Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It is time America understands anyone can be racist

I stand perplexed at the confusion of some at the sudden revelation that Blacks can be as disgustingly bigoted as the stereotypical redneck. Ignorance comes in all shades and races. Low class boorish behavior comes in all classes and incomes.

The Church lady who works hard to support a disabled spouse embodies class no matter what color or income. Ducky has zero class despite his delusions of art and erudition. Class is dictated by how you behave not how much income. The boss that bullies the clerical has less class then the clerk.

Part of the reason we are seeing these events differently is years of liberal guilt. Sorry, but Trayvon is not Emmett Till. Trayvon had other options like just engaging in sane conversation. He could have just walked away. Instead he instigated a fight and was killed. There are those that blame Zimmerman, but if he were killed this would be an ordinary crime.

Violence is just not an acceptable option unless you are defending your country or others. It should be more
acceptable to walk away from asshats and jerks then to lower yourself to fight. Even if every assumption about benign intentions of Trayvon's actions were true, he instigated the fight.

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Always On Watch said...

You might want to check out this information. Perhaps a reason for Martin's behavior that night.