Saturday, October 04, 2008

Asylum fraud and public safety

I want to discuss the topic of asylum. Asylum is a vehicle frequently fraudulently abused by people to bypass the laws of immigration. It is a time and money consuming process that can go on for decades.

In Poland an applicant with a fake asylum grant apparently deliberately infected over ten women with AIDS. The issue has inflamed some because of the racial angle and this has allowed far left salonistas to avoid talking about the real issues.

1 Screening Immigrants for infectious disease
2 Removing dangerous immigrants
3 Fake asylum claims.

I want to stress that immigration is not a right. Immigration is a privilege determined by the citizenship of the host country.

A nation has a duty to protect its citizens. The primary function of government is to
protect its citizens. Admission of aliens with deadly communicable diseases is an unwarranted public safety risk. This might be justifiable if the patient were going straight to a hospital and leaving as soon as treatments were concluded.

Now some people might argue with some legitimacy that episodes like the one in Poland are very rare. This is also a much different and acceptable response than the gin impaired salonista wrote. The response was arrogant and did not acknowledge the serious and legitimate public safety concerns of this case.

2 The system of appeals for removing dangerous immigrants needs to change. Right now the process can take decades after a series of never ending appeals. The system should be changed ASAP. One appeal in ninety days should be sufficient. Countries that refuse to take their criminals back should have import tariffs and reduced visa

3 The Abuse of the asylum process is a serious crime that should involve much greater
jail time to attorneys and forfeiture of assets to religious groups participating in
such criminal scams.

Asylum is a sacred part of our tradition and it should be granted in the rarest of cases such as a Jew fleeing Iran or a Chinese democracy activist facing decades in jail. It should never be granted on the basis of a country having a bad economy. It should only be granted when the threat to human life is specific and detailed.

A rouge Church flooded INS with hundreds of cookie cutter asylum claims in the Reagan years. The petitions were identical and the subsequent criminality of the asylees is documented. The Church should be criminally liable for its actions and its assets should be sold to pay for restitution of the victims of the criminals brought to this country illegally. Religious freedom does not include criminal acts such as violating immigration laws.


Anonymous said...

Let them enter our temples with olive branches and plead their cases... but we are under no obligation to offer sanctuary. And should Andromache leave the Temple of Thetis, then let her petition and protection be withdrawn.

Always On Watch said...

Infectious diseases - as in antibiotic-resistant TB.

Some nurses I know have also cited MRSA (staph) as more common among immigrants.