immigration is experiencing a bubble as well. The construction, landscape and other industries that employ illegal labor are also experiencing hard times and people are going home.

USCIS raised fees in a downturn and after a rush of people applying for citizenship to vote in the election there should be a sharp decrease in applications. There is an assumption that there will be some type of immigration bill, but I am leery. In a downturn where people are fearing for their jobs passage of an immigration bill may not be a slam dunk.

America will survive

Ultimately America will survive the credit crisis and President Obama. The media and the inept response by team McCain has failed to point out the causes of the credit mess.

No commodity can ever rise in a straight line forever. The insane real estate bubble has overheated for decades. Ultimately, this could be a positive in the long run if it is managed correctly. The get rich by house flipping scam days are over.

The recovery will be delayed by Obamoronic economic policies. The proposed health care plan will be a disaster. Of course Obama will never get around to fixing big education that is where all his communist peers work.

We will survive the credit crisis and President Obama. I am thinking about the horror show types from academia that could end up in an Obama cabinet that would make Lani Guiner look like a bargain.

JC Watts in 12

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Code Words

The Beak believes in merit. All applicants for anything should be judged the basis of
individual merit. According to Communist clown Renegade Eye membership in a protected class should get special treatment and this is called "social engineering".

The banking industry did well for years with a simple formula of 20% down, rigid credit checks and sane mortgages. The question is what is housing? A right?, A comodity for investment? Far leftist Marxists of the Bolshevism by Marcuse victim rights angle have agitated for a loosening of these time tested formulas with disastrous results. The fact that there is a statistical anomaly in any factor does not infer adverse impact.Moreover, if these same Bolsheviks want to play this game then their exponential over representation in academia is probably a far better example of a number out of wack than racial numbers of mortgage acceptance rates.

The housing bubble was caused by many factors. The first was that housing prices could go up in a linear pattern unrelated to the actual market. All items have a value and buying something for 10000 with the expectation that in two years the rise
in value and potential profit from a resale will justify this overpricing does not work forever. Banks encouraged this by changing the rules and requiring smaller down payments and less rigid checks on credit and employment history. Added into this overall mess was an effort by some to guarantee a preset rate of minority approvals.
Lastly the mortgages were often resold and traded in the wild west financial derivatives market that was poorly understood by self proclaimed experts.

I do not nor have I ever believed in group rights. Group rights is a totalitarian concept pushed by communists and is antithetical to the American notion of individual
liberties and merit. Communist clowns interpret this preference for merit as coded racism.

Interestingly these are the same clowns that are experts in the use of codewords such
as zionist, neocon, Likudnik and so forth when they actually mean Jew. Moreover, we do not link to blogs highlighted by neonazi groups for their bigoted content unlike our hysterical accusers.

Merit is just common sense.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Being the Beak

A close friend who works with me looks like she will not be returning. I donated 50 hours of vacation time so that she may continue to receive benefits. My gift was the least I could do for a friend.

I was criticized for my generosity by some but I had the time saved to be generous.
I will have used 32 hours for the Jewish holidays so thats 82 hours of vacation time used in the last week. However, I still have plenty of time left and would have been in a use or lose situation.

It does not look like my friend will be returning. She will be missed and I hope her days will be easy.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Renegade Eye Brain Dead. Sonia is the naked one

Apparently Communist stooge Renegade Eye has me confused with Sonia. Now many of you who read Sonia would know that she does not wear clothes and is an attractive woman who travels quite a bit. How one confuses her positions with that of yours truly defies belief.

Ren has proclaimed me "be the face of Liberalism". When and where have I ever claimed to be a Conservative? If he could get beyond his Communist dementia and read my blogger profile he would see I describe myself as a Rudy Republican. The claims that I hide my liberalism must be amusing to my readers who have known for years I am a social liberal.

My position in support of gay rights has been well documented. Moreover, even Rob and Justin who are no longer friends of mine never made the charge of homophobia against me. I have appeared on their radio show at least twice as a welcomed guest. Their complaint with some legitimacy is that some of the readers of this blog are a bit over the top with gay rhetoric. I clearly made my opposition to the comments known.
Moreover a look at my comments on MZ's blogs where Rob and Justin never posted shows
my position in support of the rights of gay people to live with dignity are well established.

