Sunday, July 28, 2013

Odd trip to the Princeton Record Exchange

I went to the Princeton Record Exchange and found everything except what I was looking for. My Jay Black CD is Kaput. I am always on the lookout for Surf music. I even have backups because they are so rare.
I found an odd CD of the Fabulous Wailers but it does not include Mau Mau. It has a unique sound and they have some vocals.

I found a four CD Surf set that includes a book. It is a rare find. Still no Jay Black. The Fabulous Wailers CD includes Long Tall Cool One. It is one of my all time favorites. I will buy ACE records whenever I see them as they preserved long forgotten music. I love their compilation albums and whenever I see the label I buy it. Sadly this type of music does not even get on satellite radio.

It is funny that all types of people love this type of music and you can't find it. When I am on the phone to other  offices or have visitors from the State Department they tell me leave the stuff on. A few even asked
where I came up with that distinctive sound. If I ever come across the elusive Kowabunga box set I will grab it.

In the NYC area Doo Wop is more common and fills the shelf. Folks from Philly swear that they are dominant in that genre. I should have purchased Ramalama Ding Dong in honor of my Guyanese family. I left some Surf Music in Berbice on my last trip. Apparently, it is popular in the village.

As great at the record exchange the nearby book store is an abomination. They seemed to specialize in crank antisemitic Marxist tracts. Any store that displays Shlomo Sand prominently and has the entire works of Norman Finklestein deserves a pass. Back to a more mainstream seller like the Strand in NYC.

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