Saturday, April 30, 2005

More Crank Dot Net material from the Recidivist

Simon Jones is another left wing moron who posts cyberturds in the blogosphere and fancies himself an intellectual. His pile of bigoted blathering can be found on the
blog of the brain impaired Recidivist, who has a 167 IQ. Obviously reading comprehension is not his strong point as he complimented a blatantly Antisemitic post.Searching through the blogoshere desperately looking for someone to agree with his bigoted point of view. He is trying to rationalize his bigotry but continues to
come up with nothing but Marxist fact his constant pattern of exclusively bashing the United States and Israel is in line with current Communist patterns. He will not
comment about abuses in Communist countries but he finds plenty to go into Jooos, Israel,USA and Pope.

" But a deeper consideration of the matter will lead us to the realization that it is not only the Wolfowitzes and the Bushes,the Jewish and the nonJewish Zionists alike,who are the problem,but our own inculcated Judaic Culture."
All of you non Joooooooos are defacto cultural Jooooooooos.

"Modern Civilization itself rose from Judaism........The restless cultural and social alienation at the root of our philosophy of progress and behind the logic of Capitalism. For the essence of Judaism is alienation. Alienation from one's homeland and in tandem with this - from oneself and nature".
The dolt leaves out that Marx himself could be best described as a alienated Joooo.

" The wandering,usurious Jew is perhaps the most compelling and unsettling archetype
ingrained in the human psyche. (Only if one is predisposed to bigoted images)Who is
immune from the sinister image of Shylock, with his pointed beard, crafty shifting
eyes,bent on revenge against a world that is in essence his enemy ? Christianity and Islam fobid the charging of interest,except in the case of you enemy(Duet 23:19: from him exact usury whom it would not be a crime to kill.)Hence the despised Jew became a money lender by default."
No Joooos were kept outside the fuedal system by design and prohbited from apprenticing in the guild due to bigotry. This is another case of being verbose and
saying not much in a paragraph.

"But by the same token , Dueteronomy allows the Jews to exact usury from the Gentile (his enemy). This encapsulates the Jewish mentality: a racially identified belief (unlike Christianity or Islam) identififying the world as its - chosen people- enemy.
Cast out of Israel, fated to wander in exile, comforted only by the word, the Jew was
forced to fashion his mentality in the ruthless forge of hatred and despair. Nature itself became the other ,to be conquered and exploited. All non Jews became the enemy, to be both feared and exploited."
A quick look at Jews show them to be of every race. Jews were generaly worried about survival and wanted to be left in peace but Pogroms, Jihad and Crusades are inconveniences. The part about nature and exploitation is crank dot net territory. It figures the Recidivist would be dumb enough to say great article.

"As globalization took hold in the world in the 15th century on, with the emphasis of rationalism,technology,trade and conquest,the attitude towards usury,and consequentialy , Jews began to change.Instead of being despised,they became more and more the model for Western Civilization. The nations most open to the Jews- Holland and England - were the first to establish banking, establish central banks and expand into commercial empire. As Jews integrated into society,their character traits,forged over a long and difficult history ,took hold - patience steadfast devotion to learning and work, and more subtly ,acceptance and even love of usury,accumulation of capital (not flagrant displays of wealth, as the feudal rich indulged in),and the co-requisite treatment of the outside world (both people and nature) as the enemy to be exploited. The Western world became Jewish as Marx put it, and adopted the Jewish idea of sucsess "

More illucid Marxist (another Jooooooo) inspired BS. Jews were more numerous in Poland and Russia, oops theory out the window. Usury is a jooooooooish phenomena. No it is the cornerstone of the economy eco 1001. I think other people were ambitious other then joooos. Jones idea is that all these fuedal lords competed because the followed the jooooooooos example. Jones is an example of a salon antisemite. He says
alot of meaningless words that add up to Jews had a head start on banking.Most bigots are full of hot air. The Recidivist is full of shit. I want him to seriously explain that he is not an anti semite. Kafkaesque couldn't buy this load of crap.

"America, as the tabula rasa, became the new homeland of the Jews,who emigrated there in large numbers.As the genocide of the Native Americans proceeded apace (the first great genocide of modern history) and the world slave trade expanded (the second great genocide) ,the Jews prospered,despite the residual discrimination they experienced. Ironically those gentiles in control,were effectively Jews in their lifestyle and thinking. As America grew and prospered , in the embrace of the Judaic formula for sucsess ,the greatestof the new businessand cultural establishments- New York and later Hollywood- attracted an astonishingly high percentage of Jews. Like it or not , Jewish figures prospered in what can only be described as a Jewish cultural milieu. Why is this suprising ? After all we are all Jews now."

Jones is verbose pompous and wrong. He leaves out the genocide that occured in the Islamic Conquests. One can find links to the Yezidi account, Vohuman has the Zoroastrian account. Trifkofic covers India and the numbers are huge. I am reading the Budhist accounts on line. The Christian accounts are familiar. He ommits the eastern slave trade that killed more then the Atlantic trade. Jews played a minimal role in both situations. Muslims had a pronounced role in the slave trade. Whites were also enslaved in the Islamic world.The protestant hard work ethic may come as a surprise to Jones. His fulminations about Hollywood shows he needs to read Sowell on ethnic clustering in industries as a natural function. Jones you can't be a Joooooo
you are too stooooopid. You barely make the cut as a human, only because animals are not verbose.

"It took the third great genocide ( this time against the Jews themselves) to put the Jewish questyion squarely on the worlds agenda.The sypathy gave us the zionists (a 19th century movement which arose in response to the ascendency of the Jewish idea at the center of world civilization)their opportunity to incarceratetheir sacred goal of re-establishing a state of Israel. The Torah indeed talks of the promised land for the chosen people, a future reconciliation, an overcoming of their age old alienation,here on earth.But David Abrahams argues in The Spell of the Sensous that this promise is not a physical establishment of a homeland for the Jews but a spiritual reconciliation of manking."

Only Antisemites ever use the term Joooooish question. Jews are the indigenous people backed by archeology and every reputable history. What does anyone care what wacked out theory some leftist crank has. Try quoting Michael Lerner next since you are into clowns. Jones must have been vacinated with a phonograph needle.

"We must overcome our fundamental alienation from nature and a world of emnity and exploitation, a process which the Jews themselves began , and which we emrbraced it (knowingly or unknowingly ) ,has led to our social and environmental crisis.Thus it is not a question of Zionism per se being evil,but of the misplaced concreteness of present day Zionism -identifying the promised land with a physical (vs spiritual)
location,just as the chosen people are mistakenly identified racialy as Jews (vs the entire human race.) There is only one promised land ( our planet earth) and only one race human kind."

Crank Dot Net should look at this paragraph. Jooooos blamed for polution and a social crisis. Only Nazis identify Jooooos in racial terms. I guess infidel , heathen and barbarian were terms of endearment. To Jones only Joooooos are ethnocentric. The whole earth is the promised land well you and your crank dot net comrades can leave this tiny parcell to the Joooooos. You can have the rest of the planet.

"Consider the present crisis in America and the rise of Anti-Americanism worldwile.The Us has become a Jewish state in more ways than one. It has the same security checks,the same poverty for many and riches for a few as Israel. This similarity is felt by friend and foe alike. David Quinn wrote in the Sunday Times, that the feel of the Irish intellectuals rejection of American policies is so strong so palapable ,so irrational(sic)that it reminded me of nothing so much as Antisemitism. American are like the Jews in having become the scapegoat of choice for half the planet.The Jews were acused of controling the worlds finances,so is the United States. The Jews were accused of promoting decadence through their control of culture and art,so is the United States. The Jews were accused of putting their power to a range of nefarious uses , so is the United States. Given America's power and wealth, and the strength of its Jewish lobby,in the Middle east it has been simplicity itself to mixanti-American with age old Anti- semitism to produce a noxious brew"

This statement is proof that Jones is decidedly Anti American and Anti Semitic. The Recidivist by approving this post has proven my assesment of him as an Anti American,Anti Semitic cartoon charachter. His curious lack of statements on Communism give me the suspicion that his true sentiments are red.

" So what is the way out of civilization's dead end ?"

Simon Jone's suicide and the Recidivist taking anti psychotic drugs would be a good start.

" First, if the 1500 years of human history where the Jew was both despised and the money lender of last resort is proof of anything,it is that there seems to be a role for chresmatstics ( charging interest) ,then considered a dangerous and sinful practice in human civilization, only it must be strictly circumscribed. Rational management of economic resources requires rational tools. But they are the tools in the hands of humans, not magic wands which,like the sorcer's apprentice found out, can take on a will of their own and create havoc. They must be based upon spirituality,small scale communal values, and incorporate human activity within the context of the larger natural world ( vs the reverse today)."

More Crank Dot Net ecconomics and Michael Lerner feel good religion tosed together to make zero sense.Sweeping generalities no specifics and all hackneyed cliches.

" Secondly,and similarly ,there are no evil people, Allempires become malignant when unchecked.The American spirit of eutrepeneurship,self reliance, and local self government is indeed worthy of emulation.Likewise, if harnessed, the incredible cultural and scientific richness of Israeli society could transform the Middle East in a benign way. But every empire if left unchecked becomes malignant, and we must devote our energies to reining in the Judeo-American empire before it destroys all of us. The Soviet empire killed and exiled millions in the drive to demolish the old order,producing uniformity and environmental decay just as deadly as its American antagonists. Unchecked , the Nazis unleashed the most horrible war on the world and killed millions of Slavs and Jews"Now the Judeo-American forces have been unhinged by the completeness of their victories in 1945 and in 1991.They understand it as a license to drive the world into perdition."

The term Judeo-American empire is bigoted and a reflection of the bigotry of both Jones and the brain impaired Recidivist.America remotely compared to Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union is a pipe dream and illucid, typical bigotry .

" Finally, the tragic mistake of creating Israel as a racially -based country must be confronted.The best solution would be to refound a Palestinian State where Jews and Native Arabs live in equality,in harmony with nature and without racial discrimination,not so much a homeland for the Jews,but a recognition of the spiritual reconciliation of all of humankind,and a transcendence of the false category of race and the equally false separateness of humankind and nature ."

The fact that the state was divided and a Judenrien state of Jordan is omitted. The fact that Arabs and Muslim governments as judged by Freedom House is lost on Jones.
It is up to the Jooooooooos to solve the worlds problems to serve as his green Christ.Sorry, nature boy there is plenty of real eastate in Canada and Siberia for you to experiment with Utopia. Why don't you start tip toeing through the tulips and call us in a few thousand years.

"However, this is an imperfect world. What is essential is that Israel return (kicking and screaminng by a post Bush President if necessary) to the peace process -
no tricks and mirrors, Once the perverse mentality of modern day zionism is rejected
and Israel takes even one step towards sanity,normality and fairness,I am convinced a tidal wave of relief will sweep across the Middle East, bringing in its wake the beginings of true democracy.But social justice is the cornerstone of this process".

A nation that is being attacked by suicide bombers and terrorist daily has every right to defend itself. What is more perverse then terrorism and the keystone cops game the PA plays with the terrorist. The pressure should not be on Israel it should be on the Palestinians to stop the terrorism. Jones is living in a fantasy world if he thinks that solving the Palestinian matter will issue in an era of freedom. Social Justce is a frequent Communist code word for government plunder.

