Friday, October 10, 2008

Peversion of History US Text books Jesus was a Palestinian

People wonder about the serious damage placing Communists anywhere near education poses
should be directed to the news stories about US textbooks citing Jesus was a "Palestinian". This blatant falsehood ranks up there with Holocaust denial and historians knowingly perpetuating the myths of the saintly Rosenbergs as innocents.

For those of you who are theologically impaired the correct he place to turn is to Josephus. Josephus does write plenty about the Jews in the time of Christ. He does mention Jesus very briefly. He does not mention Palestinians at all as an existent people. The area was not even called Palestine until long after the death of Jesus and even then this was by a decree of Rome.

Those of you familiar with the New Testament without Marxist corruption understand Jesus was Jewish. The originalist interpretation of Jesus was the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. He was not called King of the Phillistines, Hittites or Assyrians.

One need not wonder where the historical illiteracy comes from. It comes from our Universities that paint a Disney version of Islamic history to our students. Imagine
an American history with no mention of the crimes committed against Indians and happy
slaves. This version of history would be academic malfeasance. However, Muslim history of colonialism, Jim Crow abuses of indigenous people and rampant slavery is being purposely ignored.

It is time parents took these history textbooks back to the educators and demanded this blatant idiocy be removed.


Always On Watch said...

New book I just bought: The Trouble with Textbooks. I haven't had time yet to start reading, but the book looks like a doozie.

We've now got at least two generations who believe in the existence of the "Palestinians, the poor disenfranchised Palestinians." Getting that nonsense out of their brains takes real effort.

troutsky said...

I believe I am catching on. It's because Education, publishing and Media are all run by Bolsheviks, right?

Jungle Mom said...

If Jesus was a Palestinian, I'm a Martian!

The Merry Widow said...

I've read of this, the perversion of history is mind boggling. Facts and documents are ignored while pc nonsense is pushed as truth!
The Romans called Israel, Palestine after several rebellions, the last one was the seige at Masada.
So the Romans chose to call Israel the name of one of their worst enemies, the Philistines!
Even modern day psuedostinians are of Egyptian or Jordanian extraction, NOT even Philistine.
And until the 1960's, native born Israeli's(Jewish) were called Palestinians...the Jordanian/Egyptian/Turkish group were generally referred to as fedeyeens!
Yeshua is a physical descendent of
King David, who, the last time I checked, was of the tribe of Judah, the son of Jacob, ALSO KNOWN AS ISRAEL.
Deal with it, Yeshua's Jewish...HIS mother was a Jew.


The Pagan Temple said...

This is all a crock of shit. I thought Jesus was a black man. When did he become a Palestinian, did that happen sometime on his way back from building the replica of the temple somewhere in Meso-America? Maybe one of these days when he disembarks from the UFO mother ship we'll all finally know the truth.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I'm beside myself and need your help. I'm very worried about the creeping dhimmitude in Boston.

Here is an example of what's going on at the Isabella Gardner museum right now.

Landscape Visions Lecture — Saturday, October 25, 1:30pm

The Islamic Landscape: Visions of al-Andalus
Free with museum admission
Exploring the development of palace gardens in Islamic Spain and how these gardens related to environment, water, and buildings. Dede Ruggles will also explore the use of light and sound and visual illusion in Islamic gardens.


This is just a portion of the problem. They are also offering lectures on the "garden cities" of the Persian empire.
This effectively challenges the nonsense that the Jews "turned the desert green". What can we do to combat these obvious lies from Communist educators putting us on the path to dhimmitude?

beakerkin said...


You should ask your local Sufi about
Arabs cutting down trees. Stephen Schwartz mentions it in his book that you have not bothered to read.

Communists do not educate and as such they are ill suited for any vocation involving facts. Communists reinvent facts so often they require new texts to fit the party line of the moment.

There will be a move against big education and Ayers will be the poster boy.

Always On Watch said...

It will surprise you to know that I go to many an Islamic art show -- and I enjoy them. At one such expo, I even hobnobbed with the Saudi princes. That was before 9/11, of course.

Beautiful art does not a beautiful ideology make, however.

Ducky's here said...

Well AOW, I'd say this: You cannot know a people without knowing thier art. Americans do not understand muslims and they are still intent to lump all thing muslim under the extremist label.

We are a nation that lives by soundbites and aphorisms.

Yes, it is a beautiful art and that has to be reconciled with the belief that the entirety of the muslim and arabic world is barbaric.

Some is, for sure, but not nearly all.