Friday, April 29, 2005

Have I Become a Neocon ??????

There is a site called Blogshares that plays a fantasy game based upon Blog traffic. People voted what they think this blog is about. This blog started out as a vehicle for my comedy skits until we were rudely attacked from the UK. My responses to those attacks were fun and moved the blog in a new direction. The Recidivist is an inviting target because he is so self righteous,ignorant and stupid. His band of toadies come here and cry LIAR, Hypocrite, Racist and a few pathetic. They are so much fun to bat around . The only one that has any sense is Hawke who is articulate and witty.

The people at blogshares reviewed this site and several categories were selected. Politics,International Politics,neoconservative, Religion, Right Wing Politics and a few votes as a New York Blog. All these votes are accurate but no votes in the humor category. I suppose the next move is for all the Recidivists toadies to register with blog shares and have me reclassified as humor. Try your best toadies and if you can muster the support maybe you can get me listed as humor.

The question for the readers and nonreaders (the critics who claim they do not read
but comb this site. Yes the Recidivist is brain impaired)is have I become a Neocon ?
Have I been a Neocon all along and mislabeled myself as a Rudy Republican ? Are Rudy Republicans really Neocons ?

For new readers let me begin my political journey. I was a young kid at the time of Woodstock staying with my family in a small town Ferndale NY in the Catskills. As a tiny child my idols were my Dad, Uncles, Policemen ,President Nixon and the troops who wore the uniform. My uncles would gather and I would learn from my them the horror of WWI, WW2 and Korea. One of them survived a mustard gas attack in WWI and lived to be into his 90's.

My mother took me into Liberty NY to a local baker I loved called Katz's. I loved the oversized cookies with half chocolate and vanilla frosting we called half and halves. While waiting outside a long hair took my flag and ran off with it. I cried up a storm and Mom bought me a new one. I was too young to know about hippies and thought Cousin It from the Adams Family stole my flag. Based upon the grooming habits of hippies I may have been closer then I thought. I wanted to play in the nearby woods but there were needles and longhairs again on their way to Woodstock in nearby Bethel NY. I kept on wondering where was the doctors office in the woods. The fact that I couldn't play in the woods because of the longhairs made me grow resentful. Who are these evil people that steal a flag from a young kid and make it unsafe for them to play in the forest. In those days there were no bears but apparently there are some today along with Coyotes and packs of feral dogs.

My father took me into the city as a young child. It was a treat to view the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. I remember the longhairs were at it again the were burning the flag I cried. They were calling my heroes the friendly Policemen Pigs ." Don't these men know that Policemen are your friend "I asked my father. I learned a lot of new words that my father told me were unrepeatable . These words were being said about another hero my President. They were calling my other idols "Baby Killers" and " War Criminals". I grew to hate these people and as I got older these self deluded morons got my perspective.

The funny thing happened when the kids my age watched the movie apocalypse Now. We took the message of the film entirely differently then Hollywood intended. The catchy music of the Doors and Jim Morrison was introduced to my generation. All of my friends started to Read No One here Gets Out Alive. My friends and I started to see the Vietnam veteran as screwed by the system . The veterans were restored to the
idols we looked up to. The protesters were viewed as self absorbed , obnoxious and even traitorous human garbage. The correct perspective had been restored to men who were always our heroes.

When I went to College our professors were of that older generation. They tried to spin the tale that the protesters were beloved in the nation. This fairy tale might work on students today. However my generation was old enough to have remembered it differently remember how people loathed and despised the protesters. Years of brainwashing by the media have tried to reinforce this myth. However you can see shades of the truth in the discovery Times Channel account of Kent State. The townspeople were angry that "Peace Protesters" smashed store windows downtown. One of the shooting victims recounts that her father was upset that more protesters weren't shot. This sentiment is repeated several times in the documentary. If the protesters were so popular why does this sentiment get repeated often. The truth was the protesters were many things but peaceful was not one of them.

My friends and I would gather to watch Tour of Duty every week. We would talk about a wonderful new radio show that was driving our Professors nuts . The show was the Rush Limbaugh show and at the time he had a local NYC show in addition to his national show. The most upsetting thing one could say to a professor was I listen to
Bob Grant or read the NY Post before class. I remember a professor walking up to a table of conservatives in the cafeteria demanding we stop reading the post in the cafeteria. My buddies and I told the block patrol where to go . The most outraged was my friend the late Saul. He was a liberal and asked who turned our College into the Soviet Union. Conservatives weren't as feisty in those days but today this incident would be in Front Page Magazine.

When the time came for me to register I was faced with a choice that took about two seconds. Where does a dedicated Cold Warrior belong who is a social liberal . The choice was the party of Reagan or Mondale. The choice took about three seconds as my
priority was winning the Cold War and defense.

I read many fine writers who were certainly Neocons in College. David Horowitz,Radosh, Dinesh D'Sousa, and the late Eric Briendel but as I never was a Communist the term doesn't apply in the classic sense. Neocons was a derisive term coined by Michael Harrington to Norman Podehertz who viewed himself as a liberal.

The colloquial use according to Coulter is " dirty Jooooish Republican". Most leftist can not name more then two Neocons. If the definition is a pro Israel Jewish Republican it is applicable. I still consider myself a Rudy Republican as his view nearly mirror my own. What is the domestic policy of neocons ?


drummaster2001 said...

thanks for checkin out my blog. by the way whats that google way thing

beakerkin said...

It is a start but you will build a following. It my friend Jason drops in maybe he can help you get listed at blog shares.

Remember link your site to his if he helps you out. You have an interesting site but remeber there are crazies out there.