Great True Story but No articles

In my earlier post Forgotten people of the Middle East part 3 we spoke of the Yezidi.
The Yezidi are perhaps the most enigmatic people on the planet. I read six articles on them and the opinions and facts were all over the map. The most indisputable fact was that they are misunderstood and have been persecuted.

The Yezidi have been persecuted under various Islamic auspices Arab ,Turk and Kurd have persecuted these people. At the end of the article there are 34 examples of this persecution. The fate of the Yezidi is another people the left choose to ignore.
Real indigenous people are left to rot , while fake ones are promoted.

Apparently , the Yezidi did rescue 20,000 Armenians during the genocide by the Turks
and Kurds. This massacre of Christians is just another event that is swept under the rug. The fact that the Yezidis a highly persecuted people risked their own lives to save another persecuted people is a wonderful story. I have found references to the event on Armenian forums and sites. An article on this subject would be amazing reading. Sometimes man is capable of greatness in its nadir moments. The courage of the yeasty in the genocide should be praised.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Have I Become a Neocon ??????

There is a site called Blogshares that plays a fantasy game based upon Blog traffic. People voted what they think this blog is about. This blog started out as a vehicle for my comedy skits until we were rudely attacked from the UK. My responses to those attacks were fun and moved the blog in a new direction. The Recidivist is an inviting target because he is so self righteous,ignorant and stupid. His band of toadies come here and cry LIAR, Hypocrite, Racist and a few pathetic. They are so much fun to bat around . The only one that has any sense is Hawke who is articulate and witty.

The people at blogshares reviewed this site and several categories were selected. Politics,International Politics,neoconservative, Religion, Right Wing Politics and a few votes as a New York Blog. All these votes are accurate but no votes in the humor category. I suppose the next move is for all the Recidivists toadies to register with blog shares and have me reclassified as humor. Try your best toadies and if you can muster the support maybe you can get me listed as humor.

The question for the readers and nonreaders (the critics who claim they do not read
but comb this site. Yes the Recidivist is brain impaired)is have I become a Neocon ?
Have I been a Neocon all along and mislabeled myself as a Rudy Republican ? Are Rudy Republicans really Neocons ?

For new readers let me begin my political journey. I was a young kid at the time of Woodstock staying with my family in a small town Ferndale NY in the Catskills. As a tiny child my idols were my Dad, Uncles, Policemen ,President Nixon and the troops who wore the uniform. My uncles would gather and I would learn from my them the horror of WWI, WW2 and Korea. One of them survived a mustard gas attack in WWI and lived to be into his 90's.

My mother took me into Liberty NY to a local baker I loved called Katz's. I loved the oversized cookies with half chocolate and vanilla frosting we called half and halves. While waiting outside a long hair took my flag and ran off with it. I cried up a storm and Mom bought me a new one. I was too young to know about hippies and thought Cousin It from the Adams Family stole my flag. Based upon the grooming habits of hippies I may have been closer then I thought. I wanted to play in the nearby woods but there were needles and longhairs again on their way to Woodstock in nearby Bethel NY. I kept on wondering where was the doctors office in the woods. The fact that I couldn't play in the woods because of the longhairs made me grow resentful. Who are these evil people that steal a flag from a young kid and make it unsafe for them to play in the forest. In those days there were no bears but apparently there are some today along with Coyotes and packs of feral dogs.

My father took me into the city as a young child. It was a treat to view the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. I remember the longhairs were at it again the were burning the flag I cried. They were calling my heroes the friendly Policemen Pigs ." Don't these men know that Policemen are your friend "I asked my father. I learned a lot of new words that my father told me were unrepeatable . These words were being said about another hero my President. They were calling my other idols "Baby Killers" and " War Criminals". I grew to hate these people and as I got older these self deluded morons got my perspective.

The funny thing happened when the kids my age watched the movie apocalypse Now. We took the message of the film entirely differently then Hollywood intended. The catchy music of the Doors and Jim Morrison was introduced to my generation. All of my friends started to Read No One here Gets Out Alive. My friends and I started to see the Vietnam veteran as screwed by the system . The veterans were restored to the
idols we looked up to. The protesters were viewed as self absorbed , obnoxious and even traitorous human garbage. The correct perspective had been restored to men who were always our heroes.

When I went to College our professors were of that older generation. They tried to spin the tale that the protesters were beloved in the nation. This fairy tale might work on students today. However my generation was old enough to have remembered it differently remember how people loathed and despised the protesters. Years of brainwashing by the media have tried to reinforce this myth. However you can see shades of the truth in the discovery Times Channel account of Kent State. The townspeople were angry that "Peace Protesters" smashed store windows downtown. One of the shooting victims recounts that her father was upset that more protesters weren't shot. This sentiment is repeated several times in the documentary. If the protesters were so popular why does this sentiment get repeated often. The truth was the protesters were many things but peaceful was not one of them.

My friends and I would gather to watch Tour of Duty every week. We would talk about a wonderful new radio show that was driving our Professors nuts . The show was the Rush Limbaugh show and at the time he had a local NYC show in addition to his national show. The most upsetting thing one could say to a professor was I listen to
Bob Grant or read the NY Post before class. I remember a professor walking up to a table of conservatives in the cafeteria demanding we stop reading the post in the cafeteria. My buddies and I told the block patrol where to go . The most outraged was my friend the late Saul. He was a liberal and asked who turned our College into the Soviet Union. Conservatives weren't as feisty in those days but today this incident would be in Front Page Magazine.

When the time came for me to register I was faced with a choice that took about two seconds. Where does a dedicated Cold Warrior belong who is a social liberal . The choice was the party of Reagan or Mondale. The choice took about three seconds as my
priority was winning the Cold War and defense.

I read many fine writers who were certainly Neocons in College. David Horowitz,Radosh, Dinesh D'Sousa, and the late Eric Briendel but as I never was a Communist the term doesn't apply in the classic sense. Neocons was a derisive term coined by Michael Harrington to Norman Podehertz who viewed himself as a liberal.

The colloquial use according to Coulter is " dirty Jooooish Republican". Most leftist can not name more then two Neocons. If the definition is a pro Israel Jewish Republican it is applicable. I still consider myself a Rudy Republican as his view nearly mirror my own. What is the domestic policy of neocons ?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More Forgotten People in the Middle East part 3

The most misunderstood people on the planet are the Yezidi of Northern Iraq and Southern Turkey. The story of the Yezidi persecuted historicaly by Muslims is one of the lesser known episodes in the Islamic expansions. This topic is never adressed in our PC educational system. In fact I am finding even well educated people have not heard of these forgotten people.Part of the problem is with our media that focuses undue attention on fake indigenous people " Palestinians " and ignores real indigenous people like Assyrians.

Everything about the Yezidi is confusing and preparing this post was quite difficult.
I have read they are offshoots of Zoroastrians, Islam , Mithraism, Christianity and entirely unique.There are only 200,000 of these people left which is roughly equal
to the amount of confused scholars. Most Yezidis are Kurds but there are different pre Arab invasion nationalities as well.


" They speak a Northern Dialect of Kurdish (Kurmanji).Except for some Arabic poems , their oral prayers,hyms (quel),sacred songs and whatever they recite are in Kurmanji.
All scriptures and texts that they have are also in Kurdish".Thier traditions are largely oral traditions handed down from one generation to the next.They have no theological schools and have a mere two books and a few odd texts.

The Yezidis have a small religion that is opposed by the other three Abrahamic faiths. Although I tend to doubt Jews persecuted them being small and dispersed themselves.The Yezidi tend to live in High Mountain Villages. They celebrate some of their neighbors religious festivals .They have close bonds with the Muslim Kurds
and invite them to place the male child on their lap durring the circumsion ritual.
This bond ( Kirivanti) is extreemly important in Kurdish culture.

Yezidis have survived by strict marriage prohibitions. They are forbiden from entering the hose of worship of another faith. They do not use eating utensils belonging to outsiders but can purify these Items with water taken from a nearby holy spring.

The origins of Yezidism are unkown and the word itself is said to be Sumerian. One of the reasons it has survived is due to its ability to survive hidden. This aspect is similar to the concept of Marranoism in Judaism. People pretended to be of another faith while practicing Judaism in person.

" The Yezidis are spoken of as devil worsipers. The chief of Heftan,Meleke Tawus is regarded as Satan in other communities.Yezidis have raised a way of reaction to
this regard;"terms that mean devil, words that sound like these , terms refering to concepts remotely concerned with Satan ,such as cursing or stoning and words sounding more or less like those are forbidden.There is a theory that the names of
familiar deamon were other local peoples gods. This would seem to back this theory.

The Yezidi have a high respect for Nature and the four elements that play key roles in their lives.Earth ,Wind, Wind and Fire all have ceremonies,yet much akin to Zoroastrianism fire plays a key role.Many of their taboos relate to polution and the environment.

They have a variety of food prohibitions like Judaism and Islam. Howver, most of these come from local languages of words that sound like Satan or evil customs.
Lettuce, Cabage and pumpkin are prohibited. They do not eat fish to honor the prophet Jonah.Gazelle is not eaten as it was once the herd of a phrophet.The male chicken is not eaten as it resembles their god Melke Taurus.

Certain animals have special meanings to the Yezidi. Like Mithraism the Bull is Sacred as is the Snake. Yezidis sacrafice Bulls in autumns as it is supposed to represent brotherhood and life without wars.The black snake is considered sacred but is a sign of evil in the Abrahamic faith. Like in Mirthaism the scorpion has a positive symbol it represents thoe cure for scorpion bites.They celebrate both Mithran and Somezoroastrian ceremomies.


ID Cards and more lunacy from the left

Our favorite Joooo and American hating braindead earthworm like to spin folk tales. There is a better term for his stories but given his proclivities I prefer to self censor the obvious pun. He regularly points to Israel's ID card as unfair and unique
to Israel. We have seen him tell a few whoppers so lets place this one up to the reality test.

Israels ID Includes the three primary categories Jew,Druze, Arab and 100 other categories such as non Jew , Circaisian and Bedouin.

Afghanistan lists religion and ethic group
Bhutan lists ethnic groups
Brunei lists religion
Burundi lists ethnicity.
Cambodia lists ethnicity
China lists ethnicity
Congo lists tribe
Dominican Republic lists skin color and race
Egypt Lists rekigion
France Roma required to cary special ID card with fingerprints.
Georgia lists ethicity
Idonesia Lists religion and ethicity
Iraq Lists Religion and Ethnicity
Iran Requires Christians to carry special ID and Churches notify the government
Before accepting new members. People going into Church must show ID cards
Japan Foriegn nationals must carry special Id cards . Citizenship is based on
ethnicity rather then place of birth. Sounds like a right of return to me.
Jordan Religion is listed but Bha'i and Druze may leave the line blank
Kenya Tribe is listed ethnic Somalis must carry special ID
Laos Religion is on the card
Macedonia Puts the ethnicity on the card.
Malaysia Race and Religion. Plus criminals , dissidents are given color coded cards.
Myamar Ethnic Groups and Religion are on the card
Rwanda Ethnicity appears
Saudi Arabia Only Muslims can be citizens. Foriengners must cary an ID stating if
they are Muslim. This Aparthied doesn't bother the Recidivist.
Serbia Ethnicity is listed
Singapore Race/ethnicity is listed
Spain North Africans of Spanish enclaves (mostly Muslim) have to carry special ID
Sri Lanka Religion and Ethnicity on the card
Syria Jews and Kurds have special ID cards
Thailand Special ID cards are given to some ethnic groups
Vietnam Places ethnicity on its cards

The hysterical Leftist point to the Israeli ID system as unique. The above list is a survey and there are other countries that have much more restrictive practices. These
practices are also done by every state bordering Israel. Yet the Recidivist lies and claims the Israeli situation is unique. He cries and calls presentations like this
racist and propoganda. Facts and history are not propoganda and the left should learn to deal with them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Brain dead on the Left. Communism vs Zionism

In my never ending battle with ignorance , I will delve into more spin on the left.
Zionism is the legitamate aspiation of the Jewish people to a homeland. Jews come from all races have 4000 years of historical identity , a language and a distinct religion and culture. Palestinians are Arabs who have 22 states allready and have 1300 years of colonialism, ethnocide and sometimes genocide against a range of indigenous people including Jews,Assyrians,Copts and others. If one doubts these people are Arab read the PLO charter.

