Sunday, July 28, 2013

Should have gone to Baghdad

There is nothing worse then these endless invasions of frummies. Had I known they were going to do this again I would have gladly volunteered to go to Iraq. Why they need to be here week after week again is beyond me. I despise them and their lazy useless way. They are worse then a disaster film. Of course they have not learned from last year about how annoyed their endless visits make me. Of course when their car breaks they need my car. God forbid these lazy couch turds should earn a living.

There was a detail to Iraq from my office and had I known about this I would have gone. It is better to take my chances with Al Queda then to deal with this bunch. Of course like last year there is no warning and family knows how annoying these visits are. I don't mind or fear terrorism. I survived two explosions at the WTC and anything is better then more time with the frummies.

Odd trip to the Princeton Record Exchange

I went to the Princeton Record Exchange and found everything except what I was looking for. My Jay Black CD is Kaput. I am always on the lookout for Surf music. I even have backups because they are so rare.
I found an odd CD of the Fabulous Wailers but it does not include Mau Mau. It has a unique sound and they have some vocals.

I found a four CD Surf set that includes a book. It is a rare find. Still no Jay Black. The Fabulous Wailers CD includes Long Tall Cool One. It is one of my all time favorites. I will buy ACE records whenever I see them as they preserved long forgotten music. I love their compilation albums and whenever I see the label I buy it. Sadly this type of music does not even get on satellite radio.

It is funny that all types of people love this type of music and you can't find it. When I am on the phone to other  offices or have visitors from the State Department they tell me leave the stuff on. A few even asked
where I came up with that distinctive sound. If I ever come across the elusive Kowabunga box set I will grab it.

In the NYC area Doo Wop is more common and fills the shelf. Folks from Philly swear that they are dominant in that genre. I should have purchased Ramalama Ding Dong in honor of my Guyanese family. I left some Surf Music in Berbice on my last trip. Apparently, it is popular in the village.

As great at the record exchange the nearby book store is an abomination. They seemed to specialize in crank antisemitic Marxist tracts. Any store that displays Shlomo Sand prominently and has the entire works of Norman Finklestein deserves a pass. Back to a more mainstream seller like the Strand in NYC.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Return of the Frummies

In the never ending mission to annoy the piss out of me the frummies have returned yet again. They have no idea how much their never ending visits annoy me. It is funny but my coworkers know immediately. My friend at work said they're back. The staff at the diner pick it up in my body language.

I am going to give an example of the small annoyances. As they hog the AC I sleep next to the washing machine where it is always 20 degrees colder. This idiot does not work all day but starts a wash at 9pm knowing I am going to sleep. The result is yet another day with no sleep hot and miserable. Then when I explode in anger they feign piety like I am off my marble. I actually spent three days in the basement so I did not have to interact with these jerks.

The kid is slow and he lives in a fantasy world where he is going to make a living in a Yeshiva teaching Torah. The next fantasy is he will work in a business doing whatever. I point out that people who work in business typically have skills like marketing, accounting that are way beyond his grasp.

Sorry, but I respect the pot washer in the diner more then this crew. The pot washer works hard and earns his keep. There is more wisdom in the actions that cross my desk then in the idiotic seminary.

I will point to those that whine about gay or criminal relatives they have it easy. If you have criminal relatives at least they are locked up and not annoying you. Somewhere they are working hard at whatever task in prison. Gay relatives have taste in music, clothing and are not cultural zeroes. Beyond the religious texts these lunatics are cultural illiterates.

My parents did not become more religious until later in life and not to this extreme. I spent years begging to return to public school. I don't want this return me to my life. The misbehavior was me actually me just refusing to accept religious training. When I finally returned to public school, I was home and well behaved. In college no issues and graduation near the top of the class.

I want to point out I am Jewish. I am just tired of the over the top intrusive obnoxious lazy stupid relatives. In my world you work hard and expect little. There is no place for sloth and mendicancy .

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rachel Jeantel

There are many who seemed riveted to every word she says. I am bothered by the way the media discusses
her nonsense like it is profound wisdom. I am bothered by the way Rush Limbaugh lampoons her.

We elected a President who promised us a post racial Presidency. Instead we are more polarized then ever.
Much of the blame goes to the MSM false narrative that electing Obama is a way to redeem Americas historic wrongs. Historic wrongs are not redeemed by elections.

Those of us who live in big cities are familiar with people like Jeantel. We live in a false age where noble intentions are supposed to transform Jeantel into Cinderella by boosting her self esteem instead of educating her. 

I remember 10th grade when a God of an English teacher mocked our speech patterns. Beakerkin you sound like one of the Bowery Boys. No matter how erudite and bright your words are you sound like a 
greaser. The teacher was correct and he made progress. Had I remained with him for years, I might have ended up sounding more professorial.

Teachers today would get fired in days after a similar rant. We worry too much about self esteem and not enough about results and building character. I am wondering what my teacher Mr. Holtzman would say to a student like Jeantel. Yet, I also know that he understood who could take a joke and the limits of endurance.
He pushed me hard because merely using a fraction of my ability to pass wasn't his style. He wanted the students to excel. 

Maybe it is time to drop the noble intentions of esteem. In the real world employers could care less about esteem. Confidence and connections are more important to success then competence. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It is time America understands anyone can be racist

I stand perplexed at the confusion of some at the sudden revelation that Blacks can be as disgustingly bigoted as the stereotypical redneck. Ignorance comes in all shades and races. Low class boorish behavior comes in all classes and incomes.

The Church lady who works hard to support a disabled spouse embodies class no matter what color or income. Ducky has zero class despite his delusions of art and erudition. Class is dictated by how you behave not how much income. The boss that bullies the clerical has less class then the clerk.