If you see anything marked Viper85,
CraigB or Recidivist it is pests from here. Everyone else is cool and maybe Big Bubba will send you
a good luck wish. He kicks Ass but you knew that allready.

bum from jersey said...

hmm...interesting post. the one thing that didn't sit well with me was that you were a rudy republican. its okay to be a republican but don't follow that douchebag. 9/11 doesn't makeup for his incompetence. the dude is such a hypocrite. i remember on one occasion he wanted to open up juvenile records and use them to assess the accused - which i am not against. but when some newspaper found out his grandpop did something wrong when he was a kid he was all up in arms, saying that its wrong to look at another man's juvenile record. its sealed for a reason. okay - but which is it rudy? which is it? the man is a douchebag. i can't believe i liked him at one point.

Anonymous said...

You fucking fascist pig.

beakerkin said...

Annonymous have the courage to state your case and name. There is no need to hide and make your case.
Unlike the Cowardly Recidivist we do not hide or censor ,

Is that the best you can do.

Bum from NJ

Rudy was a hero and provided leadership to a troubled nation. I
remember the incedent you are talking about. Dead people do not have civil rights. He did an excellent job as mayor and I would run to the polls to vote for him again. Leadership and vision are the qualities I look for in a President. We agree to disagree.

Jason_Pappas said...

Your last paragraph got to the essence of the matter. Anyone who defends Israel is called a neo-con these days. And, of course, just beneath the surface is the canard that neo-cons are a Jewish cabal.

There is a legitimate use of neo-con for conservatives who were leftists but found the Democratic Party going too far to the left. However, don’t worry about the label. Believe it or not, I use so many labels depending on whom I’m talking to. Conservative, when I want to stress fidelity to our heritage of liberty; libertarian when I complain we don’t have enough liberty; liberal when I think of the classical liberal tradition of civil and economic rights; neo-con when applaud our strong defense stance, etc. I don’t shy away from labels but I don’t take them seriously. I like your “Rudy Republican” – it says a lot in few words. Besides, as a fellow New Yorker, I have a fondness for Rudy. Perfect? Hell, no, who is. But a step – or leap – in the Right direction.

beakerkin said...


What do you look for in a President ? I look for vision , purpose and leadership. I think Rudy is the only one out there with all three.

I think 9-11 gave Bush a vision for what he wanted to do with his presidency. If Gore or Kerry articulated anything it is a mystery to me.

Warren said...

Anonymous said...

"You fucking fascist pig".

LOL, tell me ignoramus... uh, anonymous, do you make obscene phone calls from pay phones in your spare time?


Warren said...

I guess that neocon is the latest catch phrase en vogue among the left.

Bum from NJ, of what possible use was it to dig up the juvenile record of a dead man?

Its akin to trying to smear me with my grandfathers moonshining conviction.

Its not the fact that they dug up the record but the intention to smear Rudy with it.

If I was him, it would piss me off too!

beakerkin said...


The case the Bum from NJ is talking about was a police brutality case where the suspct died. There was information leaked
about the criminal record of the deceased suspect. Dead people do not have or need legal protection.

Police brutality cases often depend
upon credibility. Thus a defendents criminal past is a vital
part of the case. The officers were aquited but it was a serious case.

Warren said...

That puts an even more interesting spin on the matter.

I have problems with the sealing of juvenile records anyway. Just because they reach the age of majority doesn't mean they have changed their ways or became any less of a hazard to society. I would say quite the contrary. Criminally violent juveniles are likely to remain criminally violent as adults.

To use the records to smear an uninvolved third party is beyond the pale.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I would say your admiration for "Scoop" Jackson affirms you as a "neocon."

I've always been a right-wingish moderate, becoming more hardened rightward after 9/11, but even I think that's artificial - it's not that I moved more right but that the Democrats have moved from the far left to the far, far, far left.

I like the label "neocon" because it upsets the piss out of liberals and leftists, and right now "neocons" are the only conservatives in politics right now. "Paleocons" haven't held any positions of power in American government since 1972.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I like Rudy Guiliani, but I don't think he's President material. I think he did wonderful things for New York City (I visited NYC pre-Rudy and during Rudy's first term as a tourist, and could readily notice the difference)

If it came down to Rudy vs. a Democrat in 2008 for President, I'd obviously favor Rudy (Democrats, having never mastered the art of managing a city, should never be in charge of a whole country) but I hope the GOP primaries brings forward someone stronger in foreign policy.

Warren said...

Yea, I guess a lot of us are considered Neocons, abet, foreskin intact, (in my case). The label doesn't bother me.

I need to make a list of all the labels and names that I have been called over the years.


I could go on but I'd have to spell out my complete name and various AKAs.

Here are a few more, in no particular order.

Mud Race
Tool of the Jews (or Joos, take your pick)
White Indian
Baby Killer
Republican Bastard, and on...
(I seem to be a man of many parts!)
Mostly by lefties, some by white nationalists. Almost always by the intellectually bankrupt when they fail to score points on facts and reality. They usually have no idea of the definitions of the labels they throw about as rice at a wedding.

And every night I cry myself to sleep... BWAAHAHAHAHAHA. Excuse me I think I wet my pants.

beakerkin said...

Guy Rudy came in a surprising second to Condi at a Free Republic poll. This may not be a stretch as he would be formidable.

There is a rumor he is running for Gov. Yet I see him as an excellent
VP possibility.

I had this fight on the Chemist blog. They keep telling me there is no anger on the left and that there is no anti Semitism. Even my
nephew noticed and there is zero political content in his blog.

I will stay right where I am at home on the right. National defense trumps all other concerns.
We are in a war and people have gay marriage at the top of the agenda.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Beamish offensive question # 23,739 -

"If gays are allowed to marry, will Catholic priests stop molesting kids?"

kajando said...

that depends on how strong GALPAC, the new Gay And Lesbian Parental Action Committee. becomes.