Why are these other groups less worthy of states then the Arabs who allready have 22.
The " Palestinians" have a state called Jordan as 70% of the population call themselves Palestinians. The Assyrians and Copts as described earlier have lengthy histories ,languages and a distinct religion. Tibetians, Karens, Kurds ,Pashtuns, Baluchi, Comanche and any other Indian tribe, Fulani and several other African tribes,Basqes , Druze , Alawites all have one or more factor that the Palestinians lack. For the most part these other people have been peaceful.Yet we are supposed to reward fictional indigenous people with a state and ignore real ones.

The left points to Israel because they see it as an apostate state. The cheif source of arms was Czechosovakia in 1948. Stalin hoped that the Russian Jews would create a Cuba in the Middle East. The Israelis rejected such a model and after 1967 the left has made fictional indigenous people cause celebre. Prior to 1967 the cause was always listed as Pan Arabism and the key figure in this movement was Nasser. Prior to this the motto was "Push the Jooooos into the sea".This movement didn't play so well so the confict was repackages for the left wing cultist and brain dead types. A fake indigenous people with no history ,language or religion was created.

Israel the worlds only Jewish state is held to standards and rules that are not applied to the surrounding states. In fact given that it has been in a defacto war for fifty years the level of freedom is admirable. I posted a list of countries that is quite lengthy that have worse freedom ratings then Israel. This includes every Muslim ,Communist and African state. The leftist critics howled about European standards being applied solely to Israel.Yet five minutes later the complaint was that Bush and people like me want to inpose these standards on the Muslim world. If this seem illogical ask a leftist and play the jeapordy theeme music.

There is a move to divest and boycott Israel among this left wing fringe. This fringe has zero to say about Communist China,Vietnam,Cuba and Zimababwe. All of these countries abuse human rights far worse then Israel. In fact Communism is directly responsible for the deaths of 100,000,000. If this number seems high it is taken from the Black Book of Communism. Yet we find appologists and accolytes of this cult of death teaching at our Universities. This seems like hypocrisy in that the worst criyics of Zionism would be hard pressed to come up with 2% of that number. Even if they used new math like the body counts at Jenin they could not get close. Zionists are being prevented from teaching and Communists who hide thier affiliations with terms like green and progressive are teaching. This is logic turned on its head.Whatever happened to the leftist cries about free speech in accademia. That right is reserved only for Communists,Anarchists and other leftists.

This is also absurd in that every Arab and Muslim nation has a worse record on human
rights then Israel. Therefore if the logic is extended all those countries and accademics from those nations should be boycotted as well. Yet this logic is not extended and Israel the worlds only Jewish state is held to standards no other country is held to.This is a perfect illustration of hypocrisy , lies and bigotry on the left.

In fact the left is guilty of hypocrisy on AA . The student body needed to have a certain mixture of ethnicities to ensure diversity. The fact is that leftists of all
stripes are vasty employed in disproportionate numbers. Repeated studies have fround that fringe parties outnumber Republicans. This imbalance is termed advers impact
and its causes should be investigated. This principle is used by the left on private employers and it is time they looked in the mirror.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Gays Reds ,Muslims and Hypocrisy

The left wing lunatics like to talk about human rights in Israel . They conveniently
fail to adress human rights in Communist countries. This is not an error by ommission but by deception.

We have heard the spin of the Brain dead Recidivist that Gay rights are there in the PA and the Muslim world. Any attempt to state the facts about the Muslim worlds harsh treatment of gays he terms racist. The fact that a Gay man would identify with a movement that pertsecutes gays at the government level is insane. This is proof that the left is a mindless cult with no intelligent thought.

Add Zimbabwe to the list of nations that persecutes gays. We have read fulminations about a bizzare redneck church and concerns US Fundamentalist Christians. The policy
of the US government is to persecute people who commit acts of violence regardless if they are gay or not.


"... Zimbabwe has declared that it will not tolerate homosexuality- and the countries tiny community of gays and lesbians say they are now the target of a state sanctioned hate campaign...
President Mugabee wasprovoked enough to make a speech describing homosexuals as
worse then pigs and dogs and a scourge planted by the white man on a pure continent"

These statements are far worse then anything the Pope has said. Yet the left lets it slide all in the name of the cause.

"Border Ghezi govenor of Mashonaland province says that gays and lesbians have "something wrong in their heads" and that homosexuality is alien to Zimbawean culture. " They have no right to practice it in our country and if they don't like it they can leave."

" However Bornwell Chakaodza,the editor of a government newspaper which is government owned stands by his coverage. He says the media should attack homosexuality to help protect Zimbabwean culture and family values.

This information is conveniently ignored by the left. In fact the entire issue of human rights in Zimbabwe is ignored . The left is more concerned with fake indigenous
people .

Moving along to another countries lefties pretend is fine Cuba. The brain dead Recidivist never mentions that Cuba historicaly put gays in mental hospitals and in prison. A mental hospital would be an appropriate place for the Recidivist as he has
multiple personality issues. One day he is the Low Loader and the next day he forgets and claims he is the Recidivist.

The situation has improved somewhat for gays in Cuba. They are still opressed in a Communist rathole but are not being targeted.


" Some gay people report that they were extorted for money durring sweeps in exchange for not being arrested and there was one report of transvestites being shaken down by police for sex".

It is important to note that while the situation has improved there are no openly gay bars. This forces gays to hold parties in private homes.

The silence on the left for the treatment of gays in Zimbabwe and Cuba is deafening.
This is more evidence that the motto of the left should be "damn the facts all for the illogic of the movement"

Spanking the Recidivist Part 5

The man with the 167 IQ is crying again as usual. He claims in his perpetual victim mode that Queers vs Terror and gender aparthied blog is "Islamophobic". What does he base this observation on ?

The truth is that anyone who discusses Islamic history or society today is called an Islamophobe. The fact is the Recidivist can not justify his illogical stance towards countries that mistreat Homosexuals. The fact that these are almost entirely Muslim nations and Communist Cuba is no accident. He can not deny the facts about persecution of gays in the PA that he champions. He tries to hide behind Islamophobia
to cover for lapses in logic and fact.

In fact his supporters have gotten tired of being humiliated here. Usually , they cry and whine but offer nothing more then a mispelled word.The fact that there are major gaffes is not lost on the brain dead one. In fact I get plenty of coverage in
his blog. How does this occur if he doesn't read my blog. Read my blog as often as you like just post under your own name.

" Even if gay rights are suffering , then they are very clearly aren't suffering anywhere near as badly under Islamic fundamentalist influence as gay human rights are sufering under the influence of Christian fundamentalism in the United States "

This quote qualifies as illucid and worthy of Crank Dot Net status. Does the US government kill or imprison Gays ? No this is done in Islamic countries and Cuba. I have to look into the possibility it may also be done in India. He wants people to be outraged about an obscure redneck church that hates homosexuals . However he says zero about countries that imprison and excecute homosexuals. This illogic would be comedic if he weren't serious.

Gays in the USA are not persecuted by the government. His comments about Fundamentalists Christians is amusing because he defended Ken Livingstone for meeting
with an Islamic Scholar who advocated killing gays. In fact there were many in the Gay, Hindu and Islamic community itself who were opposed to this meeting but he only reported the Joooooish oposition.

Fear not the brain dead one announced he will be taking a break from posting. Maybe he has to meet with some more of his left wing bigoted buddies. He has become an utter laughing stock. He is in a catch 22 because he needs my attacks to boost his readership and cry victim. However, he has been revealed to be a blathering, illogical , cowardly , ignorant and bigoted fool with an illucid fact free and sourceless blog.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Spanking the Recidivist Part 4

In my never ending series dedicated to one of the lefts most illucid and blogs we come up to Gays & Nazis and Racism. The Recidivist boast of his 167 IQ but objective people see no signs of intelligent thought. We do hear slogans ,folk tales, spin, bigotry and illogic. In the past he has written how upset he is that Joooos stole the
Holocaust and there were other victims. I guess 6,000,000 dead is not enough for the brain impaired one. He has written that I disparaged the 12,000,000 other victims. This is not the case as Jews, Gypsies and some Slavs were targeted on racial grounds.
This meant that every person in that category was marked for death. 2/3 of Europe's Jews and a higher percentage of gypsies were slaughtered on racial grounds.

The treatment of Homosexuals by the Nazis is an interesting subject. Yet if any group is guilty of exploiting its ties to this event it is the gay community. The ever present pink triangle was everywhere durring the initial Aids epidemic. I can not remember ever seeing a Jew wear the yellow star. Nor do I remember Jehovas Witnesses bringing the subject up.

The Recidivist is fond of cranks like Norman Finkelstein and Joel Kovel. However we will use the US Holocaust Museums archives to put this matter into perspective and Yad Vashem. Here is the quote from the moron but note I do not disparage the homosexual victims. I want to place the experience in perspective, there is no comparison period.

"The fact that there is such a denial really shouldn't surprise me from a manwho considers that the 25,000 gay men killed in the Holocaust ( or indeed any of the 12,000,000 non Jewish Holocaust victims ) aren't as worthy as the 6,000,000 Jews who died in the Holocaust ... but that is a different story"

From Yad Vashem
"Numerous people fell victim to the Nazi regime for political,social,or racial reasons.Germans were among the first victims persecuted because of their political activities.Many died in concentration camps, but most were released after their spirits were broken. Germans who suffered from mental or physical handicaps were killed under a "euthanasia" program. Other Germans were incarcerated for being Homosexuals,criminals,or nonconformists; these people , although treated brutally, were never slated for utter annihilation as were the Jews.

Roma and Sinti ( often called by the derogatory term Gypsies) were murdered by the Nazis in large numbers.Estimate range from 200,000 to over 500,000 victims.Nazi policy towards the Roma and Sinti was inconsistent.In Greater Germany Roma and Sinti who had intergrated into society were seen as socially dangerous and eventually murdered,whereas in the occupied Soviet Union ,Roma and Sinti who had intergrated into society were not persecuted,but those who retained a nomadic lifestyle were put to death.

