Saturday, October 04, 2008

The World of Beakerkin

Contrary to popular opinion I am not nor have I ever called myself a conservative. I am a moderate who is patriotic and in this day and age that makes me a Republican. When I reached voting age in the 80's serious anticommunists found their home in the GOP while Gomer Kerry, Ted Wiess and many others in the other party advocated for Communist regimes.

My values are familiar to those who read real history. My heroes are Lincoln, Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt and our founding fathers. I am fortunate to serve that which I love each and every day. Some of you think that the oath I swore is a joke, but I do not. I proudly and eagerly took that oath twice ( I did not affirm)and have never regretted it.

We all know what the Constitution is and there is a major difference between a moderate like myself disagreeing with an originalist like Mr B or even someone to my sane left like a Justin Morris at the moment. All of us want a strong country, respect private property and are loyal to the United States.

There is a part of the oath that states foreign enemies. Most of us know who our enemies are abroad such as Al Queda, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. Many of us can have arguments about China, Russia and Saudi Arabia with some points on all sides. Communist antisemites are a vocal minority that hypes up alleged dual loyalty of Jews
to Israel.

We move the discuss to what is a domestic enemy. Al Gore is an imbecile with bad ideas but is not an enemy of the American people. A person who advocates the violent overthrow of the United States government via revolution or Jihad is an enemy of the USA. A person that aids people who are killing American soldiers ala Code Pink is an
enemy of the American people. A person who has committed terrorist acts against the American people (Bill Ayers) is a domestic enemy.

There are some rather mindless types who have just figured out that Marxism is a religious faith. We have been saying this for a while, but not only is it a religious
faith it is a criminal enterprise whose central core is power and use and abuse of populism to achieve that goal. Communists have always used populist antisemitism
since their earliest days. Ren and company omit the views of more traditional Jews like my grandfather who fought for Poland even though he did not care for Poland. My grandfather and Uncles knew evil when they saw it. Jews who embraced communism were exiled from the community and were pariahs. Communists since their inception viewed Zionism as its rival and as a convenient excuse to justify lynching Jews.

A look at a so called Jewish communist Renegade Eye (communists are converts) shows that he abuses his relatives by using these ties while rationalizing the most rabid expressions of antisemitism as "revolutionary authenticity". Thus it is should be hardly surprising that Ren venerates an enemy of America Hugo Chavez. He feigns ignorance of the actions of Chavez's thugs kidnapping Jews, the exodus of the Jewish community of Venezuela and Chavez's antisemitic cocaine fueled statements.

On the stupid side of the planet are the Kahanists. Kahanists are mentally defective imbeciles who are a minority of the Jewish community. They are irrelevant in Israel and are irrelevant in the USA. Unlike Communists they advertise their idiocy in full view. If they ever created their Torah state the actual Jews would flee in droves. Judaism has always recognized free will something the Kahanist clowns forget for convenience.

Recently a Kahanist dullard has repeated my lines about Marxists viewing every action on the planet through the prism of their warped faith. He also is quite fond of using
another Beakerkinism Pseudostinian. This is hardly surprising because as a Kahanist he is devoid of rational thought.

MZ went on a jihad of his own with a series of unsubstantiated claims about a Jewish blogger who found Christ. Judaism has always recognized freedom of will and a person's leaving should not be a big deal. This blogger has always stood up for Israel and the Jewish people and was castigated by the mindless Kahanerhiods. Meanwhile the so called self proclaimed voice of Judaism has been friendly with Trotskyite abominations who stoke populist atisemitism and snagglepuss.

The fact remains that Zola Leavit did more for Israel and the Jewish people than Kahane. Leavit's ministry reached thousands and helped many Christians embrace the Judaic roots of their religion. Zola personally conducted many tours of Israel and was a foe of "Progressive (theological commununist antisemitism) dispensationalism.
The Kahanerhoids are a disgrace to Judaism and their actions serve communists in their amoral attempts to draw absurd equivalences between Hezbollah and the Kahanerhoids.

Sorry but theocracy of any kind remains a bad idea. I could care less if the kid up the block is Onanizing or reading pornography. I could care less if person x is gay.
This is not my business nor should it be that of the government.


The Pagan Temple said...

Don't the Khanists just want to restore the Old Testament Kingdom of Israel as it was originally conceived, albeit as they see it (which may or may not be accurate)? That has always been my take on them. They aren't that bad, at least they limit their goals to the original boundaries of Israel. It's not like they are wanting to force everybody on the planet to embrace Kahanist style Judaism.

beakerkin said...

The Khanists do not seek to expand Israel beyond where it is. They do advocate an Iran style theocracy in Israel.

A "torah state" would be almost as totalitarian as the idiocy Communists espouse. Kahanists do respect private property but get bent out of shape over masturbation, homosexuality, miscegenation, eating non kosher food and working on the Sabbath. Communists do not respect private property and if you can find some food you may eat what you like.

Theocracy is a very bad idea.

Jinx said...

A moderate makes you a Republican in today's world?

No way Beak.

Todays GOP is a haven of extremists which is why the moderate McCain had to lurch rightward to get the nomination and choose hardright hag Palin as his running mate.

And as far as patriotism, please.

GOP has been very skillful for the last 40 years in wrapping themselves up in the flag and equating their policies with "love for America".

People are tired of the game which is why Obama is leading in the polls and will win.

beakerkin said...


Obama is leading due to the financial crisis that the media blamed on Bush.Obama is a fringe lunatic whose path miraculously crosses with communists at every turn. He has never held a real job and his followers are mindless minions of a mob.

Prediction his ethical lapses and authorotarianism will make Bill Clinton's abuse of the IRS and Rico laws look trivial.

His e