Thursday, October 02, 2008

Col Bernie Sanders is at it again Crass Warfare

Col Bernie Sanders the joke Senator from Vermont has gone into classic class warfare themes. Soak those people making 500000 dollars or more and stick them with the Bill.
This is a typical Col Bernie ploy one with zero chance of passage and that makes the useless imbecile seem to appeal to the masses.

Lets go to the record as Sanders own record on the creation of jobs in the State of Vermont is abysmal. He seems to think that a diet of dairy subsidies inflicted on the consumers is his birthright. The record shows that States like New York get less return on their tax dollars than VT. When a major government agency (a big local employer) threatened hundreds of families with arbitrary job cuts Sanders was not herd from but he did take the time to party with Willie Nelson.

Sanders enjoys a state where the lone opposition to his madness is a local talk radio host. The Burlington paper is so far to the left it could be written by Hugo Chavez.
The other papers are almost entirely local news with little or no coverage.

Then again Sanders wife was hired as a joke college President with almost no scrutiny. The consulting fees paid to his wife in his joke campaigns may place Bernie
over his $500,000 limit. Is he getting residuals from placing his image on the KFC buckets. KFC is more marketable than BSFC but anyone that listens to Bernie's incoherent ramblings better break out the hip boots.

I asked Vermonters why they were voting for Bernie and the response is "Bernie Cares". They could never respond about what he cares about or any legislation passed by Sanders but he cares. Sanders opponent ran a Mickey Mouse campaign that folded
as soon as they asked some tough questions about Sanders votes.

One really should see a Bernie speech in person. His incoherent speech and appearance
are more suited to a homeless person than a Senator. He sticks to local issues in VT and leaves the far left lunacy in DC.

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Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders should have been Barack Obama's running mate. They're ideologically much more compatible than Obama-Bumbling Biden. Besides, Obama campaigned for the Independent Senator back in 2006... I guess that the Congressional "Progressive Caucus" couldn't do w/o their ideological "founding father."