The so-called Slavs,the people of Poland,Russia,the Ukraine,Yugoslavia,Czechoslavakia and Bulgaria were also deemed racialy inferior by the Nazis.Yet it wasnot racial ideology alone that determined how the Nazis treatedparticular ethnic groups- the issue of real politik also came into play. Despite thier supposed inferiority,the Slovaks,Croatians,Bulgarians and some Ukranians were alies of the Nazis. Russian prisoners of war died from neglect or hrd laboror were murdered,because of the Nazis racism and loathing of Communism.Owing mostly to their plans to reorganize Europe on racial grounds,the Nazis treated the Poles terribly.The Nazi plans ,however did not target the Poles for complette annihilation. Polish children who "looked German" were to be raised as Germans,intellectuals and leaders to be murdered in order to prevent rebellion , and the rest enslaved".

In short everyone with Jewish blood was targeted for annihilation . Much of the other death were due to neglect and mistreatment.

From the US Holocaust Museum
"Between 1933-45 ,about 100,000men were arrested as homosexuals and half of them sentenced to prison of which an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 men were incarcerated in concentration camps . They were marked with a Pink Triangle".

Note the ratio of death even with the Recidivist's undoccumented number 1/4. The mere 100,000 was a fraction of the homosexual population in Germany. Compare 25,000
deaths most of which were the product of neglect to 6,000,000. Most of the 6,000,000
Jews who died were by design. Yet wich group regularly displays a triangle as a symbol. If any group has disproportioalely exploited its connection to the Holocaust it is clearly not the Jews but the gay community.

More from the Holocaust Museum in DC

".....Once they took power in 1933 , the Nazis intensified persecution of German Male Homosexuals. Persecution ranged from the dissolution of homosexual organizations
to internment in concentration camps...
.... Similarly , the Nazis generally did not target non-German homosexuals unless they were active with German partners.In most cases,the Nazis were prepared to accept former homosexuals into the "racial community" provided that they became "racially conscious" and gave up the lifestyle....
...From 1937 to 1939 , the peak years of Nazi persecution of Homosexuals,the police increasingly raided homosexual meeting places,siezed adress books,and created networks of informers and undercover agents to identify and arrest suspected homosexuals. On April 4, 1938, the Gestapo issued a directive indicating that men convicted of homosexuality could be incarcerated in concentration camps . Between 1933 and 1945 the police arrested an estimated 100,000 men as homosexuals. Most of the 50,000 men sentenced by the courts spent time in regular prisons, and between 5,000 and 15,000 were interned in Concentration camps.....

...Some homosexuals were interned under other categories by mistake, and the Nazis purposely miscategorized some political prisoners as homosexuals.......

There is no known statistics for the number of homosexuals who died in the camps."

Thus the question is where did the Recidivist get this number from that most probably exceeds the amount of Homosexuals in Concentration camps ? Obviously math is not the strong suit of the Recidivist. What group has stolen the holocaust certainly not the group that lost 6,000,000 ?

The humiliation of the braindead Recidivist will continue with Spanking #5.He claims
my sources are biased but he uses none in his own blog.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Spanking the Recidivist Part 3

Part of the mendacity of the braind dead Recidivist is repeating a lie often enough so that people will believe it. The old lie is I am not anti American I just bash it every two seconds and spread malicious false information. He also does not use sources,facts ,intelligence or logic in any form. His usual response is you are a LIAR, Hypocrite , PATHETIC or Racist against people who are not races in any definition. When one has a (chortle) IQ of 167 one doesn't need to use sources.

" Would it be a shock that more men are killed in the United States because of their
sexual orientation in the United States alone than the total number of all the murders in the entire UK ". He provides no source for his latest absurd qoute and complains about the lack of sources in this blog . We provide them with each and every post.

He lists seven deaths highlighted by Mathew Sheppard who was brutally killed but apparently not because he was gay. According to ABC Mathew Shepard was not killed due to his orientation but due to drug addiction of the perpetrators.

According to the FBI statistic 6 homicides were attributed to sexual orientation in the year 2003 in a nation of 270,000,000. One murder is one too many but the number of murders in London alone was about 150. There were more hate crimes commited against Jews then gay men. Morover the number of anti Jewish incedents was eight times higher then that for Muslims. Obviusly basic math is not the strong point of the Recidivist who by the way has a 167 IQ.

A major differece between anti gay violence in the USA and the Muslim world and Cuba
is that it is not the policy of the government. All crimes are prosecuted in the USA
even if they are not hate crimes.The penalties in the Muslim world and Cuba are from the state government itself. This fact is conveniently ignored by the Recidivist who
by the way has an IQ of 167. He knows these facts but is spinning his usual Anti American and Anti Israel/Jewish left wing drivel. If he doesn't know it then he is really brain impaired.

Questions from Peter Varnel 08/28/02 Chicago Free Press
1Which Middle Eastern Nation has no sodomy laws nor uses vauge charges such as " offenses against religion " or " immoral conduct" to imprison and persecute gays and lesbians?
2 Which Middle eastern country has a variety of gay organizations which safely conduct gay advocacy efforts ?
3 Which Middle Eastern country has a gay and lesbian community center in its capital city ?
4 Which Middle Eastern Country holds annual Gay Pride parades ?
5 Which Middle Eastern Country has members of parliment who actively support and speak out on behalf of gays and lesbians
6 In which Middle Eastern Country did the head of state meet with gay activists ?
7 Which Middle Eastern country lests gays and lesbians join its military services ?
8 Which Middle Eastern Country broadcasts programs about gays and lesbians on its television stations?
9 And A bonus question : When gays in Palestine are forced to flee persecution , what Middle Eastern Country do they usualy flee to ?

The answer for the brain dead one is Israel ,everyone else knew the answers.

"The contrasting treatment of gays men in neighboring Arab counties such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt is well known: Gays are beheaded or sentenced to long prison terms "
This is hardly a relevation to most except the man with the 167 IQ . He leaves out this details to his largely gay readership. In fact he calls the conveyance of the truth as racism. He talks about the United States persecuting Gays but ignores the countries that persecute gays namely the Islamic Countries and Cuba.

The whole article is at

Near the closing the Author has a message about the mindless Recidivist.
"But Gays who support Palestine,and they seem almost entirely on the far reaches of the political left,give lie to the frequent demand made by gays on the left that the rest of us must support some "progressive" polotician or policy because it supposedly
benefits gays, even though doing so would compromise or violate some basic political
principles we as individuals may hold ".

There are gays that live in reality like bloger Kerry Harris Queers Against Terror &
Gender Aparthied

" A number of Gay Palestinian men are risking their lives to cross the borber into Israel claiming they feel safer among the Israelis than their own people. According to some estimates there are 300 gay and Palestinian secretly living and working in Israel ..... One 22 year old from Gaza ..told the BBC he was almost killed when his family found out about his sexuality.......Most Palestinians gays say they would rather live under house arrest in Israel , where homosexuality is not considered a crime ,than at home. The man alleged the Palestinian police tortured him "

Another lie told by the Recidivist " in the U.S. there are far more hate crimes commited against gays then against Jews. According to the FBI in 2003 there were 1025 hate crimes commited against Jews and 910 against gay men . There were only 171
against Muslims in case anyone was wondering.

This next part is comedic because the same person who is silent about countries that
kill or imprisons gays now points to an obcure church. No matter how bigoted the Church is they have not imprisoned or killed gays unlike the PA. Remember the USA is much larger as well. I have never dennied there are bigots in the USA. We certainly see several from the UK as well on this blog including one who claims to have an IQ
of 167.

" He disputes that the suggestion that there elements in the U.S which actually celebrate when a gay man is murdered or commits suicide because he is no longer able to deal with the effects of persecution. ( Never said anything close. This is opposed to the PA and Muslim governments that persecute gays and sometimes kill gays as policy ) I will once more point him in thedirection of the Westboro Baptist Church
and God hates Fags-he evidently chose to ignore it the last time he was shown.Not only will he see the celebrations of his fellow right wing bigots,but he will see proposals by a Church for monuments to celebrate the murder of Gay men and women.
(This behavior seems more typical of the PA which actually kills gays then Conservatives. We are supposed to be more offended by a crank church then a government that persecutes gays as policy) But he does think that it is bigoted to question the value of organized religion. ( This is hypocritical coming from a person who screams about percieved racism on my part against Muslims. )

His moronic assertions about Nazism will be covered in the next instalment.

"This is the type of blissfully ignorant person who actually thinks that American and Western values are all good and instantly exportable and acceptable to the rest of the planet and who thinks that it is anti west ,anti America and Anti Christian to question whether or not western society is so perfect"

Comming from a person that wants to place these Western standards on Israel alone this is hysterical.Yes American and Western values are superior and the idiot infers it himself in his illucid post "What is racism". In Fact his refusal to think that the third world is capable of living up to Western values and yearning for freedom is both racist and condescending.

Spanking the Recidivist Part 2

The man with the 167 IQ has made another of his ridiculous claims. He feels Israel alone should be judges by Western Standards. He applies this standard to Israel alone and by mere coincedence it is the worlds only Jewish State. When presented with the facts from Freedom House he tries to change his argument he responds with more unsubstantiated claims of racism.

" Shame on you that you go to Freedom House and exclusively list countries that are
non Western,when I point out that Israel's racist singularity among Western Nations"
The Brain Dead Illucid ( He is now using this term that he claimed did not exist a few days ago) man who allegedly has an IQ of 167.

The Knowledge of geography is apparently not related to this 167 IQ. In the original
post Albania, Belarus,Bosnia,Russia,Serbia,Ukraine and Turkey are listed. Are all these countries on the moon ? The fact is Israel is freer than Turkey acording to Freedom House. The fact is these nations are all considered Western and Turkey is applying for EU membership.

The Israelis are not in Europe and they are in the Middle East. It has been in a state of perptual war with its surounding Arab States since its inception. The land was partitioned in 1917 and Jordan was created. The Jews were expelled from Jordan and are forbiden from being citizens. The Jews that had resided in Jordan predated
Islam and the subsequent Arab invasions. 70% of Jordans population describe themselves as Palestinian. This fact seems inconvenient for the brain impaired Recidivist who has a 167 IQ.

Israel does not have the luxury that the UK has. The UK is surrounded by water with no borders. The United States has borders with Canada and Mexico. Niether of those states is in any description hostile. Israel is surrounded by hostile states on all of its borders.Each of the surrounding states has Islam as its official religion. In the case of Egypt it actively discriminates against the Copts. The Recidivist laughs at the suffering of the Copts and his first mention of them was to disparage this blog. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Budhists,Baha'i , Zoroastrians are regularly mistreated in Islamic countries. A trip to Freedom House will provide plenty of materials. The Recidivist is silent about those abuses as he is also silent about abuses in Communist Countries.

This silence is not by accident but by design. The singling out of Israel the worlds only Jewish state for disproportionate and undue criticism is bigoted. This is coupled with articles claiming "Jews stole the Holocaust" and defending Antisemites
with word games and the daily use of word games.

How can I be a blog troll if I am not even on your blog ? You are allowed to post here inspite of the fact that I am dennied the same courtesy on your own. You even post as the Low Loader. The simple reason is ratings and victim status. Each time you highlight my blog you get victim status. This blog is great for your ratings but bring help. Your attacks are illucid and Comedic and there is more spanking to come.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Spanking the Recidivist Part 1

This blog uses sources that we provide for our readers. The man with the 167 IQ almost never does provide sources for his material. His content deserves a crank dot
net Hall of Shame nomination. He call people illiterate and posts sentences with 60 plus words and seven comma or in his case comas. Then again I do not run around pointing fingers at others.

We do not believe in violence at the Beak Speaks . Our spanking of the comatose man with a 167 IQ will be metaphorical. We will begin this series of spankings with his unique obsession with Israel and the Joooooooos , ahem Zionists.