Part of the reason we are seeing these events differently is years of liberal guilt. Sorry, but Trayvon is not Emmett Till. Trayvon had other options like just engaging in sane conversation. He could have just walked away. Instead he instigated a fight and was killed. There are those that blame Zimmerman, but if he were killed this would be an ordinary crime.

Violence is just not an acceptable option unless you are defending your country or others. It should be more
acceptable to walk away from asshats and jerks then to lower yourself to fight. Even if every assumption about benign intentions of Trayvon's actions were true, he instigated the fight.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Show Trial

The Obama administration screwed this case royally. This was a media driven event that should not have even gotten into a court. Obama's media cabal pushed a false story of an angelic kid killed by a crazed lunatic. They showed pictures of Martin from an earlier age.

Obama has no street credibility. He was raised in a white home and attended more Prep schools and smoked more weed then Al Gore. Unlike Al Gore, Obama never did an honest days work in his life. He basically is an Old Bolsheviks boys club classic case of nepotism. I will contrast the bio of Obama and Guineer vs Sowell, Cain and Powell. The Conservatives had to work and yes Clarence Thomas has a better bio then Barak Obama.

Rather then the garbage about if I had a son he would look like Trayvon. Obama should of spoken about the sick and depraved gangsta culyure. If you dress like a Gangsta you might be mistaken for one. Who wears a hoodie in FLA? Walking into a gated community where you don't belong isn't bright. Also if you think you are being followed act responsibly.  Are you following me? I am on my way to X have a good day. Instead Martin attacked Zimmerman and did not know he had a gun, Had Martin killed Zimmerman this would be a generic street crime.

This was a classic show trial and the government should be ashamed of itself.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Reading Honigman

The great thing about reading this book is nobody has heard of this author. The title is innocuous enough that lefties don't bother you. Just the same I tuck the book behind my desk out of view. The chapters are small and can be read in any sequence. As the work is grueling I have great problems reading long books.

Tomorrow is the very rare time I work overtime. I do not like the extra work, but there is a specific job at hand that must be done.

Next week I might take a morning off because I am worn down.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shakes head

I am just floored at the people who continue to defend Obama despite the mess. Obama care is dragging the economy down and accounts for the rise of part time employment. The employment situation for Black male HS dropouts is dire. In fact the numbers were so bad I thought it was an error. At precisely the same time Obama opens the floodgates to illegal aliens so the job situation will be more dire.

While the situation is dire the Obama MSM feeds the masses Travon. Sorry, even if Zimmerman was 100% guilty the damage caused by Obama policies dwarfs racial concerns.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Unhealthy Frum Lifestyle

Despite what you hear, Frum people have a lifestyle that in many ways is similar to the behavior of drug addicts. The goal in life is to do no work. I am disgusted by a relative who has not worked for twenty years.
She runs around with the phone implanted in her ear on the internet 24/7. Don't complain to me about Yeshiva bills when your wife is a couch turd who makes no effort to do anything productive

Of course the family car breaks down and the first response is to take my car. I haven't drove my car regularly in years. It pretty much takes me to the Greek Dinner. Of course buying a used car is out of the question and I don't want their money. I want to never see them again.

Sorry, but this relative has not worked in two decades. Get a job and stop the crap about God. Show some self respect and have a work ethic.

In general the mental health communities have allowed pathological behavior like this to run rampant because
the lunatics doing this are religious. I work like a dog and that is fine. I take a check and in turn my job is to give 100% each and every day and then die.  Looking at the sloth and abnormal behavior sickens me. Sorry,
I do not venerate the lifestyle in Eastern European ghettos. Moreover, religious folks in those communities worked menial jobs and eked out a living. They certainly understood the value of hard work.

The N Word follies

I don't use that word. I don't think in those types of term. It is also a low class type of speech and I cringe when younger Blacks use it. The word does not become more socially acceptable with an a at the end.

We have a hysterical double standard with that word. If you say the N word you can lose your job. In reality
my issue is that Blacks do not get anywhere near the abuse that gays get. In fact many of the worst offenders
of gay slur words are Black. A classic was a supervisor who swore that certain women posses a super power called gaydar. As far as super powers the ability to detect who is or is not gay is pretty lame. It is less useful then the ability to make a decent cup of coffee. Gay people face more discrimination then Blacks in the modern office. It is time we treat the issue of discrimination against gays as seriously as the use of the N word.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Return of the Frummies.

They are back and more annoying then ever with their obnoxious religious lifestyle. They have no idea how annoying and irritating this lifestyle of sloth and ignorance is. Pardon me don't complain about Yeshiva bills when your lazy wife hasn't worked in twenty years. This does not stop this couch turd from being a career advice pest. The kids are grown so what is the newest excuse not to work.

I am buying a cemetery plot in Guyana so I can at least spend the after life away from these religious mendicants. They come over every holiday. Sadly, my birthday was Memorial day. They asked what I wanted for my birthday. Different relatives, a well placed bolt of lightning so I can get away from these jerks or even a nice prison sentence. Warden throw me into solitary anything but these annoying frummies. This means that they will stay until Mon morning.

Why is it I get up at the crack of dawn bust my hump at work and the frummies never seem over worked.
Oddly enough we don't have a single one in my agency that I know of. There are a few Jews here and there
but no frummies. Oddly there are government workers who are lazy. However, in my agency a cruel and idiotic management has turned the area into a sweat shop.

My sole frummie joke was when they brought out the latest time standard I asked if we are supposed to cut our own straw. Nobody got that joke just as well.