Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Unhealthy Frum Lifestyle

Despite what you hear, Frum people have a lifestyle that in many ways is similar to the behavior of drug addicts. The goal in life is to do no work. I am disgusted by a relative who has not worked for twenty years.
She runs around with the phone implanted in her ear on the internet 24/7. Don't complain to me about Yeshiva bills when your wife is a couch turd who makes no effort to do anything productive

Of course the family car breaks down and the first response is to take my car. I haven't drove my car regularly in years. It pretty much takes me to the Greek Dinner. Of course buying a used car is out of the question and I don't want their money. I want to never see them again.

Sorry, but this relative has not worked in two decades. Get a job and stop the crap about God. Show some self respect and have a work ethic.

In general the mental health communities have allowed pathological behavior like this to run rampant because
the lunatics doing this are religious. I work like a dog and that is fine. I take a check and in turn my job is to give 100% each and every day and then die.  Looking at the sloth and abnormal behavior sickens me. Sorry,
I do not venerate the lifestyle in Eastern European ghettos. Moreover, religious folks in those communities worked menial jobs and eked out a living. They certainly understood the value of hard work.

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Always On Watch said...

MJB came over for dinner the other night and asked how you were. Yes, he remembers you!

I showed him this post and a few others. He was ROTF!