The brain impaired one would have one believe that Israel is the worst human rights violator on the planet. He focuses his daily rants on Israel alone and does not allow anyone to question his absurd claims. "Palestinians are not Arabs " except that the PLO charter is loaded with claims to the contrary. Every time he opens his mouth he leaves proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how ignorant he is.

Freedom House is an independent organization that rates countries freedoms.
There are two numbers PR Political and CL civil liberties. Remember that Israel is a country in a perpetual state of near war since its inception. The reason for that is the Arabs wanted all of the land and to eliminate the Jewish state.However even under the most adverse conditions Israel is rated PR 1 and CL 3 Free

The Recidivist ignores the following countries due to his Jooooooo fixation

Country PR CL Rating Comment
Afghanistan 6 6 Not Free Maybe he will say a word to bash Bush and Blair
Albania 3 3 Part Free Nada
Algeria 6 5 Not Free " "
Angola 6 5 Not Free " "
Azerbaijan 6 5 Not Free " "
Baharain 5 5 Part Free
Bangladesh 4 4 Part Free Any Comment on Chodhurry ?Nope
Belarus 6 6 Not
Bhutan 6 5 Not
Bolivia 3 3 part
Bosnia 4 4 part
Brazil 2 3 free
Brunie 6 5 not
Burkina Faso 4 4 part
Burma 7 7 not There are plenty of indigenous people in Burma
Burundi 5 5 part
Cambodia 6 5 not
Cameroon 6 6 not
Cen Afr Rep 7 5 not Plenty of evil no comment . Pattern yet
Chad 6 5 not
China 7 6 not The Recidivist doesn't deem Tibetians worthy
Columbia 4 4 part Civil War with drug traficking Marxists
Comoros 5 4 part
Congo (Bra) 5 4 part
Congo (Kins) 6 6 Not
Coite Ivorie 6 5 Not
Cuba 7 7 Not This country jails Homosexual
Djibouti 5 5 Part
East Timor 3 3 Part
Ecuador 3 3 Part
Egypt 6 6 Not Free The Recidivist laughed at the Copts Plight
El Salvador 2 3 Free
Eq Guinea 7 6 not
Eritrea 7 6 not
Eithiopia 5 5 part
Fiji 4 3 Part
Gabon 5 4 Part
Gambia 4 4 Part
Georgia 4 4 part
Guatemala 4 4 Part
Guinea 6 5 Not
Guinea Biss 6 4 Part
Hati 6 6 Not
Honduras 3 3 Part
India 2 3 Free
Indonesia 3 4 Part
Iran 6 6 Not Homosexuals are killed as government policy No word
Iraq 7 5 Not
Jamaica 2 3 Free
Jordan 5 5 Part This isn't even close to Israel
Kazakhistan 6 5 not
Kenya 3 3 Part
Kuwait 4 5 part
Kyrgistan 6 5 Not Free
Laos 7 6 Not
Lebanon 6 5 Not
Lesotho 2 3 Free
Liberia 6 6 Not
Lybia 7 7 not
Macedonia 3 3 Part
Madagascar 3 3 Part
Malawi 3 4 Part
Malysia 5 4 Part free
Maldives 6 5 Not Free
Mauritania 6 5 not free Has any one noticed a patern
Moldova 3 4 Part
Morocco 5 5 Part
Mozambique 3 4 Part
Namibia 2 3 Free
Nepal 5 4 Part
Nicaragua 3 3 part
Niger 4 4 part
Nigeria 4 4 part
North Korea 7 7 Not The Recidivist seems to ignore Communists
Oman 6 5 Not
Pakistan 6 5 Not
Paupua N.G. 3 3 Part
Paraguay 3 3 Part
Peru 2 3 Free
Philipines 2 3 Free
Qatar 6 6 Not
Russia 5 5 Part
Rwanda 6 5 Not
Saudi Arabia 7 7 Not No comment on real aparthied
Senegal 2 3 Free
Serbia 3 2 Free
Seychelles 3 3 Free
Sierra Leone 4 3 Part
Singapore 5 4 Part
Solomon Isl 3 3 Part
Somalia 6 7 Not
Sri Lanka 3 3 Part
Sudan 7 7 Not
Swaziland 7 5 Not
Syria 7 7 Not
Tajikstan 6 5 Not free
Tanzania 4 3 Part
Thailand 2 3 Free
Togo 6 5 Not
Tonga 5 3 Part
Trinidad 3 3 Part
Tunisia 6 5 Not
Turkey 3 4 Part Free Israel is freer than the sole Muslim democracy
Turkmenistan 7 7 Not
Uganda 5 4 Part
Ukraine 4 4 Part
UAE 6 6 Not
Uzbekistan 7 6 Not
Venezuela 3 4 Part
Vietnam 7 6 Not
Yemen 5 5 Part
Zambia 4 4 Part
Zimbabwe 6 6 Not

The bottom line is that every Muslim and Arab nation is rated less free than Israel.
Yet the brain dead one focuses about 40% of his blog on Israel and the Joooooos. Every Comunist Country is rated far worse than Israel. The Recidivist does not say a single word about Communists.In Fact Israel is Freer then 3/4 of the countries in the world. The only explanation for this monofocus on Israel is bigotry as Israel is the worlds only Jewish state. This bigotry extends to an absurd claim that Joooos
stole the Holocaust where 6,000,000. His good Joooos are leftist radicals who by definition as such are seditious to any country or ethnic group.

Bottom line is the Recidivist is bigoted , illucid , source and facts free and full of shit.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Warning Recidivist You are about to be Humiliated

I am offering you the chance to avoid a spanking on the oft cited Israeli ID card system. Do you want to continue this folk tale that the Israeli system is unique ?
I can post on a list of countries that do exactly the same thing as Israel. The fact that you point to Israel alone is proof of your bias.

I have proof that you posted as the Low Loader. This is not a major issue and I find it amusing . This shows how desperate you have become and how dishonest you are. There is no need for fake IDs . Come on down and post under your own name. A person with a 167 IQ should be more creative.

The post will be lengthy and well researched. If you wish to avoid ridicule I offer you the opportunity to withdraw that remark.FYI I have friends in Germany and Scottland and Native Americans who all came to the conclusion you are a bigot . None
of them are Jews and the Bad Eagle poster Amil who contacted you runs the Persian forum. Read his posts about Aryans in the Persian section.Like you he does not know what a race is.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Brain Dead Recidivist should visit Crank Dot Net

The term illucid is a Crank Dot Net description for absurdity. Cranks such as yourself are graded from Crank to Illucid. Your blog cleary falls in to the illucid
teritory.You should go there to get some original material about your favorite people
the Joooooooooos. In your defense you are almost as bigoted on Catholics, American and a range of other people.

However being that you need a lesson in English lets start with the word racist. You
and your crew of toadies have used this lame routine dozens of times without a quote.
Muslims come in every racial category thus if one hated Muslims he can not be racist
unless the race in question is the human race. Arabs are not a race they are a Semitic people and thus hatred of them is not racist. Palestinians are an imaginary term placed on Arabs and even in his definition do not constitute a race. Since Israel is a Jewish state and Jews come from every race it is not a racist state by definition. I could go into a range of other terms and run on sentences but it is not
nice to pick on the brain impaired.

The Recidivist confuses bigoted and racist hundreds of times and calls other people
imbeciles. How do nonreaders get this material anyway ? He claims he doesn't read this blog but I appear there so often I should get a a featured credit. In fact every time I appear there it boosts his traffic. Remember every comedy act needs a straight ( no pun intended) man. I get to play Abbot to the Recidivists Costello every few days. The difference was that Costello was loved by the masses I doubt that
average people would find his whiny act lovable. In fact bigoted ,arrogant and concieted are more accurate.

You should put a link on your site for your readers . Put it under a humor category if you like. This would save your crew of Beavis and Butthead clones Viper, Craig,Mark and Low Loader some time. I do want to point out Hawke and Zombie are always articulate gentleman. In fact Hawke is often intelligent and witty in his critique , qualities you lack.

Let me guess you are going to use racist 8 times , Pathetic 5 times and imbecile about three times.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I now proclaim the Recidivist " Brain Dead "

The man with the 167 IQ sunk to an all time new low in hypocrisy. He has bashed the new Pope as evil within hours of the Pope being dead. The views of someone who "has a problem with organized religion " should not be taken seriously. His blog should be read as a comedic excersize. He takes offense at some groups stands on homosexuality but he ignores and embraces movements that persecute homosexuals.If this sound illogical and absurd, welcome to the mad world of the Recidivist. In his mad world facts and consistency are mere diversion.

The title of his latest bigoted post is Benedict the Evil. This is not the fist time he has bashed Catholics for following Church teaching on Homosexuality. He feels he is entitled to lecture the church on its teachings. The previous Pope was not fit for Sainthood in his opinion and was " personaly responsible for the misery and deaths of millions of people around the world ". He did not bother to explain that bigoted Anti Catholic post. Who are those people and where are his numbers from. He throws out a liberal cliche and we are suposed to believe its Gospel.

"As the Church in Rome takes a dramatic turn to the fundamentalist right, multiculturalism now joins abortion , contraception and Gays on the list of true evils so do your worst Popey Boy 16, I have a strong hunch that you are going to do more than anyone else to ensure that Europe ups the pace on its relentless drive towards secularism.
( For someone who claims I am illiterate ,you just commited about the worst example of a run on sentece I have seen. However, the laws of grammar are inconveniences to
the man with the ( Chuckle 167 IQ)

" Also on the bright side, at least there will soon be alot more empty Churches on the market for redevelopment...they make great night clubs and brothels and temple to all manner of fabulous " sin " and iniquity.

May the Devil's speed ( or Crystal Meth) be with you.

Kiss my A00*"

His attack on the Late Pope and the New Pope qualify as Bigotry. Calling the leader of a major religious group" Popey Boy 16 " alone is bigoted. Yet this is the same goofball that proclaims my blog hateful, racist and bigoted. That post alone qualifies him as a hypocrite.

He sponds post after post pushing the cause of a fictional ethnicity that among other things persecutes and often lynches homosexuals. This is in spite of the fact the Arab gays flee to Israel for their safety. He does not mention that in much of the Arab world Homosexuals are jailed and killed ,and that Israel is more liberal in that area than 90% of the world.He has yet to mention Cuba a nation that places homosexuals in mental hospitals.

When called on his hypocrisy of advocating for a state that lynches gays this was his response.
" As for the rest of your post , just because I happen to be gay - and therefore a minority that is opressed in many parts of the world( including I hasten to add the US) does not mean I see myself as gay above all other things.. I am no supporter of the bile sickness that is minority single issue politics ".

It certainly looks like his entire post contradicted that quote. He just had an entire post dedicated to Catholic bashing largely on the basis of the Church policy towards Gays. The Church does not lynch Homosexuals but the PA he champions does, classic hypocisy.The Catholic Church is politicaly correct to bash but if one points out that gays are killed in the Islamic world and in the PA one is Racist and bigoted.

He later tries to justify this foolishness

" Just because a statute says something is illegal, doesn't always mean it is actively enforced > It isn't enforced in most of those countries you list.

Homosexuality is by default still technically illegal in the UK ..however no prosecutions are made...........

