Saturday, April 16, 2005

Forgotten Copts Real Indigenous People

Unlike the Palestinians , the Copts are a real indigenous people being oppressed in their land by Arab/ Muslim invaders. Copts have their own language , religion and historical identity for 8,000 years. We hear and read the stories about the Palestinians ad naseum. Yet I am waiting for the word Copt to appear on some of the leftist blogs. The man with the 167 IQ wrote Egyptians are not Arabs. They are unless you are a Copt and discriminated against in your homeland.

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The 19 demands of the Copts

1 Coptswant the Antiquated 19th Century Hamayouni Decree abolished. It is inconcievable to require that the President of Egypt must aprove permits to build a Church. Mosques are built with no restriction.

2 Copts want equal airtimeon Governent controlled TV and Radio stations to broadcast their beliefs to their people. The 15 million Copts living in Egyptpay for the TV and Radio from their tax money and they should have time allocated for broadcasting.

3Copts want to have the Church's trusts lands returned.The income generated by these landswas used to provide for needy Copts. The lans were seized by the ministry of of Islamic affairs,even though the courts had ordered the landds must be returned to their legitamate owners;the Copts.

4 Copts want an end to the forced coversion of Christian girls,who are kidnapped and
raped by Muslim extremists.There are reports of police protection given to the abductors.

5 Copts want all Egyptian Citizens to have the freedom of belief,including the freedom to change one's religion. Christians are converted to Islam, so muslims should be free to convert to Christianity , if they so chose. Those converts are usually subjected to imprisonment and torture.

6 Copts want religious affiliation removed from national ID cards ,job applications etc so that Christians could not be identified and discriminated against.

7 Copts want educational curriculums to be revised to guarentee that that they do not contain any denigrating references to Christians or Christianity,but to encourage studendts to accept and respect each other. Mandatory courses in Human rights in all public schools is strongly recomended.

8 Copts want the government controlled Media to refrain from conducting a campaign of hate against Christians,labeling them as infidels,thus creating a climate of intolerance, in which attacks Copts can be easily propogated. The media should allow Coptic programs to be aired.

9 Copts want an end to discrimination in job appointments and promotions.Very few Christians are appointed to key jobs as ministers, or government officials. At the present time there are no Christian Govenors,mayors,Chief of police,president of City Council or College Deans in Egypt.

10 Copts want and end to discrimination in government contolled school admissions against Christian Students. Very few Christian are admited to the police academy,military schools. Very few Christians are apointed to teaching assistant positions in all medical colleges , pharmaceutical colleges, engineering colleges and all top educational colleges.

11 Copts want the Egyptian government to be serious about aprehending those who murder Copts and punish them to the full extent of the law and to compensate the victims of these crimes. No killers of of Copts have been sentenced to the same punishment as that of a killer og Muslims. Even the terrorist Hardi who murdered 13 Christians including small children, in Sanabu in 1992 , did not get the usual punishment for murder for his horrifying crimes.

12 Copts want immediate orders be issued to rebuild Kafr Demian Village, which was burnt down by Muslim extreemists in 1996, this must be done at the expense of the state.

13 Copts want certain mechanisms to be established to create an adequette representation for them in the Egyptian Parliment. One sugegestion is to have certain areas be closed to Coptic candidates only. Political exclusion of Copts must
stop. The governing National party failed to include any Coptsin their list of candidates to the parliment.

14 Copts want the center for handicapped children ,which was destoyed by the army in December 1996, be rebuilt at the expense of the government , as soon as possible.

15 Copts want to be treated with honor and dignity inside police departments and in the sermons of Muslim Shieks in Mosques. There is no justification for humiliating somebody just because he is different in religion

16 Copts want to see an end to the religious discrimination that prevails in all levels of the Egyptian educational system, especialy in the hiring of teachers and professors, and unfair grading practices aimed at Chrristian students

17 Copts want their history, language, and culture taught in schools and colleges where their sons and daughters attend.

18 Copts want to feel Mr. Mubarak is a President for bot Muslim and Copts. They want him to care for them and adress their concerns. They want him to meet with their religious leadership, perhaps pay visits to their churches, something other Presidents usualy do , but he has never done. This no doubt will break down the walls
of mistrust and build bridges of tolerance and harmony between Muslims and Christians.

19 Copts want to be allowed to enroll in all schools which are publicaly funded such as Al Azhar University , police and military accademies without any restrictions. At
present time there is a 5% maximum place on Coptic enrollment to police and military accademies and this percentage is not met by actual enrollment,

These are the demands of a real indigenous people living under Arab and Muslim opression. The left ignores the Copts and pretend they do not exist. They talk about
a fictitious ethnicity but do nothing for real indigenous people. The fact that these leftist critics target the worlds only Jewish State is more proof of their bigotry. There are plenty of Arab states but none for Copts, Kurds and Assyrians all of whom have better claims than the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.


Jason_Pappas said...

This is true. Egyptians from Cairo go to Israel and call themselves Palestinians (like Yaser Arafat and Edward Said’s parents) and try to create an ethnic identity that never existed apart from the general Arab identity of the region. Copts, on the other hand, are a centuries old community with both unique ethnic and religious practices. This is an excellent place to focus. If Islam can become moderate, and Egypt, being the largest and leading Arab country can lead the way, then this is the place to demand religious tolerance. Good point, Beak.

It’s also true that Jews lived in Egypt 1000 years before Islam was invented – from shortly after the time of Alexander’s conquest. They played an active and important role in the intellectual life of the region during the Greek period, Roman period, and for most of the Islamic period. Now Egypt and all Arab countries have ethnically cleansed themselves of Jews. Few write of this tragedy (Bat Ye’or is one). Now we are seeing something similar with Christians. The Christian populations in Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon are decreasing as they try to leave. Most Arab-Americans are Christian.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I reserve a special kind of bile-churning contempt for leftist anti-Semites. Your post highlights the ironies of their signing on to Arab irredentist causes.

But the "Palestinian" question is bigger than that. There already is a Palestinian state in the Middle East, ruled by the Hashemite royals in Jordan, who in turn were driven from their rightful throne in "Saudi" Arabia.

beakerkin said...

Jason and Mr Beamish welcome to the blog.

We have a pest Known as the Recidivist who feels the Palestinians have a better case than Copts. He has yet to state why. He has also banned me from his blog.

I would like to know how one can be a troll on his own blog ?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

It's been a few months since I participated in an inter-blog left vs. right skirmish. Might be fun bring battles to my blog again, as long as the participants promise not to be as polite as Ann Coulter.

English-to-Profanitese translations upon request.

beakerkin said...

Beamish Drop in on the Recidivist


Let him know that you think the Copts should get better treatment.
He doesn't allow my comments there