Sunday, October 05, 2008

Renegade Eye Brain Dead. Sonia is the naked one

Apparently Communist stooge Renegade Eye has me confused with Sonia. Now many of you who read Sonia would know that she does not wear clothes and is an attractive woman who travels quite a bit. How one confuses her positions with that of yours truly defies belief.

Ren has proclaimed me "be the face of Liberalism". When and where have I ever claimed to be a Conservative? If he could get beyond his Communist dementia and read my blogger profile he would see I describe myself as a Rudy Republican. The claims that I hide my liberalism must be amusing to my readers who have known for years I am a social liberal.

My position in support of gay rights has been well documented. Moreover, even Rob and Justin who are no longer friends of mine never made the charge of homophobia against me. I have appeared on their radio show at least twice as a welcomed guest. Their complaint with some legitimacy is that some of the readers of this blog are a bit over the top with gay rhetoric. I clearly made my opposition to the comments known.
Moreover a look at my comments on MZ's blogs where Rob and Justin never posted shows
my position in support of the rights of gay people to live with dignity are well established.

The next complaint is mildly amusing as I have not written very much on the financial
meltdown. Sonia has written plenty on banks banks being pressured into bad loans by huckster activists. The focus of my comments regards failure of banks to follow time honored and proven techniques such as 20% down and income verification. Last I checked these are non racial techniques. The rest of my comments centered on financial derivatives and there is no racial component of an investment vehicle. In fact Ren shows his Communist ignorance of basic economics with those comments. Even his Kananerhoid pal MZ points out his Marxist missionary dementia in a stinging rebuke.

Moving onto Presidential politics the Communist Ren screams racist for my mentioning
Obama's 20 year membership in a racist communist crack pipe cult church. He also must have missed my support of the Nigerian bishops in their feud with Marxist loser Rowan
Williams. Last we checked the Nigerian bishops were still Blacks fighting Marxist perversion of their church. Ren is crying also because of the numerous posts we have done on Obama's connections to communist terrorist Bill Ayers. If Ren had read this blog we have made plenty of anti Ayers remarks long before Obama was a candidate. Ayers is Americas biggest lowlife and should be pushing up daisies for crimes committed against the American people in the name of Marx. We also mention Obama's communist lowlife mentor. Ren is upset that we are not mentioning Palin's role in a Buchanan campaign or some odd reference about Palin's pastor. Palin is the number two
person on the ticket. There is zero evidence that she is anti semitic, unlike Ren, and Bill Ayers is way more odious than Pat Buchanan.

We do link many sites at this blog including one communist who asked for a link. None
of the people who comment on this site run blogs regularly recognized by Stormfront.
Ren does link a site that is recognized for its over the top anti semitic content. Further more the comment section on his blog reads like Der Shturmer or the Protocols
of the Elders of Zion. Ren, LWB/John Brown, MILF from Lebanon, Larry Gamboner, Grameful Dead, the Pupeteer and Troutsky are well known anti semitic clowns. The best
of that sad bunch is Troutsky whose low IQ prevents his full knowledge of the idiocy
he posts.

Ren frequently makes the claim that my positions are not defined. Readers of this blog know my positions quite well and come here to read my opinions. We do spend plenty of time doing book reviews. It may be that the opinions expressed on this blog are over the IQ capacity of Marxist cultists.

Hint Ren, Sonia is the hottie with no clothes, not the dude.


Jungle Mom said...

I give up on Ren. He refuses to accept the truth even when it is all over the international news. He says Chavez would not place military over the elected governors...on the very day Chavez did just that. I gave him links to even videos. All he says is he can't open them to view. Ignorance is understandable. Willful ignorance is just pitiful.

Ducky's here said...

That's right, gays can live in dignity so long as it does not involve civil recognition of a committed relationship.

Right Beak?

nanc said...

you as sonia?


no, really - bwaaaaaaahahaha!

if you could pull that one off, beak - you'd be my uberhero! i don't say that lightly. is ren a little pair of noids?

beakerkin said...


Ren belongs to a dangerous cult and his warped views are a product of the cult and his own stupidity. The truth is while commies talk about the poor
for the sake of power Christians serve the poor as a religious calling. Sorry, but anyone fooled by their empty rhetoric of Marx is an idiot.

The Pagan Temple said...


Again with the gay rights? Out of this whale of a post you focus on that one sentence?

One, you can support gay rights without supporting gay marriage, which by the way neither Obama nor Biden support.

Two, and this is the most important point of all-if you want to see gay marriage become a reality, it not the conservative judges who oppose them that you need to bitch at, its the liberal judges who support them that you need to bitch at.

I would explain that to you, but why bother, I doubt you'd get it.

kuhnkat said...


"How one confuses her positions with that of yours truly defies belief."

You both prefer doggy??


please tell us again how the disease vector called homosexuality is a net positive for society that promotes stability and healthy environments for children while sexualising and molesting them??

In case you haven't noticed, the homosexual and sex trade community is STILL the primary growth area for AIDS and other diseases which AIDS encourages!!

I am also still looking for the rush of Homosexuals to states that ALLOW same sex marriage. Tell us again how badly gays want to marry?!?!?!?!