Not only did I return alive from the PA twice, I was never imprisoned..Just as I wasn't in Pakistan,Turkey, Saudi,Oman,UAE, Iran ,Iraq, Abu Dhabi,Lebanon Syria ,Egypt
Lybia or Tunisia Indonesia , Malaysia or Bangladesh.......

You also miss the point that it isn't the PA that persecutes Gays is individual people who persecute gays. If I were to follow your logic , I should hate All Americans then , because more Americans are murdered for their sexuality there than in any other country in the world. What is more the US allows the sick freaks who undertake that persecuti to public glory in their deeds"

That last paragraph is the most illucid one I have ever seen. Gays are not lynched by angry mobs in US streets. They are not killed for their sexuality or imprisoned for it. These are the policies of the PA and much of the Muslim world. Where are these people murdered for their sexuality ? Do you have a source or this is another cliche.

In his zeal to defend Ken Livingtone from antisemitism charges he made Zero mention
of the teachings of Qaradawi. W-w--w-well Livingstone did not endorse his views that also ofended Hindus and Gays with an IQ.Qardawi has advocated killing Gays in his book Lawful and Probibited in Islam. The amount of words stated by the Recidivist on Qardawi's advocation of killing gays 0.

I now pronounce the man with the 167 IQ brain dead. The US kills more gays than any other country , except for countries that readily apply the death penalty for Gays the PAa and Iran come to mind. A Pope that calls homosexulaity a sin is an evil man but an Imam that preaches killing gays gets no comment. Calling a Jew a concentration camp gaurd and saying I am sick and tired of hearing of hearing how many Jews got gassd is not antisemitic. He has passed from the category of illucid bigoted crank to brain dead.

More Forgotten People in the Middle East

Another forgotten people of the Middle East are the Assyrians. Assyrians are not in Museums and live in a variety of countries. They are indigenous to Northern Iraq Southern Turkey , Parts of Syria and Iran. They will readily point out they are not Arabs in about 30 seconds.

Assyrians like Jews and Arabs are Semites but seperate from both. They descend from
the Akadians and date bask to 2400 BC. This would make them well over 4000 years old
and be well over 4000 years older than the Arabs who call themselves " Palestinians ". The Arabs have a variety of states to call home . The Assyrians like the Copts have no such state. Yet the forces of ignorance pretend they do not exist.
They also use fake idigenous people as their cause celebre. This is because their real agenda is blatantly Anti Jewish.

Like the Copts the Assyrians have their own distinct Religion. They were originaly Ashurites and the name Assyrian derives from their god Ashur. In 256 AD they adopted Christianity and the Assyrian Church was founded in 33 AD by Bartholemew , Thomas and Thadeus. The Assyrian people have a distinct religion unlike the Palestinians.

The Assyrians have had two languages in their history. That makes two more than the Palestinians had. The first language was Akkadian which was also written in cuneiform. The Arameans arrived and brought with them a language that supplanted Akkadian called Aramaic. " Although Assyria swithched to Armaic , it was not wholesale transplantation. The brand of Aramaic that Assyrians spokeand is heavily infused with Akkadian words,so much so that scholars refer to it as Assyrian Aramaic.

" When the Arabs and Islam swept through the Middle East 630AD,they encounterd 600 Years of Assyrian Christian civilization,with a rich heritage, a hughly deeloped culture, and advanced learning institutions. It is this Civilization which became the foundation of the Arab Civilization."

Read the next part carefully as it refers to the Ethnocide that I talk about in Don't be a Dhimmi. Brain dead people think that the conversion to Islam was voluntary. The conversions were often coerced at swordpoint or taxation. If Jim Crow was evil in the South why does the left have a problem with the Islamic equivalent of
Jim Crow the Dhimmi laws ? I have no problem stating that both are evil.

" But this great Assyrian Christian Civilization would come to an end in 1300 AD. The tax which the Arabs levied on the Christians, simply just being Christian , forced many Assyrians to convert to Islam to avoid the tax;this inexorably drainedthe community, so that by the time Timurlane the Mongol delivered the final blow in 1300 AD ,by violently destroying most of the cities in the Middle East,the Assyrian Community had dwindled to its core in Assyria,and henceforththe Assyrian Church of the Middle East would not regain its former glory,and the Assyrian Language,whichhad been the lingua franca of the Middle East until 900AD ,was suplanted by Arabic(except amongst the Assyrians ) . This , from 1300AD until World War One became the second Assyrian dark age "

" In this Century , Assyrians have suffered massive Gennocide, have lost the control of their ancestral landsand are in a struggle for survival. The Assyrian nation today stands at a crossroad. One third of it is in diaspora,while the 2/3 lives perilously in its native lands. These are some of the dangers, facing the Assyrians:

1 Denominationalism and fragmentation
2 Islamic Fundamentalism
3 Arabization
4 Cultural immersion and absorption into Arab Societies. Mass immigration to the West and absorption into Western Societies.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cowardly Recidivist Is Now Brain Dead

The Recidivist in his never ending quest to spread ignorance has done it again. Unlike his blog my blog contains sources that allow for checking. His blog posts no sources only opinion and is facts free.Unlike his blog all are free to post here and we back every word that we post.In fact he has outposted me on this blog and makes accusations but does not allow me the common courtesy of an explanation. Courage was
never his strong point.

There are no Palestinian people and the PLO charter itself admits they are Arabs. The Palestinians date from 1964 in Cairo Egypt. The Palestinians speak Arabic, worship Sunni version of Islam and call themselves Arabs. Only the person with the 167 ( gufaw ) IQ claims they are not Arabs. The Palestinians call themselves Arabs but they must not posses a 167 IQ.


The Recidivist does not bother to read sources as he has a (gufaw) 167 IQ . The Coptic people predate Christianity and are the indigenous people of Egypt.

The moron known as the Recidivist wrote " The Coptic Christians are Christians for goodness sake , how can they possibly been Christians for 8000 years ".

First of all I never wrote that the religion is 8000 years old. The Coptic People are the indigenous people. The 8,000 year number came from author Stephen Schwartz.
However, the site I listed puts their origin at 3050 BC. Well over 5,000 years but Egyptologist have a range of date


The word Copt is an English word taken from the Arabic word Gibit or Gypt. The Arabs
after the conquest of Egypt in 641 A.D. called the indigenous population of Egypt as Gypt from the Greek word of Egyptos. The Greek word Egyptos came from the ancient Egyptian words Har- Ptah or house of the temple of the Spirit of the God Ptah one of the major Egyptian gods. The word Copt or Coptic simply means Egyptian,however the Muslim population call themselves Arabs.

The man with the 167 IQ "Duh Egyptian are not Arabs....". Only if they are Copts are Egyptians non Arab. Common knowledge of Egypt is not the forte of the man with the 167 IQ.

First of all I have several friends in the nearby Coptic Community of Jersey City. The Recidivist reveals his stupidity when he says " even Copts do not refer to themselves as Copts". My friends Sammy and Magdi will tell you they are Copts in about 30 second. In the same thirty seconds they will remind you they are not Arab.Most Assyrians and some Maronites also readily point out they are not Arab. However, the Recidivist does not waste time with politically incorrect indigenous people. He also does not bother to read the sources we provide the reader.

The Source Continues
"The Copts are the the descendants of the ancient Egyptians. The known history of the Coptsor Egypt starts with King Mina.......3050 BC." This would place them well
over 5000 years and Some Egyptologist go back further. Copts will readily tell you that they were taunted as " Pharonic" by their Muslim neighbors.

The man with the 167 ( gufaw) IQ "in actual fact the people from whom the Coptic Christians are descended have been in Egypt for thousands of years less than the Palestinian people have been in Palestine". By his own admission the Copts predate
Arabs who invaded in 641. Thus they have even in his own incorrect definition have been there before the Arab invasion. Copts are indigenous Arabs are not. Palestinians
date back to 1964 where the PLO was founded in Egypt. The moron known as the Recidivist claims that Palestinians are not Arab. They merely speak Arabic, worship the same religion as Arabs elsewhere and call themselves Arabs all over their charter. He claims it is a linguistic reference. Read the Charter for yourself and see if "Arab Unity" is a linguistic reference.

He has also not read the history of Jews, Christians,Zoroastrians. Had he read a book he would know the indigenous people were forced to live under conditions worse
than Jim Crow. I posted my sources on this blog under do not be a Dhimmi. I will add
one more http;// The authours of this site are all former Muslims
and are not sympathetic to Zionism.

The Brain impaired Recidivist writes" So they have a 2000 year old religion and they have an 1800 year old language that has been dead for 800 years" . That would make
the Coptic language 1800 years older than a nonexistent Palestinian Language.

There is a process known as ethnocide and this was practiced by Arabs and Muslims throughout their empire. " The assault on culture that was initiated by the destruction of the Alexandria Library continued uner the Umayads who decreed the use of Arabic language instead of Coptic in the governance of Egypt. It took Centuries for Arabic to replace Coptic as the Spoken language of the land. The Coptic Language continued in general use until the 13 th century.

Unlike Greek or Roman rulers who maintained and rebuilt some of the ancient Egyptian
temples and Churches,several Islamic rulers destroyed and pillaged the ancient temples and Churches. The marble and porphyry pillars obtained by the destruction of temples and Churcheswere used to build palaces, mosques and at times just left a trail of destruction. Sultan Aziz attempted to destroy the pyramids of Egypt in 1193
He gathered a large labor force that attempted to destroy the pyramids for eight months. At the end of which they succeeded in only destroying the casing of a pyramid and made a small breach in one side. Fotunately the great effort needed convinced El Aziz to abandon the destruction of the pyramids "

Forcing people to live under Jim Crow Dimmi Laws, Burning Books and destroying Churches and Historical sites. Looks and sounds like Ethnocide to me.

The worst part is that he did not adress or look at the concerns of the Copts. In fact this is the first time he has mentioned them at all . He has not mentioned any other people aspiring for state hood other than the bogus Palestinians. There are plenty of Arab states all ready. Arabs are not indigenous to Israel, Egypt, Parts of Iraq and Lebanon. Jews are the indigenous people and this is backed by archeology as well.

The Recidivist claims I have a" rabid hatred for Arabs, Palestinians and Islam". He has never provided quotes. Palestinians do not exsist as an ethnicity. He has never
provided quotes on the other two. What makes the " Palestinia " case valid and the Copts case" banal." . Copts are indigenous and have suffered 1300 years of Arab occupation and harassment . They have their own language and religion. The Palestinians have no language, religion and historicaly date from 1964 and are invaders . The obvious truth is the Copts have the superior claim as they have a distinct culture. There are plenty of other Arab states available.

As far as bigotry lets post some classic Anti Jewish lines from the pathologicaly bigoted Recidivist.

"Theft of the Holocaust" He acuses Jews of stealing an event where 6,000,000 Jews died.
" There is no Jewish Ethnicity" Jews just happen to be 4000 years old , have their own language and a distinct religion.

He uses the term "professional Jew" in Battle for the Holocaust. This is a bigoted term and he would be screaming if we made a reference here. 4-09-05

" All aboard this is the 9:11 to Shraiah law " 3-30-2005 This is anti American and anti Muslim.

In a post defendind Red Ken Livingstone
" Compared a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp gaurd " Which is ever so
antisemitic... not" It is anti Semitic to the world with brains, thus the Recidivist may be innocent as he is clearly brain impaired.

Livingstone invited a muslim extreemist but the Recidivist only talks about the Jewish reaction .

