Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Return of the Frummies

In the never ending mission to annoy the piss out of me the frummies have returned yet again. They have no idea how much their never ending visits annoy me. It is funny but my coworkers know immediately. My friend at work said they're back. The staff at the diner pick it up in my body language.

I am going to give an example of the small annoyances. As they hog the AC I sleep next to the washing machine where it is always 20 degrees colder. This idiot does not work all day but starts a wash at 9pm knowing I am going to sleep. The result is yet another day with no sleep hot and miserable. Then when I explode in anger they feign piety like I am off my marble. I actually spent three days in the basement so I did not have to interact with these jerks.

The kid is slow and he lives in a fantasy world where he is going to make a living in a Yeshiva teaching Torah. The next fantasy is he will work in a business doing whatever. I point out that people who work in business typically have skills like marketing, accounting that are way beyond his grasp.

Sorry, but I respect the pot washer in the diner more then this crew. The pot washer works hard and earns his keep. There is more wisdom in the actions that cross my desk then in the idiotic seminary.

I will point to those that whine about gay or criminal relatives they have it easy. If you have criminal relatives at least they are locked up and not annoying you. Somewhere they are working hard at whatever task in prison. Gay relatives have taste in music, clothing and are not cultural zeroes. Beyond the religious texts these lunatics are cultural illiterates.

My parents did not become more religious until later in life and not to this extreme. I spent years begging to return to public school. I don't want this return me to my life. The misbehavior was me actually me just refusing to accept religious training. When I finally returned to public school, I was home and well behaved. In college no issues and graduation near the top of the class.

I want to point out I am Jewish. I am just tired of the over the top intrusive obnoxious lazy stupid relatives. In my world you work hard and expect little. There is no place for sloth and mendicancy .


Always On Watch said...

I don't know how you stand these people! They are parasites -- and inconsiderate parasites, at that.

Ducky's here said...

This seems to me to be an issue you have with your break with orthodoxy.

Seems like you've never been at peace with the decision.
I'm not being critical. Just saying that you may need to come to accept your decision.

beakerkin said...


You have this backwards. I never was
Orthodox my parents became more religious and I remained the same. My brother took the religious bit way further then my folks.

As I was never religious and rejected this lifestyle many times my place is clear. It remains my goal to prevent a posthumous change
thus my burial plot will be abroad.

Always On Watch said...

Off topic....You have been NOMINATED! Participate or now -- your call.