Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bound to Happen

A group of racists planned to assassinate Obama. This is scary as it would result in the election of the idiot Joe Biden. Biden would be the stupidest person in the Senate if not for the incoherent Col Bernie Sanders.

Political violence against elected officials is always clearly wrong an unAmerican. It is generally the product of far left dementia like Lee Harvey Oswald a commie, Cozgloz an anarchist dimwit or one of the freaks from the manson family who tried to kill President Ford. Mental illness and political violence are not mutually exclusive except for Hinckley who was almost entirely insane without politics.

Syria is actually stupid enough to threaten retaliation. The idiot Assad regime may get its wish and then some. It has plenty of army bases that can be leveled. Obviously Assad is dumber than he looks and that is an achievement.
The statement about Obama's birth certificate from the state of Hawaii is how government works. Information regarding records is supposed to be private unless there is a compelling need to know. The question is who invaded the privacy of Joe the Plumber who is clearly a private citizen. This is far more serious crime than Plamegate who was never protected by the law and deserves punishment. A government employee who gives this type of information to the press should be terminated, lose their pension and be looking at serious jail time.

Some of you are wondering what Obama's crazy Socialist spending spree is going to cost. Expect huge tax raises and populist attacks on drug and insurance companies.
The cost of higher ed is also through the roof but do not expect Obama to say a peep
about Bolshevik featherbedding in higher ed.

I am seriously wondering if Front Page Magazine should do a story about outsourcing higher ed to India. What would ever happen if American parents learned their children could get a higher quality education in India without Marx and at a lower cost? American Universities would be forced to lower prices and change their hiring practices. A friend of mine is already sending his daughter to a University in Ireland and is saving thousands. Higher ed is already absurdly over priced and reading Chomsky and Marx does prepare you for life as a societal parasite. Every student should be required to take a business base, so they can get JOBS.

I am wondering about my own department. It is true that the pace of deportations in the Clinton years was higher than that of the Bush years. I did ask a few older officers why this happened and the pointed to a series of laws that were enacted late
in the Clinton years. Some had pointed to a less numbers oriented approach allowing officers to do their jobs without a bean counter talking about production.

I also want to address the previous Immigration Bill. Some of you ignored to good parts of the proposal to end Anchor babies and Brides and do a greater focus on vocational immigration. It may not be as easy to pass an immigration bill as commonly assumed. Congress will be listening to talk radio and in a recession this will be a very tough sell when jobs are scarce.

A word about Vermont. I lived in Staten Island not far from the land fill and can honestly say the smells from dairy farms are worse. Vermonters tell you that you get used to that horrible odor, but it is a lie. The mosquitoes are all over the place in much of the summer and a simple evening of reading the paper outdoor will result in
a series of nasty bites all over the place. Give me cockroaches and rats any day before those dreaded mosquitoes. As far as scenic beauty the best part of Vermont are the sections you are least likely to see with the exception of the amazing stretch of road on 108 in Smugglers Notch. The Northeast Kingdom is an amazing place especially
the rode along the very North. However, for some amazing scenery keep going to New Hampshire past Dixville Notch and into Maine. That stretch of road is impressive. If you are going up to Montreal take I-87 and enjoy the best scenery in the North East.
The series of cliffs, Mountains and lakes is far better than anything I saw in Vermont. A friend of mine in Kansas who is an old timer swears by a stretch of road along the source of the Hudson to Oneida. I will try this in the summer but not without a GPS.

Just for fun

My coworkers found out about my hatred of folk music. No thanks guys but I will stick
with Patriotic Country Western and ditch the Bolshevism. Sorry, but if you want to hear Peter Paul and Mary go to another spot. My office is Barbara Striesand free and we are quite proud of that. I made a concession and allowed the Lady across the Hall
to play GASP The Carpenters but it was a moment of weakness.


Ducky's here said...

My coworkers found out about my hatred of folk music. No thanks guys but I will stick with Patriotic Country Western and ditch the Bolshevism.


Hey Beak, the great Ralph Stanley, our greatest living country musician endorsed Obama.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, can you explain to me what Moose Woman is saying here? Thank you.

GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is meeting with the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. as part of a three-city tour in Virginia designed to upend Democrat Barack Obama's lead over Republican John McCain in a state that hasn't backed a Democratic White House hopeful since 1964.

Palin greeted ambassador Sallai Meridor and apologized for not being able to meet with him sooner. She told the ambassador: "We look forward to ... working with your Jewish agency."

'Jewish agency?' What the hell does that even mean?? Is that more Fundie-Speak, or does she think Meridor works with some civic organization like the Chamber Of Commerce?

Seriously. I truly don't get it.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I was just wondering what you thought of the appearance of the Village People at all the McCain-Palin rallies lately? They think Bob the Builder and Carl the Cop are really going to turn the tide?

beakerkin said...


The Village People went to the McCain rally because Obama's communist pals keep trying to kill the one dressed like the cop.

Country Western types do not like Bolsheviks. Try talking about Marx in your nearest rodeo and get back to me.

That is a minor Palin flub and of no consequence.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I'll be the first to tell you that if those skinheads were successful with Obama, they would become my heroes.