Monday, October 13, 2008

The Beaker Survives a close encounter with a Dodge Dart

I went with my father to the old car show. My father enjoys looking at the old cars and
some of the cars were really rare. I do not ever recall seeing a Hupmobile but there it was. Many of the cars were turn of the century models. May father found a restored version of his first car a 1952 Nash.

I turned the corner and saw the horror of many a new driver the dreaded Dodge Dart. Alas there were two of these cars and those of us old enough to have driven in one might have nasty flashbacks.

There were some amazing electric trucks from the 30's and some gas hybrids from around the same time. Gas was cheap and the concept didn't go to far. I am not to keen on driving a truck with a joystick or standing up. The vehicles were not likely used for long trips.

I enjoyed getting out of the metropolitan area and seeing how people live in rural PA. Rural PA is better on the eye than Vermont, but Adirondack Park along I-87 is still the best especially in the spring. I also like Northern New Hampshire and the White Mountains of Maine.

I was stuck at a unit party on Friday. The younger officers are very gung ho and my laid back gentleness is foreign at times. When one has lived a full life one gets empathetic and it is a good thing. I was amazed at how hot it was near 80. I passed by a street fair and had amazing spinach pie, barbecued corn and some kebabs.

When I return to work tomorrow I am going to hear about leaving early. Many of my coworkers thought my gentle nature was an act. I had several come up to me during the party and say I did not realize you are so relaxed off duty. The truth is I am not a careerist. My career was doing something else and I am dedicated to service.

I think in the coming weeks I am going to be tasked with driving back to Hershey for a coworker. I am not a fan of scary rides as the A train at 3 AM is scarier than anything at an amusement park. Then again many of my life experiences were much scarier than those rides. Even more scary is being stuck with obnoxious far left in laws. Nobody in my family has ever been stupid enough to get that distinction.

I do enjoy eating in a rural restaurant and gassing up at a out of the way fuel station. In the Spring I am planning to drive across the USA. My plans may be altered by my paper that I have to deliver. I may just continue on from Dallas to San Diego
and return via a Northern route.


Always On Watch said...

Dodge Dart? Now there's a memory for me! When Mr. AOW and I were first married, we bought two used Dodge Darts. Great cars! One was a hotrod and would LEAP! The other was a 6 cylinder and had a pushbutton automatic tranny. How I loved that car!

We drove both of them into the ground. About 300,000 miles on each when we finally sold them for a pittance.

PA has excellent car shows, BTW.

Beamish said...

If you manage to actually find a place to pull off the Pennsylvania Turnpike to go to the restroom between Pittsburgh and Philly, try not to get frustrated trying to explain the concept of running water to the locals.

FJ said...

Get your kicks on Rt 66...