Monday, October 20, 2008

All things in moderation

Long term readers of this blog know I love the Beloved Rav Roov. His visits are very difficult as I am not called "Grouchy" without basis.

Rav Roov is Orthodox and I respect his beliefs which unfortunately are pushed upon me every time he visits. A Shabos is not a big deal as it is one or two days but a religious holiday gets on my nerves as it extends for days.

On top of having to accommodate his religious dictates the kids are noisy. The Rav's wife forgets everything and with TKO any electrical appliance or computer in her use.
One such recent visit had her leave a cordless phone in the dryer. I do not speak on cordless phones so it was not me.

They take forever to go home and a funny episode illustrates my point. I came from VT
on a rare holiday not knowing he would be there. Had I known I would have seriously remained in VT. After days of my rare vacation being cramped I decided to return to Vermont early. At the time I left at 10 PM on a Sunday Evening Rav Roov was packing.
I drove through the night and had a car breakdown in an unlikely spot at 4AM. I walked 5 miles in pitch black to a repair shop and had my car fixed. The shop did not
open until 9:00 and my car was not the first project.

Luckily I was only 40 miles away in VT from where the car broke. My car was fixed and I had lunch in St Albans and Rav Roov still did not make it home. He left at dinner
on Monday much to the disbelief of everyone.

I do love Rav Roov but these holiday visits drive me up a wall. I am not religious in nature and I am not very sociable. My coworkers do not seem to grasp this. I can endure a party for an hour or two tops but that is about it.

Unfortunately, the Rav is back. I will likely work very late and take the scenic route home via some Greek Diner. At least there I can see family disagreements, with great food and usually breath taking waitresses who serve with a smile and curse some relative invariable named Nikos.

I must be losing some of my edge as I am somehow considered good natured. I seldom eat by myself as someone invariably bothers me to go to lunch or the gym. The princess still orders me around. I fell off my chair when she hinted she wanted a child. I told her good luck and she looked at me. I reminded her I no longer perform manual labor. I had to deal with a pissed off princess for the rest of the day.

Life has got to get better than this.


The Merry Widow said...

Is this the vegan, forgetful and always late, or another?
You playboy, you! ROTFLOL!
Are these particular situations typical of large city families, or is it just you?
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

Run, Beaker, run for your bloody life!

FJ said...

I can't promise better...but they can alsways get worse.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, why don't you ask him about the report today on BBC about Likud filth putting up advertisements with a swastika over the Holy Father.

Ask him how long people should tolerate these Likud clowns.

The Pagan Temple said...

Does he know that you blog? If so, why not interview him at some point? Be sure and get his take on Obama, McCain, and oh yeah, don't forget to get him to give his views of the Kahanists. A Jewish kosher recipe would be cool.

FJ said...

Try the baklava... 15 minutes of peaceful bliss when served w/ a hot cup of Joe.

beakerkin said...

Rav Roov is a liberal and has been interviewed before. He usually describes Kahanists as kooks.