Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beakerkin and Poultry

Many of you sometimes misconstrue my relationship with the Duck. I have no need to censor the Duck as he is a cut above your generic Communist Hack like Renegade Eye, Troutsky, Graemeful Dead and so forth. Part of the reason is due to the profound stupidity of the previously mentioned communist idiots. The Duck never cries and understands the difference between a good verbal swat and threatening children or directing a henchman to do your dirty work.

The Duck and I have been going at it for about five years. Much of the hostility is just my typical dismissive tone to Marxist idiocy and generic antisemitism. The other point is the Duck is well rounded and we can have entirely non political talk that would be very entertaining as on the rare occasions I discuss art, film or Literature.I contrast this with the amateur frauds who pretend an S&M film is a high art form, the guilty party knows whom I am pointing at.

The Duck may have some disgusting and idiotic ideas, but always remember that I never
take our interactions personally.

1 comment:

Ducky's here said...

Actually, Beak, you're a project. When you get off your political paranoia you are quite reasonable and even interesting.

There's a well rounded human intellect trying to escape but your paranoia just won't quite let it leave the cocoon.

Don't give up. I expect when you see that the Obama years go well you'll loosen up somewhat.