Melanie Phillips " Livingstone's warm public endorsement of Qardawi managed to unite an extraordinary coalition of those who felt threatened by the Islamacist views.The coalition included Jews,gays,Hindus,bi and transexuals , Sikhs, women's rights organizations , progressive minded Muslims, and students who produced a thick dossier
charting Quaradawi's terryfying attitudes

It would be nice if he would reconsider the Egyptian governments mistreatment of Christians. However he did not look at the reasonable demands. Reading about real oppressed people takes time so it is better to just write ad nausem

If you wish to see a brain impaired anti Semite, anti Catholic, Anti American blog
go to http;// Remember it is always facts free , folklore and bigotry over there. Do not make elaborabe comments as he deletes them.
Free speech for me and none for thee this is the Leftist way.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Forgotten Copts Real Indigenous People

Unlike the Palestinians , the Copts are a real indigenous people being oppressed in their land by Arab/ Muslim invaders. Copts have their own language , religion and historical identity for 8,000 years. We hear and read the stories about the Palestinians ad naseum. Yet I am waiting for the word Copt to appear on some of the leftist blogs. The man with the 167 IQ wrote Egyptians are not Arabs. They are unless you are a Copt and discriminated against in your homeland.

For more information and

The 19 demands of the Copts

1 Coptswant the Antiquated 19th Century Hamayouni Decree abolished. It is inconcievable to require that the President of Egypt must aprove permits to build a Church. Mosques are built with no restriction.

2 Copts want equal airtimeon Governent controlled TV and Radio stations to broadcast their beliefs to their people. The 15 million Copts living in Egyptpay for the TV and Radio from their tax money and they should have time allocated for broadcasting.

3Copts want to have the Church's trusts lands returned.The income generated by these landswas used to provide for needy Copts. The lans were seized by the ministry of of Islamic affairs,even though the courts had ordered the landds must be returned to their legitamate owners;the Copts.

4 Copts want an end to the forced coversion of Christian girls,who are kidnapped and
raped by Muslim extremists.There are reports of police protection given to the abductors.

5 Copts want all Egyptian Citizens to have the freedom of belief,including the freedom to change one's religion. Christians are converted to Islam, so muslims should be free to convert to Christianity , if they so chose. Those converts are usually subjected to imprisonment and torture.

6 Copts want religious affiliation removed from national ID cards ,job applications etc so that Christians could not be identified and discriminated against.

7 Copts want educational curriculums to be revised to guarentee that that they do not contain any denigrating references to Christians or Christianity,but to encourage studendts to accept and respect each other. Mandatory courses in Human rights in all public schools is strongly recomended.

8 Copts want the government controlled Media to refrain from conducting a campaign of hate against Christians,labeling them as infidels,thus creating a climate of intolerance, in which attacks Copts can be easily propogated. The media should allow Coptic programs to be aired.

9 Copts want an end to discrimination in job appointments and promotions.Very few Christians are appointed to key jobs as ministers, or government officials. At the present time there are no Christian Govenors,mayors,Chief of police,president of City Council or College Deans in Egypt.

10 Copts want and end to discrimination in government contolled school admissions against Christian Students. Very few Christian are admited to the police academy,military schools. Very few Christians are apointed to teaching assistant positions in all medical colleges , pharmaceutical colleges, engineering colleges and all top educational colleges.

11 Copts want the Egyptian government to be serious about aprehending those who murder Copts and punish them to the full extent of the law and to compensate the victims of these crimes. No killers of of Copts have been sentenced to the same punishment as that of a killer og Muslims. Even the terrorist Hardi who murdered 13 Christians including small children, in Sanabu in 1992 , did not get the usual punishment for murder for his horrifying crimes.

12 Copts want immediate orders be issued to rebuild Kafr Demian Village, which was burnt down by Muslim extreemists in 1996, this must be done at the expense of the state.

13 Copts want certain mechanisms to be established to create an adequette representation for them in the Egyptian Parliment. One sugegestion is to have certain areas be closed to Coptic candidates only. Political exclusion of Copts must
stop. The governing National party failed to include any Coptsin their list of candidates to the parliment.

14 Copts want the center for handicapped children ,which was destoyed by the army in December 1996, be rebuilt at the expense of the government , as soon as possible.

15 Copts want to be treated with honor and dignity inside police departments and in the sermons of Muslim Shieks in Mosques. There is no justification for humiliating somebody just because he is different in religion

16 Copts want to see an end to the religious discrimination that prevails in all levels of the Egyptian educational system, especialy in the hiring of teachers and professors, and unfair grading practices aimed at Chrristian students

17 Copts want their history, language, and culture taught in schools and colleges where their sons and daughters attend.

18 Copts want to feel Mr. Mubarak is a President for bot Muslim and Copts. They want him to care for them and adress their concerns. They want him to meet with their religious leadership, perhaps pay visits to their churches, something other Presidents usualy do , but he has never done. This no doubt will break down the walls
of mistrust and build bridges of tolerance and harmony between Muslims and Christians.

19 Copts want to be allowed to enroll in all schools which are publicaly funded such as Al Azhar University , police and military accademies without any restrictions. At
present time there is a 5% maximum place on Coptic enrollment to police and military accademies and this percentage is not met by actual enrollment,

These are the demands of a real indigenous people living under Arab and Muslim opression. The left ignores the Copts and pretend they do not exist. They talk about
a fictitious ethnicity but do nothing for real indigenous people. The fact that these leftist critics target the worlds only Jewish State is more proof of their bigotry. There are plenty of Arab states but none for Copts, Kurds and Assyrians all of whom have better claims than the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Shoaib Chodhury and the FAILURE of the Left

The Pro Arab left likes to trot out good Jewish leftists. This is why bigots on the left will trot out Norman Finkelstein, Kovel and Michael Lerner. They try to use their Jewishness to cover their bigotry and weak arguments. These people are the classic usefull idiots and in Lerners case he is a natural. Leftist are by nature seditious this has been proven in the Venonna Cables and elsewhere. Their first allegiance is to the "movement" facts and ethnicity are irrelevant. This is not an implication indicting liberals like Kafkaesq or the Chemist. I discussed the profound differences between liberals and radicals in other posts.

The left is silent about Arabs and Muslims who dissent from the hate . These people want to live in Peace and are less famous than the Jewish Leftists. There is the sad case of Shoaib Chodhury who is in jail as we speak . Norman Finklestein whines about
book sales and being fired from jobs. Chodhury sits in jail for expressing a desire for peace.

" Today I stand before you perhaps as a living contradiction: A Zionist, a defender of Israel , and a devout practicing Muslim living in a Muslim country .

Like you I believe in the justice of the Zionist dream. I also acknowledge the historic reality: that the world has endeavored to crush that dreamand ,yes, even destroy the viability of the Jewish people.

At the same time I live in an environment where people just as passionately in an opposing view see Israel as illegitimate and the Jewish people as evil incarnate. Winess the recent statement of the outgoing Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed that " Jews Rule the World ".

A true culture of peace is more than the cssation of hostilities. It includes justice and tolerance for all people. It allows each, while respecting person to have pride in one's own faith, while respecting the pride that courses through ones own veins of those that follow other paths to God.

Read the rest of this impressive speech from a man of peace at the site I listed.

When he returned home he was arrested on charges of espionage. Israel is not likely to be threatened from Bangledesh. Compare the Fate of Chodhurry with the ISN medlers.
Then tell us exactly what society is free.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Absurdity on the Left

The Leftist visitors to this blog range from excellent and thought provoking Kafka Esq and the Chemist,witty and Humorous Hawke to useless Viper and Craig B. The Man with the 167 IQ is bigoted and illucid.

Viper and Craig have yet to raise a valid point or a fact that is incorrect. They cry
and whine about Fascism, Racism , Hypocrite, Liar and have yet to come up with a valid point. If you are going to charge someone with Racism lets see quotes. There is no Arab,Muslim or Palestinian race thus it is absurd to make such charges. Robert
Spencer's new book repeats the same facts in his new book.Serge Trifkovic, Alvin Schmidt, Bat Ye'or and Fred P Isaac all tell the same story .Secular Islam also says
things on their website I would not go near and they are all former Muslims. I guess
that only Jews have a right to be critical of their own . This is the illogic of the
man with the 167 IQ. Thus the people at Secular Islam or Arabs for Israel do not have the right to dissent.

There are things worse than being a Racist or a hater. Being a Communist or a left wing radical totalitarian is far worse. The Black book of Communism lists 100,000,000
dead on the ledger of the far left. The Communist killed more people than the Nazis
but the left will freely march in protests organized by Communists. The failure of the mainstream center left to isolate these extreemists is the reason why some like myself have turned their back on the Democratic Party.

The left likes to scream Fascist but fails to recognize it in its own ranks. Speech codes and closed boards are fascist attempts to curtail debate. Who attempts to curtail debate at Universities. In fact if one takes the same evidence that is used
in Afirmative action statistics then most of these universities are guilty of creating ideological Gulags. If Republicans make up 30% of the population stey should make up 30% of the faculty. Moreover if Socialist/Greens/ Communists/ Anarchist make up 10% of the population they should be 10% of the staff. The use of statistics to prove a numerical disparity is called adverse impact. If diversity of the student body is important than ideological diversity is crucial. What other industry has unanimous peer review for admission ? Tenure should also be abolished and be replaced with a Union type protection.

The commenter I feel the sorriest for is the hysterical Viper. He is so desperate to fit in with the left he is reduced to shrill attacks. His attacks never go near the main points of these posts . In his mind alone the man with the 167 IQ has defeated me and I should change my screen name. The Recidivist has lost this debate and the fact that he will not allow contary opinions on his blog is proof. He feels badly about our President and Israel and he needs his left wing toadies to reassure his self esteem. Try debating the posts and complaining about Warren sniping are comedic.
You have yet to adress a single issue in a post.

Yet the winner of the illucid prize goes to Nemisis. Any time you are reads to come out from hiding I am right here. I don't get upset with profanity but do not use it myself. You have a whole section full of hate emails but at least the ones on your blog attempt to raise a point. This is something you failed to do here.

I like debate but we do not see real debate from the critics who come here except Kafkaesq. Debate means presenting your case in a coherent manner. It does not mean screaming Hater , so lets try again.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

More Tolerance by the man with the 167 IQ

In his never ending attempt to spread his brand of tolerance the Recidivist has laced into Pope and Israel for the thousandth time. The Recidivist divides the world
into good jooooooooos and eeeeeeeevil zionists. Good jooooooos know their place and agree with his left wing myopia. Evil jooooooooos are racist because zionism by his definition is racist. The fact that Jews are from every race known to man makes this
moronic.He also claims there is no such thing as Jewish ethnicity. People with a 167
IQ can't be bothered with things the rest of us call facts.

1 A person who has "contempt for all organized religion " now wants to lecture Catholics on who should be a Saint. This is a matter that should be decided by Catholics themselves. However the man with the gufaw 167 IQ feels he should lecture
the Church , on what basis is he now a theologian.