The next complaint is mildly amusing as I have not written very much on the financial
meltdown. Sonia has written plenty on banks banks being pressured into bad loans by huckster activists. The focus of my comments regards failure of banks to follow time honored and proven techniques such as 20% down and income verification. Last I checked these are non racial techniques. The rest of my comments centered on financial derivatives and there is no racial component of an investment vehicle. In fact Ren shows his Communist ignorance of basic economics with those comments. Even his Kananerhoid pal MZ points out his Marxist missionary dementia in a stinging rebuke.

Moving onto Presidential politics the Communist Ren screams racist for my mentioning
Obama's 20 year membership in a racist communist crack pipe cult church. He also must have missed my support of the Nigerian bishops in their feud with Marxist loser Rowan
Williams. Last we checked the Nigerian bishops were still Blacks fighting Marxist perversion of their church. Ren is crying also because of the numerous posts we have done on Obama's connections to communist terrorist Bill Ayers. If Ren had read this blog we have made plenty of anti Ayers remarks long before Obama was a candidate. Ayers is Americas biggest lowlife and should be pushing up daisies for crimes committed against the American people in the name of Marx. We also mention Obama's communist lowlife mentor. Ren is upset that we are not mentioning Palin's role in a Buchanan campaign or some odd reference about Palin's pastor. Palin is the number two
person on the ticket. There is zero evidence that she is anti semitic, unlike Ren, and Bill Ayers is way more odious than Pat Buchanan.

We do link many sites at this blog including one communist who asked for a link. None
of the people who comment on this site run blogs regularly recognized by Stormfront.
Ren does link a site that is recognized for its over the top anti semitic content. Further more the comment section on his blog reads like Der Shturmer or the Protocols
of the Elders of Zion. Ren, LWB/John Brown, MILF from Lebanon, Larry Gamboner, Grameful Dead, the Pupeteer and Troutsky are well known anti semitic clowns. The best
of that sad bunch is Troutsky whose low IQ prevents his full knowledge of the idiocy
he posts.

Ren frequently makes the claim that my positions are not defined. Readers of this blog know my positions quite well and come here to read my opinions. We do spend plenty of time doing book reviews. It may be that the opinions expressed on this blog are over the IQ capacity of Marxist cultists.

Hint Ren, Sonia is the hottie with no clothes, not the dude.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Asylum fraud and public safety

I want to discuss the topic of asylum. Asylum is a vehicle frequently fraudulently abused by people to bypass the laws of immigration. It is a time and money consuming process that can go on for decades.

In Poland an applicant with a fake asylum grant apparently deliberately infected over ten women with AIDS. The issue has inflamed some because of the racial angle and this has allowed far left salonistas to avoid talking about the real issues.

1 Screening Immigrants for infectious disease
2 Removing dangerous immigrants
3 Fake asylum claims.

I want to stress that immigration is not a right. Immigration is a privilege determined by the citizenship of the host country.

A nation has a duty to protect its citizens. The primary function of government is to
protect its citizens. Admission of aliens with deadly communicable diseases is an unwarranted public safety risk. This might be justifiable if the patient were going straight to a hospital and leaving as soon as treatments were concluded.

Now some people might argue with some legitimacy that episodes like the one in Poland are very rare. This is also a much different and acceptable response than the gin impaired salonista wrote. The response was arrogant and did not acknowledge the serious and legitimate public safety concerns of this case.

2 The system of appeals for removing dangerous immigrants needs to change. Right now the process can take decades after a series of never ending appeals. The system should be changed ASAP. One appeal in ninety days should be sufficient. Countries that refuse to take their criminals back should have import tariffs and reduced visa

3 The Abuse of the asylum process is a serious crime that should involve much greater
jail time to attorneys and forfeiture of assets to religious groups participating in
such criminal scams.

Asylum is a sacred part of our tradition and it should be granted in the rarest of cases such as a Jew fleeing Iran or a Chinese democracy activist facing decades in jail. It should never be granted on the basis of a country having a bad economy. It should only be granted when the threat to human life is specific and detailed.

