Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rachel Jeantel

There are many who seemed riveted to every word she says. I am bothered by the way the media discusses
her nonsense like it is profound wisdom. I am bothered by the way Rush Limbaugh lampoons her.

We elected a President who promised us a post racial Presidency. Instead we are more polarized then ever.
Much of the blame goes to the MSM false narrative that electing Obama is a way to redeem Americas historic wrongs. Historic wrongs are not redeemed by elections.

Those of us who live in big cities are familiar with people like Jeantel. We live in a false age where noble intentions are supposed to transform Jeantel into Cinderella by boosting her self esteem instead of educating her. 

I remember 10th grade when a God of an English teacher mocked our speech patterns. Beakerkin you sound like one of the Bowery Boys. No matter how erudite and bright your words are you sound like a 
greaser. The teacher was correct and he made progress. Had I remained with him for years, I might have ended up sounding more professorial.

Teachers today would get fired in days after a similar rant. We worry too much about self esteem and not enough about results and building character. I am wondering what my teacher Mr. Holtzman would say to a student like Jeantel. Yet, I also know that he understood who could take a joke and the limits of endurance.
He pushed me hard because merely using a fraction of my ability to pass wasn't his style. He wanted the students to excel. 

Maybe it is time to drop the noble intentions of esteem. In the real world employers could care less about esteem. Confidence and connections are more important to success then competence. 


Always On Watch said...

Have you seen THIS. Astounding, really.

beakerkin said...

Wow I have never seen Greta that animated.