His critique is

1 Says that abortion is "legal extermination comperable to the Holocaust"
I do not agree with the Pope as I am pro Abortion. However I do know the traditions and techings of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has always affirmed life from its earliest days.A person with a 167 IQ should know basic history.
2 Condems all forms of Contraception
I do not agree with the Church on this one. However I also know the historic position
of the Church. The Catholic Church has been fairly consistent in this policy
3 Says that Education , Chastity and Sexual Fidelity are the only responsible methods to combat Aids.
The Church teachings on Sex outside of wedlock are well established. This is not reflective of my views but it is Catholic policy.
4 Turns a blind eye to the repeated child sex abuse scandals to hit the Church around the world.
The problem was inexcusable but is being dealt with. There problem were local matters that were mishandled . The issue is being corrected and the Church has acknowledged and dealt with the problem. Laying this issue squarely on the Pope is not correct but he would have accepted that.
5 Actively protects abusers from the law and fights lawsuits from victims.
Every Union or association does the same exact thing when members are accused of misconduct. Does the Recidivist expect the Church to give away the store ? Recovered
memory is a topic that several Psychologists have claimed is rife with unreliable
testimony. There were some false claims in addition to the legitamate ones. The bottom line is that schools were closed and draining resources from a social services provider hurts far more people.The church provides a variety of social services and helps far more people than it hurt.
6 Tells me that being Gay is a lifestyle Choice
This is not my position but science on the subject leans the other way. If a biological basis were isolated people might start testing and aborting gay fetuses.
Others might try to cure the condition via drugs. In many ways lifestyle choice makes homosexuality more acceptable to the masses. The concept is we are regular people with a different preferance . Both arguments have implications both both positive and negative implications.
For the record aborting fetuses on the basis of Gender and potential orientation are repugnant.
7 Tells me that gay relationships are insidious and calculated attemps to pit human rights and the family and against man. that they destroy societies fundamental fabric and cause a profound injury to society and provoke often irreparable damage"
These are not positions I agree but I do not interpret scriptures. The Old Testament
are quite clear on this subject. If one wants a religious experience there are other
denominations with other interpretations .The intolerance is that of the Recidivist and other critics. They are not Catholics or theologans but presume to lecture the Church.

..." is certainly not worthy of my admiration and in my veiw personally responsible for the misery and suffering of deaths millions of people around the world"

Note to the man with the 167 IQ that is a sentence fragment. We do not start sentences with because or is in English.

The above is a bigoted statement and the Pope is in no way responsible for deaths. In fact he is responsible for improving millions of lives. Had I made a similar statement about Islam they would hang it from the rafters. Bigoted and facts free commentary are the standard at his "gufaw" enlightened blog.

"If that is what a saint is about,then I am glad that even as a child I had the wisdom to turn my back on the twisted morals of organized religions"

History is not the forte of the man with the 167 IQ. The French Revolution, Communism
and Nazism are the results when a society tosses away religion. Yet we hear zero commentary about the plight of Cuban gays who are jailed .We hear nothing about human
rights violations in China . We hear nothing about persecution of gays in the muslim
world. Yet the man with the 167 IQ will lecture the USA about gay marriage .Twisted
morals is a subject he is an expert on.

In short he wants to deny the Pope Sainthood for practicing Catholic theology. This is arrogant for any outsider in any religion to comment on internal matters. The subject of Saints should be decided by Catholics and they are capable of handing matters internaly. The man with the 167 IQ feels he knows whats better for Catholics
than Catholics themselves.

The man with a 167 IQ continues his flight of fancy this time his target is Catepilar. He misreports that Corrie was deliberately run over by an Israeli Bulldozer. The incedent was investigated an it was ruled an accident. The ISM is not
a neutral observer and is affiliated with radical left winge fringe groups. Two Brits affiliated with ISM commited a suicide bombing . The film was tampered with as
Http:// There were 2 different
bulldozers note the smaller opening in the one that hit her. She also was attempting
to protect an arms smugling tunnel. I have said this before but civilians who intervene in a civil war bring this upon themselves. Peru would have been justified in giving Lori Berenson the death penalty. If anything her parents should sue Evergreen College for mixing her up with the ISN in the first place. ISN members have been involved in arms smugling. The fact that Israel allows these agitators in in the first place is a testament to their freedom. Can I go and protect the Bha'i or Christians in Iran ?

The critique of the man with the 167 IQ is house demolition is collective punishment.
Suicide bombing is collective punishment as the bomber select the victims. Bulldozing a perpetrators home is targeted and effective . The families get compensation for this crime and are not innocent parties.

Yet the man with a 167 IQ wants to blame the Israelis but says zero about the reasons the houses are being demolished. He also has said zero about nihlistic terror
of the Arabs that percipitated the attacks. Targeting civilians is a war crime perpetrated by the Arabs. Is the fake Rachel Corrie story yet another example of his hypocrisy. What makes he life more valuable than the civilians slaughtered in any suicide bombing ? Yet another example of his applying one standard on the worlds only Jewish state and none on Arabs. Placing unique standards on Israel is bigotry.

He has been on record claiming the Jews stole the Holocaust. The 6,000,000 victims
would beg to differ with that assesment. Unfortunately , they aren't here to defend themselves . They were incinerated and slaughtered baced upon their ethnicity. This same ethnicity that the man with the 167 IQ says doesn't exist. Apparently, the Nazis
weren't as convinced as the man with the 167 IQ. When one knows everything facts do not exist.

"Several Jewish historians ( no doubt all good leftist radicals. The man with the 167
IQ good joooooooos vs the eeeeeeeeevil zionists. )

This is based on Norman Finlestein's work The Holocaust industry. Not content with trying to justify his bigotry with Kovel. " Anti Communism is racist ,antisemitic and a mental illness. Jews are hypersensitive to antizionism that is not bigoted.
Now the recidivist pulls out a Chomsky diciple even though he has nothing to do with Chomsky. He seems to quote left wing socialsist quite often. Both Finklestein and Kovel are admited Socialist and probaly closer to Communist.

I will leave the first three charges alone.

" That very many American " Profesional " Jews are not practicing Judaism but are practicing Zionism and victim culture and have replaced faith with a dogma of fund raising for Zionist causes."

(The term professional Jews is a clear example of bigotry. Had a conservative said a similar statement about a black activist he would be screaming. Yet hypocrisy and anti Joooooo presentation is the norm at the Facts free blog. The mere sugestion that a people who lost 6,000,000 stole the tragedy is also bigoted.

"It all sounds very explosive - but while the Zionist establishment predictably have laid into Finkelstein , there are equaly as many if ( if not more) in the Jewish community who have accused him of being too moderate in his charges"

Holocaust Denier David Irving has praises Finkelstein. Finkelstein has praised Irvings research "there were no gas chambers at Aushwitz".He is featured on every Neo
Nazi website along with Chomsky.He accused Jewish organizations of " conducting themselves like caricatures from Der stumer". He has called Elie Wiesel the "resident clown of the Holocaust Circus".

Speaking of victimology is something Finkelstein does well when talking about himself. He complains " the New York Times gave a more hostile review of his book
than Mein Kamf... I'm in exile in Chicago because I have been thrown out of every school in NY. I am not happy to be in Chicago . I want to come home. That is why I keep an appartment there. I am praying for a miracle. I've had a hard time."

The New York Times not a pro Israel organ compared his book to The Protocols of the
Elders of Zion.The Britsh Gaurdian also called Finkelstein a "Holocaust Denier". Washington Post " Anti Semite with Ties to Nazis". Elie Wiesel, Alan Dershowitz, Dennis Prager have all denounced Finkelstein as an Antisemite. Finkelstein has called for the destruction of the State of Israel and endorsed Arab terror against Israel.

Omar Bartov a real Professor savages Finkelstein's books in a NY Times book review
Http:// He portrays Finkelstein as having a crazy thesis and be indiferent to facts. " Like any conspiracy theory it contains several grains of truth; and like any such theory it is irrational and insidious. Finkelstein can now be said to have founded an industry
of his own"

Dershowitz http;//

Finklestein's accused Wiesel of lying about reading a book in Yiddish " Critique of Pure Reason in Yiddish. " Finkelstein claimed the book was never translated to Yiddish . Finkelstein has a history of unproven alegations against highly respected scholars Stuart Eizenstadt,Burt Nuebourne,Gerald Feldman, Sir Martin Gilbert, Richard Overy , Abba Eban , Yehuda Bauer , Daniel Goldhagen. Finkelstein accused Dershowitz of ghost writting the Case for Israel but backed away when Dershowitz offered to show the hand written notes.

Financial Times 8-23-03 John Authors " Finklestein appears to suffer from a lack of self control. His readers might find him harder to take seriously if they had watched himscraming questions as a heckler at the back of the audience." Finklestein
" I can't imagine why Israel's apologists would be offended by a comparison with the Gestapo "Gabriel Scoenfieldin an article labeled Finklestein's views as "crackpot ideas,some of them mirrored almost verbatim the propoganda put out by neo- Nazis around the world" " Jan 2001 His accademic colleauges and students do not take him seriously, since by his own admission was thrown out of every University in NYC and is in exile in Chicago. ....Well maybe that is because he has leveled so many false charges against so many people he has no credibility"


Daniel Goldhagen " Finkelstein a well know antizionist agitator, whose wild claims on Holocaust Studies- which derive directly from his explicitly anti-zionist agenda- on their own disqulify him as a reputable commentator about Scholarship on the Holocaust."

" Finklestein's work is from beging to end, a tedious series of inventions. I doccumented that the examples from his article that are deemed the the strongest are
thoroughly misleading without merrit.... Now he suddenly turnsto Holocaust studies , which he discovers is a zionist conspiracy, the purpose of which is to celebrate the Jewish state as a bastion of Wester Civ doing battle on the front lineswith,and shashing Arab hordes" ( New left review July/August 1997) In addition to his doccumented inventions about my book , it is worth noting that he has never written anything on the Holocaust or German History and can not read German about which he boasts-- which means that he can not read the many of the sources which he is passing his expert opinion on . But he does state his general view of Holocaust Studies which include:
" The only relationship Holocaust studies bears toserious iquiry is inverse"
" Holocaust studies is a propaganda enterprise and so Holocaust studies is in effect the Zionist account of the Nazi Holocaust" New Left Review pg 83, 84

Thus the Recidivist has once again shown us his true colors. He knows what Jews think
about Israel and Zionism . This despite every poll ever taken on the subject showing
exactly the opposite of his conclusions. His good Jooos always turn out to be Socialist or Communists. This proves my earlier assertion that Left wing radicals are seditious by nature. The opinions of these left wing radicals in no way is reflective of that of Jews in Israel where they are trounced in election. Nor is it reflective of Jews in the United States.

His preoccupation with Israel is a clear example of bigotry. He devotes inordinate
space to a critique of the worlds only Jewish state. His use of the term professional Jew is clearly bigoted . His accusation that Jews stole an event that 6,000,000 of them perished in including my Kin is pathologicaly bigoted. His claim that there is no Jewish ethnicity is not factual and also bigoted. Unlike the Recidivist we doccument our assertions.

His comments about the Pope were disgraceful. I would like to know where the millions that died because of the Pope are. I can point to hospitals run by the Church that save lives. I can also point to Social service programs run by the Catholic church that saves lives. If he is pointing to the Aids epidemic the Catholic Church bears zero responsibility for the tragedy.

When one has a 167 IQ one has no need to defend his post. No doubt his Beavis and Butthead flunkies will cry Hypocrite, Racist, Hater , Liar. The sole exception to the above is Hawke who is a gentleman and has a good sense of humor. It would be nice if they could deal with the posts. They have yet to find a single fact or quote that they can twist.