A rouge Church flooded INS with hundreds of cookie cutter asylum claims in the Reagan years. The petitions were identical and the subsequent criminality of the asylees is documented. The Church should be criminally liable for its actions and its assets should be sold to pay for restitution of the victims of the criminals brought to this country illegally. Religious freedom does not include criminal acts such as violating immigration laws.

The World of Beakerkin

Contrary to popular opinion I am not nor have I ever called myself a conservative. I am a moderate who is patriotic and in this day and age that makes me a Republican. When I reached voting age in the 80's serious anticommunists found their home in the GOP while Gomer Kerry, Ted Wiess and many others in the other party advocated for Communist regimes.

My values are familiar to those who read real history. My heroes are Lincoln, Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt and our founding fathers. I am fortunate to serve that which I love each and every day. Some of you think that the oath I swore is a joke, but I do not. I proudly and eagerly took that oath twice ( I did not affirm)and have never regretted it.

We all know what the Constitution is and there is a major difference between a moderate like myself disagreeing with an originalist like Mr B or even someone to my sane left like a Justin Morris at the moment. All of us want a strong country, respect private property and are loyal to the United States.

There is a part of the oath that states foreign enemies. Most of us know who our enemies are abroad such as Al Queda, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. Many of us can have arguments about China, Russia and Saudi Arabia with some points on all sides. Communist antisemites are a vocal minority that hypes up alleged dual loyalty of Jews
to Israel.

We move the discuss to what is a domestic enemy. Al Gore is an imbecile with bad ideas but is not an enemy of the American people. A person who advocates the violent overthrow of the United States government via revolution or Jihad is an enemy of the USA. A person that aids people who are killing American soldiers ala Code Pink is an
enemy of the American people. A person who has committed terrorist acts against the American people (Bill Ayers) is a domestic enemy.

There are some rather mindless types who have just figured out that Marxism is a religious faith. We have been saying this for a while, but not only is it a religious
faith it is a criminal enterprise whose central core is power and use and abuse of populism to achieve that goal. Communists have always used populist antisemitism
since their earliest days. Ren and company omit the views of more traditional Jews like my grandfather who fought for Poland even though he did not care for Poland. My grandfather and Uncles knew evil when they saw it. Jews who embraced communism were exiled from the community and were pariahs. Communists since their inception viewed Zionism as its rival and as a convenient excuse to justify lynching Jews.

A look at a so called Jewish communist Renegade Eye (communists are converts) shows that he abuses his relatives by using these ties while rationalizing the most rabid expressions of antisemitism as "revolutionary authenticity". Thus it is should be hardly surprising that Ren venerates an enemy of America Hugo Chavez. He feigns ignorance of the actions of Chavez's thugs kidnapping Jews, the exodus of the Jewish community of Venezuela and Chavez's antisemitic cocaine fueled statements.

On the stupid side of the planet are the Kahanists. Kahanists are mentally defective imbeciles who are a minority of the Jewish community. They are irrelevant in Israel and are irrelevant in the USA. Unlike Communists they advertise their idiocy in full view. If they ever created their Torah state the actual Jews would flee in droves. Judaism has always recognized free will something the Kahanist clowns forget for convenience.

Recently a Kahanist dullard has repeated my lines about Marxists viewing every action on the planet through the prism of their warped faith. He also is quite fond of using
another Beakerkinism Pseudostinian. This is hardly surprising because as a Kahanist he is devoid of rational thought.

MZ went on a jihad of his own with a series of unsubstantiated claims about a Jewish blogger who found Christ. Judaism has always recognized freedom of will and a person's leaving should not be a big deal. This blogger has always stood up for Israel and the Jewish people and was castigated by the mindless Kahanerhiods. Meanwhile the so called self proclaimed voice of Judaism has been friendly with Trotskyite abominations who stoke populist atisemitism and snagglepuss.

The fact remains that Zola Leavit did more for Israel and the Jewish people than Kahane. Leavit's ministry reached thousands and helped many Christians embrace the Judaic roots of their religion. Zola personally conducted many tours of Israel and was a foe of "Progressive (theological commununist antisemitism) dispensationalism.
The Kahanerhoids are a disgrace to Judaism and their actions serve communists in their amoral attempts to draw absurd equivalences between Hezbollah and the Kahanerhoids.

Sorry but theocracy of any kind remains a bad idea. I could care less if the kid up the block is Onanizing or reading pornography. I could care less if person x is gay.
This is not my business nor should it be that of the government.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Senseless violence

Commies seem to get bent out of shape with fake stories about Korans and toilets. I want to remind people how difficult it is to flush a book down the toilet. The Koran is a work venerated by millions so I would not treat it this way. Instead I chose My Life
by Bill Clinton and all it did was clog my bowl.

Meanwhile two Shia mosques with plenty of Korans were blown to smithereens by the wonderful people of Al Queda. Sorry, but the Bolshevik media seems to forget this in their lust to invent stories.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Col Bernie Sanders is at it again Crass Warfare

Col Bernie Sanders the joke Senator from Vermont has gone into classic class warfare themes. Soak those people making 500000 dollars or more and stick them with the Bill.
This is a typical Col Bernie ploy one with zero chance of passage and that makes the useless imbecile seem to appeal to the masses.

Lets go to the record as Sanders own record on the creation of jobs in the State of Vermont is abysmal. He seems to think that a diet of dairy subsidies inflicted on the consumers is his birthright. The record shows that States like New York get less return on their tax dollars than VT. When a major government agency (a big local employer) threatened hundreds of families with arbitrary job cuts Sanders was not herd from but he did take the time to party with Willie Nelson.

Sanders enjoys a state where the lone opposition to his madness is a local talk radio host. The Burlington paper is so far to the left it could be written by Hugo Chavez.
The other papers are almost entirely local news with little or no coverage.

Then again Sanders wife was hired as a joke college President with almost no scrutiny. The consulting fees paid to his wife in his joke campaigns may place Bernie
over his $500,000 limit. Is he getting residuals from placing his image on the KFC buckets. KFC is more marketable than BSFC but anyone that listens to Bernie's incoherent ramblings better break out the hip boots.

I asked Vermonters why they were voting for Bernie and the response is "Bernie Cares". They could never respond about what he cares about or any legislation passed by Sanders but he cares. Sanders opponent ran a Mickey Mouse campaign that folded
as soon as they asked some tough questions about Sanders votes.

One really should see a Bernie speech in person. His incoherent speech and appearance
are more suited to a homeless person than a Senator. He sticks to local issues in VT and leaves the far left lunacy in DC.

Time for Ted Kennedy to go

This is not a post that will go into the numerous failings of Ted Kennedy. There will be ample time for that in the months after he is gone.

It is time for him to leave the Senate with dignity and spend the remainder of his days
with his family. Let him enjoy a victory lap and give him whatever accolades his ego demands but get him home.

The Senate has started to look like the dawn of the dead. Has anyone told Frank Lautenberg that dead people should not legislate? Does he think it is Halloween 24/7 ?
Is Robert Byrd going to build a mausoleum wing and name it after himself.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Free Speech Fascist at it Again

The Huffington Post reports Muslims in a Dayton Ohio mosque were gassed just after the release of the film Obsession. I have looked for mainstream accounts of this story and have found no corroboration of this. This is the type of story that the MSM typically
would be running 24/7.

Even if this story is true it is a leap to point to the release of a film as being responsible for a hate crime. A similar leap of logic would have the Koran blamed for 9-11 and other hate crimes committed by Muslims. Muslims need to understand that our
traditions of freedom of speech include people who see Islam differently than they do.
Muslims do not have a right to censor other people's freedom of speech. They can protest and certainly do voice their own opinions with no dissenting voices at University gulags.

Sorry but the folks at the Huffington Post have gone off the deep end. Lets see I got
a bad case of gas after watching yet another Bette Midler movie thus in the mind of the demented watching bette midler movies causes gas. The gas was likely caused by
the Kielbasa and Pirogies I ate at a Polish restaurant but the folks at the Huffington site are devoid of logic.

Update According to Fox a police investigation found no evidence of a hate crime.
Moreover, there are wild discrepancies in accounts from the Fox report it appears that a 10 year old girl was allegedly sprayed with a mace like substance. This is a much different than a whole congregation being gassed.

PS The folks at the Huffington site banned Lance Thruster when his antisemitic comments became too much of an annoyance.